If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies, who will be his successor?

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies: The official news of North Korea announces the message that everything is right for their country, but in other parts of the world, there is an estimate on the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Aside from his serious illness, the news of his death is also hot.

This story of his life began after April 15, when Kim did not attend his grandparents’ birthday celebrations with North Korean founder Kim II Sung on this day.

The South Korean and US governments have said that no such rare occurrence has ever been seen in North Korea to stop Kim Jong’s serious illness or death

But until a North Korean government-controlled announcement makes the decision on this point, Kim Jong will continue to have rumors about him.

If these rumors are true, then the big question is, who will replace Kim Jong Un as head of the North Korean government?

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies, who will be his successor?

Check out some of the claims.

Kim yo jong

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong was once seen as the first choice of a new country leader in North Korea.

Kim Yo Jong, 31, was tutored in western Switzerland like her brother. She is also a member of the Politburo and also a Director of Operations in the country’s Most Important Department of Public Administration and Administration.

She also has the nickname Kim Jong Un’s “Secret keeper.” Kim Jong Un is believed to have an important role in his daily work. He is also alleged to have been advising his brother on policy issues. 

Kim Yo Jong is also a member of the so-called “Mount Pactu Bloodline” who is seen as a special descendant of Kim Sung who has played an important role in North Korean politics.

But it is also believed that he shows up quickly, for which reason he may make mistakes. Recently, Kim Jong Un became suspicious over a photo of himself during Kim Jong Un’s meeting with Donald Trump in Hanoi. By the way, Kim Yo Jong wasn’t acting like this for the first time.

But there is also the question of whether North Korea is ready for female leadership? Women have an important role in North Korea’s politics and society, but their presence in powerful positions is very low.

In such a situation, will he overcome the challenge of the patriarchal society as a member of the Kim family?

Kim jong chol

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

Kim Jong Un’s brother is Kim Jong Chol. His father raised him as the future leader of North Korea, but after Kim Jong Chol showed little interest in military and politics, Kim Jong Un was offered a replacement.

Kim Jong Chol is also not publicly seen. He was spotted in London in 2015 when he appeared at a concert held at the Royal Albert Hall of his legendary guitar player, Erik Clapton.

But he can get the command as the national leader; there is no chance.

Kim Pyong II

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

Kim Pyong II, who was his father’s uncle, was Kim Jong Un, who was the brother of North Korea’s second Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il.

He is a member of Mount Pactu Bloodline as the son of Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s first Supreme Leader. At one time he was considered a hindrance to Kim Jong Il, so Kim Pyong Il was detained in North Korea for forty years as a diplomat for various European countries.

Kim Pyong II returned to Pyongyang last year after retiring at the age of 65. When the country assumes its leadership, the country can be considered in safe hands.

Choy Rayong Hee

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

Assistant Marshal Choy Rayong Hee, Kim Jong Un is considered to be his right hand. Not only this, but the North Korean Parliament is also the president of the High Council.

70-year-old Choy Rayong is seen as the most powerful man in the country. Kim Jong Un contributed to the top scorers. In that case, Kim Jong Un has given him a lot of respect. 

A few months after taking power in 2012, Choy Reang Hee received multiple offers simultaneously. This gives a sense of their importance to Kim Jong Un.

Choy, apart from Kim’s family, is one of the few leaders in the country whose name are frequently seen in North Korean government media.

In North Korea, a member outside the Kim family may also become head of state. In this case, Choy Rayong Hee could be a good cleaner. Choy could also prove worthy of a positive change in the country’s energy transfer with the sudden departure of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jae Ryong

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

Even after being named Kim, Korean Prime Minister Kim Jae Ryong is no longer a member of Kim’s family. After all, Kim is a common name in North Korea.

Before 2016, not many knew about Kim Jae Ryong, but after that, he found success over and over again. Last year he arrived in the North Korean Parliament and was suddenly elected Prime Minister. He was a member of the Politburo and also held a position in the Central Military Commission.

Kim Jae Ryong is not a member of the ruling family but may be considered eligible for that role until the appropriate family representative comes forward.

How will the successor be selected?

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

Since its inception in 1948, North Korea has been ruled by members of the Kim family. The official announcement of the new leader in the country is made by the Supreme Court of the People, the North Korean Parliament.

But the North Korean parliament, which is ruled by the Workers’ Party and its supporters, is acting as a rubber stamp. The leader is appointed months or years before the official announcement.

Kim Jong’s father Un Kim Jong Il became the leader in 1994 following the death of his father Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea. He confirmed the important role of the Kim family in North Korean politics during his tenure.

If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies
If North Koreas Kim Jong Un dies

He founded the myth that Kim’s families are among the larger families of Mount Pact, the sacred volcano that fueled the development of Korea. With this belief, he took his family where it was believed that family members were born to rule.

Kim Il Sung appointed Kim Jong Il as his successor. Kim Jong Il gave power to his son Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is with his family. But so far none of his children has been seen in public. And no one is willing to take power. The fact is that the North Korean nation does not know the name of Kim Jong Un’s children.

No one is ready to be the leader to replace North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. In such a case, Kim’s unexpected departure will create a trend that will be very difficult to complete.

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