South Korea holds national elections during coronavirus pandemic

Dreadly Lockdown

South Korea holds national elections: On Friday, when South Korean President Moon Jae arrived to cast these votes, he was wearing a mask. He was not allowed to vote until his temperature was taken. He washed his hands and then wore plastic gloves before casting his vote.

South Korea is the first country in the world where parliamentary elections are being held after the outbreak of the coronavirus. As soon as people reach to vote, their temperature is taken. 

If their temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees, then they are taken to second place to cast their vote. His corona is tested, and the polling station is disinfected.

South Korea holds national elections during the coronavirus pandemic

South Korea holds national elections
South Korea holds national elections

While elections in South Korea are to be held on April 15, there has been a tradition of voting before 2013 to allow those who do not have a ballot to vote on the day of voting for any reason. 

For this, 3500 polling booths have been specially created. Some analysts were of the opinion that this time due to Coronacorona, the voting percentage would fall. 

But this is precisely the opposite. Out of the total valid voters, 26.7 percent have voted, which is more than double of the 2016 elections. In the then elections, only 12.2 percent of people participated in the initial voting.

Coronavirus has disturbed the political calendar around the world. But South Korea, taking precautions, has decided to hold its elections. Despite the ban on the gathering of people, the government of South Korea has assured its 440 million voters that it is entirely safe to go out of the house to vote for them.

South Korea holds national elections
South Korea holds national elections

National elections during coronavirus pandemic: To make the election process a success, South Korea has also used the services of youths besides government employees. They are exempted from performing compulsory military service instead of performing election duty. 

These youths have disinfected 14000 polling stations spread across the country. They are also ensuring that the voters stand at least three feet away from each other.

No one had expected the kind of political benefit that President Moon’s government has received from this disease. In recent times, she has received accolades everywhere for bringing the corona under control, and her approval rating has gone up drastically from 41 percent to 56 percent.

Before corona, his government was being criticized everywhere due to the slowing economy, and anti-government protests were taking place everywhere. But because of this epidemic, all political complaints against President Moon have been sidelined.

South Korea holds national elections: Achievement to overcome infection

South Korea holds national elections
South Korea holds national elections

The number of people infected with Coronacorona in South Korea has dropped below 50 per day this week. On February 29, this number was 813 patients per day. 

So far, 10400 cases of corona have been confirmed in South Korea, in which 70 percent of patients have recovered and gone back home. The credit for this success is being given to testing a large number of people and isolating suspicious people.

South Korea has already banned political rallies and religious gatherings. Schools and colleges have been opened there, but online studies are being done there only. 

South Korea is one of the countries in the world that has controlled the spread of Coronacorona without lockdown. Metro services in Rajdhani Sol are running as before. The crowd of people is the same as before, but all the people are wearing masks and gloves.

South Korea holds national elections
South Korea holds national elections

The South Korean government tells people to come out of the house to vote, and that they are trying to normalize the situation as much as possible. Still, they also believe that the fight against corona is not over yet.

The exciting thing is that the voting of people suffering from corona in this election has also been taken care of. He was given the option to vote by post from 23 to March 28. 

When this time was over, special polling booths were made for these people at eight places where the election workers got to vote in protective suits.

South Korean elections are very noisy, like in India. Activists of political parties resort to music and dance to attract people’s attention. Vehicles adorned with loudspeakers and posters are seen everywhere on the streets. 

But she has not seen any speed in campaigning in this election. Candidates were advised to wear masks at all times and abstain from shaking hands.

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