How to get verified on – Get Blue Tick on

How to get verified on

Gab is an American rising social media service famous for its far-right userbase founded by Andrew Torba. Widely described as a haven for extremists such as neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, the alt-right, and QAnon conspiracy theorists, it’s brought users and groups who’ve been prohibited from other social websites and consumers searching for alternatives to mainstream social networking platforms.

Gab says it encourages free speech, individual freedom, and”the free flow of information online”, although these statements are criticized as being a shield because of its alt-right and extremist ecosystem. Antisemitism is notable in the website’s content, along with the firm itself having participated in antisemitic comments on Twitter. Researchers note that Gab was”repeatedly connected to radicalization resulting in real-world violent occasions”.

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Steps to get verified on

Follow the steps below to get a blue tick on the right side of your name on Gab’s social media. Please note that your account needs to be a PRO member to be able to apply for the blue tick on gab social media. If you are not a pro member you cannot apply for a blue tick on So to get a blue tick purchase the Pro plan.

According to GAB.COM verification rules, All PRO users can be verified so long as they are not impersonating someone else. You can Add your Gab username to the bio of an account on another platform and send us a link to your profile on that platform.

Blue tick verification Process of

  1. Upgrade to Gab Pro
  2. Add your Gab username to the bio of your account on another platform. I.e. Follow me on Gab:
  3. Ensure that your Gab display name is not impersonating someone else.
  4. Apply for verification in your Profile

According to GAB.COM, It may take up to 7 days for the review process to be completed by the support team.

A blue verification tick on looks like this ( see the image below )

How to get verified on


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