How Safe Is West Virginia for Travel?

How Safe Is West Virginia for Travel

In the article, we have discussed How Safe Is West Virginia for Travel? Safety guidelines, warnings, dangers in West Virginia, and many more.

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How Safe Is West Virginia for Travel?

West Virginia is a state in the United States of America. Pennsylvania borders it to the north and east, Maryland to the east and northeast, Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, and Ohio to the northwest. If you are looking for a nice vacation and chilly weather, you should definitely visit West Virginia. West Virginia is a small state with an average population. There are many big cities which you should explore. Charleston, Huntington, and Parkersburg are the largest cities in West Virginia.

The chilly weather of Charleston, where you will get a city life experience, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses, historic landmarks, famous restaurants, parks, and clubs are all you need if you are visiting with friends. If you are looking for a more cultural place where art and entertainment are enhanced, you should definitely visit Huntington. Foods like Pepperoni Rolls, Maple Syrup, Golden Delicious Apples, oysters, and country ham are famous food in West Virginia that you should try if you are in the States.

Warnings & Dangers in West Virginia

West Virginia overall has a medium crime rate. If you are traveling to this State, you should be aware of all the risks and dangers you may face. These are the following dangers you may face:

Low risks:

Terrorist attack is the lowest risk that you may face as this State is small, and making an impact on a large group of people is not possible because west Virginia has less population and the cities are rural. It is always better to beware of your surroundings as you are going to a different state for traveling. Also, transport and cab risks are low, as there are not many cabs or rental vehicles available. Travelers bring their vehicles to travel.

Medium risks:

The State has a poor economy, and pickpockets and mugging are very common in the big cities of west Virginia. Do not keep your wallet or any valuable thing in your back pocket, as this can get you in trouble. Huntington and Morgantown have many cases of mugging, so if you are traveling to these cities, then make sure that you have kept your valuables in your hotel room.

This State has a lot of mountains, and that’s why cities are prone to earthquakes or any natural disaster. Flooding and heavy rainfall are very common in West Virginia. So, make sure that you know the weather reports before traveling. Scammers can be anywhere; there is a risk that you will be scammed if you are being careless. Do not buy anything from any local selling at half price; you will be scammed.

High risk:

Woman traveler risk is high in West Virginia, especially in big cities. As the population is less, there are high chances of getting robbed. It’s better not to travel alone at night if you visit West Virginia alone. The tap water of the State is filled with chemicals, so make sure you carry a lot of water bottles for your trip. There’s a high chance of getting sick if you drink tap water. Recent testing has shown that tap water in the cities of Virginia has toxins. If consumed, the person might get sick.

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Safest tourist Places to visit in West Virginia

West Virginia is a small state with big cities. These are the following cities or places you should visit as they are safe for you and your family:

Beckley, Wisconsin
Beckley, Wisconsin

Beckley: It is the safest city in West Virginia. The beauty of the city is its historical landmarks, parks, and food. People who want to take a solo trip can definitely visit this city as the crime rates are very low here.

Charleston, Wisconsin
Charleston, Wisconsin

Charleston: Charleston is among the safest cities in west Virginia. The mountains, beach, parks, food, and culture you would not want to miss out on.

New Martinsville, Wisconsin
New Martinsville, Wisconsin

New Martinsville: The crime rates are very low in this city. You can visit Paden Island, Bruce Bowling Lanes, Steelton United Methodist Church, and Hydro Park if you are traveling with family.

Oak Hill city, Wisconsin
Oak Hill city, Wisconsin

Oak Hill: If you want to go fishing and some quiet place to relax in nature, then you should definitely visit Oak hill. The crime rates are also very low. You can visit this place with friends or family. You can also take a solo trip here.

Places to avoid in West Virginia

These are the following places you should avoid visiting as the crime rates are very high in these cities like Moorefield, Huntington, Nitro, Milton, and Morgantown. These five cities have very high crime rates like rape, mugging, property theft, scam, and others. These are the worst places to visit for now as the crime rates are increasing day by day. It’s not safe for women travelers to travel in any of these cities. Tourists are the common targets as they do not know the cities properly. If you are visiting any of the places, beware of the surroundings.

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Safety tips for traveling in West Virginia

These are the following Safety tips you should know while traveling:

Bring your own vehicle: It’s better you travel in your own vehicle as the cabs are not available on the mountainside. Transportation is not available everywhere in West Virginia.

Inform family and friends that you’re traveling: Always inform someone that you are traveling to West Virginia, as they will know where you are staying and will be helping you if there is any emergency. If you are traveling alone, send your live location when you’re walking alone in the alleys or traveling in a cab.

Carry a satellite phone: If you have an extra pair of phones, then you should carry them with you. It’s better to carry a satellite phone in West Virginia.

Drive slow on mountain roads: Always drive slow, as the roads can be small. During snowfall, it’s very risky to travel on mountain roads. It’s better to drive slowly to prevent accidents.

Pack extra clothes: As the weather is quite chilly and rain is very common. It’s better to carry extra clothes in West Virginia. Without warm clothes, you won’t be able to survive the cold weather. Carry extra shoes with you while traveling here.

Is West Virginia safe to travel alone?

Yes, in some cities you can travel alone, but the State is not very safe for anyone who is traveling alone. In big cities, crimes are common. So it’s better if you travel in a group or have someone to accompany you.

Is West Virginia safe for solo female travelers?

solo travel

In some places, women can travel alone, but it’s better to travel in a group. If you are planning to take a solo trip, make sure you know all the proper guidelines, as there are very few cities that are safe for solo trips.

So, how safe is West Virginia for Travel?

West Virginia is a beautiful place, and it’s better not to take a solo trip. It’s always better to go in groups if you are planning to visit West Virginia. The beautiful mountains, rivers, forests and historical landmarks are the things you should see. The population is also low as the State is mostly rural, that’s why the crime rates are high in West Virginia. Make sure you know all the safety tips and guidelines before visiting.

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