Karen Fann retirement date 

Karen Fann is an American Politician. She was born on September 1, 1954, and is a member of the Republican Party.

Karen represents District 1 in Arizona Senate. She was elected as the President of the Arizona Senate in 2019.

2020 Presidential elections gave rise to many conspiracy theories. Trump supporters highly questioned this election. According to Republicans, the elections were a fraud.

Fann announced an audit regarding the same elections. The Audit was done on the results of Maricopa County. The board of Supervisors considered the Subpoena to be unlawful.

Political Career

From 2011 to 2016, Fann served as the State representative of District 1. She again got elected as a member of the Arizona Senate in November 2016. Karen Fann is the second female President of the Arizona Senate.

Fann is a member of Rotary International and Elks. Also, she serves as the vice-chair of the Finance committee, transportation, and technology committee.

The Presidential election Audit

The 2020 US Presidential election formed a brawl among the Republicans. All the republicans demanded to turn over about 2.1 ballots to prove the results wrong. Fann, in her power, ordered an audit for the same. Considered unlawful by the board of supervisors. The republicans were not able to concede to the results.

The republican Paul Boyer resisted all these efforts. Paul Boyer also said, “It makes us look like idiots,” adding, “Looking back, I didn’t think it would be this ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to be a state senator at this point.”

Steve Gallardo, a member of the Maricopa County board, raised concerns about the possible violence that can take place after this tussle. 

Katie Hobbs, the Arizona secretary of state, criticized the Audit and said, “A significant departure from standard best practices.”

The Republicans got infuriated with this remark and gave death threats to Hobbs. For this, Hobbs was provided security. 

A pro-Trump company was hired to carry on the Audit. Hobbs alleged that the voting ballot machines were mishandled and tainted during the process. For this, Maricopa County had to spend $3 million to replace those machines. 

All this went in vain as no evidence of fraud was found. 

Karen Fann retirement date

Karen Fann’s term is ending in January 2023. She announced that she would not run for reelection.

To this, Fann said, “It has been a privilege to advocate on behalf of Arizona citizens in my twelve years at the State Legislature and the honor of a lifetime to serve as Senate President,”

She also added, “I look forward to a successful session in 2022 advancing policies that benefit all Arizonans and then enjoying the life my husband and I have built for ourselves in retirement with our family.”

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