Konnech Software Firm Controversy Explained

Konnech Software Firm Controversy Explained (1)

Konnech Software Firm Controversy – As part of an investigation into the theft or improper management of personal information, Eugene Yu, the CEO of the Michigan-based software company Konnech, has been detained at the request of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.

The company provides a $2.9 million contract, and Los Angles used this company’s software as their PollChief for five years.

Konnech Software Firm Controversy Explained

Konnech Software Firm Controversy Explained
Konnech Software Firm Controversy Explained

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office (LACDAO) claims that Yu was detained after investigations revealed that personal data provided to PollChief was reportedly held on servers in the People’s Republic of China.

The Register questioned the LACDAO’s claims that any data kept in China was accessed by or made accessible to other parties and that any poll workers had reported abuse of their data.

According to Gascón, the alleged breach of the contract is a data security infringement. He said, “Data breaches represent a constant threat to our digital way of life.”

He also added, “We are all victims when we entrust a firm to handle our sensitive data; they must be willing and able to preserve our personal identifying information from theft.”

Gascón asserts that election fraud is not a focus of the investigation; rather, it exclusively relates to the personal identification information of election workers.

He stated, “In this instance, the alleged conduct had no bearing on the tallying of votes and did not change election outcomes. However, for everyone to have complete faith in the legitimacy of the electoral process, security in all elements of elections is crucial.”

“The truth is that Konnech is a US company founded and run by a US citizen who has no connection to the Chinese Communist Party whatsoever,” This can be stated based on the complaint.

“Konnech obtains its contracts through transparent public government bidding processes and has never engaged in bribery or any other criminal activity of any sort. All of Konnech’s US customer data is secured and stored exclusively on protected computers located within the United States,” this is also found in the complaints.

Konnech Software Firm vs True the Vote

Konnech Software Firm vs True the Vote
Konnech Software Firm vs True the Vote

The Michigan-based corporation referred to True the Vote as conspiracy theorists interested in making money off allegations that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged.

According to the complaint, True the Vote claimed to have the financial and other sensitive personal data, including social security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, and banking information, from Konnech’s protected computers.

According to the company’s complaint, Phillips discussed accessing Konnech’s servers and obtaining corporate data in a podcast. The Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the defendants from the Texas court hearing that account ultimately supported the defamation and hacking action.

Last Monday, Konnech claimed that the defendants had violated the TRO by failing to disclose who had hacked its systems, how those systems were accessed, or who had been given access to company data. According to the TRO, the defendants have given the judge some information under seal but have not given Konnech access to it.

The lawsuit charges the defendants using the argument that “revealing the identity of the individual who is purportedly responsible for stealing Konnech’s data has significant national security and law enforcement ramifications,” and this statement was told to justify their failures with TRO.

Konnech contends that there is no base for such claims because no one has ever shown that the US government has classified the identities of individuals responsible for the hacking of the corporation or the data gathered.

Frederic Eshelman, a Republican contributor who gave True the Vote $2.5 million to look into electoral fraud, sued the organization twice, once at the federal and state levels. The federal suit was subsequently withdrawn by the Attorney General, who is rumored to have close relations with the organization.

True the Vote claimed in a statement posted to its website that the TRO has limited the group’s capacity to speak and that Konnech has been attempting to silence it through legal action.

According to the group, Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was detained in connection with claimed evidence of the actions he and his organization had sought to obscure. Many media houses who blindly believed their now-discredited assertions as true and reported them helped Konnech.

True the Vote, however, failed to specify which reporters it was referring to or which of Konnech’s statements had been refuted.

We will update you with more info about this Konnech Software Firm Controversy whenever some news breaks about it.

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