Is the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Hispanic?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Born on 14th September 1978, Ronald Dion Desantis is the current Governor of Florida. From 2013- 2018, he represented Florida’s 6th congressional district as a Republican Party member in the United States House of Representatives.

Ron Desantis family

Ron is the son of Karen and Ronald Daniel Desantis, of Italian descent, taken from his great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather, who was originally from Italy. Ron’s mother, Karen, was a Nurse, and his father installed TV rating boxes.

Ron also had a younger sister who was born in May 1985 but, unfortunately, died in 2015. Ron attended high school at Dunedin High School and graduated in 1997. After this, he attended Yale University. At Yale University, Ron was the captain of the baseball team. He was the outfielder in the team, and with him, as a senior, the team got its best batting average in 2001.

Ron became a history teacher at Darlington School after graduating from Yale University. In 2005, Ron graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor cum Laude degree.

Ron Desantis ethnicity: Is he Hispanic?

Ron Desantis’ ethnicity is always a topic of discussion in the media. He is of Italian descent. When in 2021, Florida celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month, Ron and his wife honored students and educators who won the contests. They hosted a ceremony in their mansion.

The first lady, Casey DeSantis, said, “I was amazed by the entries we received this year from students across our state who submitted moving stories of community, family, and leadership from Hispanic Americans in Florida,”

 “Among the many community leaders honored this year were law enforcement and first responders, public servants, and school officials. The Governor and I thank all who participated in this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month contests and congratulate our deserving winners.” 

Ron Desantis added, “There are thousands of Hispanic-American community leaders and champions across Florida, and I’m proud of the work they do every day to enrich their communities,” 

 “Congratulations to the students and winners of the Excellence in Education Award. Your hard work and contributions continue to make a lasting impact on our students and state.”

It is known that Ron’s parents moved to Orlando, Florida before he was born. They later migrated to Dunedin when Ron was six years old. Their actual ethnicity of Ron is yet unknown even though he was born and brought up in Florida.

Military service of Ron DeSantis

In 2004, while Ron was still a student, he received his Reserve Naval officer’s commission and assignment to the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG).

Military service of Ron DeSantis

In 2005, Ron completed Naval Justice School along with his education. Later on, he served as a prosecutor at JAG Trial Service Office Command South East at Naval Station Mayport, Florida.

In 2007, Ron was deployed to Iraq as the legal advisor to the SEAL Commander of the special operations task force- west.

Coming back to the US in April 2008, Ron rejoined Naval Region Southeast. Desantis was then appointed as the assistant US attorney by the US Department of Justice at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida.

His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, the Navy, and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Iraq Campaign Medal.

Ron DeSantis Political Career

As a Republican Party member, Ron announced his candidacy for Florida’s 6th congressional district. Desantis won the 2012 election of the six candidates’ Republican primary. Ron got 39% votes, and Fred Costello, the state representative, attained 23%.

In the same year, Ron won the general elections in November, defeating Heather Beaven. In the House of Representatives, Ron introduced the Faithful Execution of the Law Act of 2014. According to this bill, the US Department of Justice can report the congress if any federal agency fails to enforce any law for any reason.

Desantis spoke in favor of the bill and said, “President Obama has not only failed to uphold several of our nation’s laws, but he has also vowed to continue to do so in order to enact his unpopular agenda. …The American people deserve to know exactly which laws the Obama administration is refusing to enforce and why.”

However, the bill did not come into existence as a law. In 2016, although Ron announced his candidacy for the United States Senate, he called off his run for the senate and ran for reelection to the house.

Ron Desantis announced his candidacy for the Governor of Florida in January 2018. By winning the Republican primary in August, Ron finally won the gubernatorial elections in November, defeating Andrew Gillum.

Ron Desantis’ Gun Business

You might not know that Ron DeSantis and his family have a family business of gun accessories. ‘DeSantis Gunhide”. They produce high-quality gun holsters and other accessories used by civilians and law enforcement alike.

The company was started by Gene Desantis 50 years ago. 

Ron DeSantis Books

Ron DeSantis has recently published a book named The Courage to be Free book.

Ron DeSantis Education

Ron DeSantis has completed his education at Yale University.

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    • Ron DeSantis’s heritage is often a topic of interest. While DeSantis has Italian American heritage, there are no public records or statements confirming Hispanic descent. Public figures’ backgrounds can sometimes be diverse, but in this case, his known ancestry is Italian.

  • With Florida’s diverse population, including a significant Hispanic community, how does Governor DeSantis connect with this demographic?

    • Governor DeSantis engages with Florida’s diverse communities, including the Hispanic population, through policies, community outreach, and participation in cultural events. Effective communication and addressing the specific needs of various communities are key aspects of his approach.

  • Has Governor DeSantis ever spoken about his family background or how it influences his views and policies?

    • Public figures like Governor DeSantis occasionally share insights into their personal backgrounds and how these might shape their perspectives. While he has mentioned his Italian heritage, discussions on how this directly influences his policies are less common in public discourse.

  • In the context of Florida’s political landscape, how significant is a candidate’s ethnic background in elections?

    • In a diverse state like Florida, a candidate’s ethnic background can resonate with voters and influence campaigns. However, policy positions, track record, and engagement with community issues tend to play more significant roles in electoral success.

  • Are there any specific initiatives or programs that Governor DeSantis has introduced to support the Hispanic community in Florida?

    • Governors often initiate programs targeting the needs of their state’s demographic groups. While specific initiatives for the Hispanic community under DeSantis’s administration would need to be looked up for the most current information, it’s common for such efforts to focus on education, economic development, and healthcare.

  • Does Governor DeSantis have a team or advisors specifically focused on Hispanic affairs and outreach in Florida?

    • It’s typical for governors to have advisors or teams dedicated to multicultural affairs, including Hispanic community outreach. These teams help address specific community needs, engage in dialogue, and advise on policy matters relevant to diverse populations.

    • The Hispanic community, like any large demographic group, holds diverse views. Opinions on Governor DeSantis’s policies can vary widely, reflecting the broad spectrum of political beliefs and priorities within the community.

  • Has Governor DeSantis participated in any cultural events or activities that celebrate Hispanic heritage in Florida?

    • Participating in cultural events is a way for public officials to engage with different communities. Governor DeSantis, like many public figures, has likely attended events celebrating Hispanic heritage, emphasizing the importance of this community within the state.

  • What challenges does Governor DeSantis face in appealing to Florida’s Hispanic voters given the state’s political diversity?

    • Appealing to Hispanic voters in a politically diverse state like Florida involves addressing a wide range of issues, from immigration and education to economic opportunities. Balancing these varied interests while articulating policies that resonate with the community’s values can be challenging.

  • In his public statements, has Governor DeSantis addressed any misconceptions about his background or heritage?

    • Public figures often clarify misconceptions about their backgrounds in their public statements. While specific instances of Governor DeSantis addressing such misconceptions aren’t widely documented, it’s not uncommon for public figures to do so to ensure accurate public understanding.