Manhattan DA Warns Pomerantz on New Book

Manhattan DA Warns Pomerantz on New Book

Manhattan DA warns Pomerantz on new book saying that it could compromise the ongoing investigation against former president Trump.

On Wednesday, Manhattan district Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office released a statement saying that the forthcoming book by former top prosecutor Mark Pomerantz could compromise the ongoing investigation against former President Donald Trump involving adult film actress, Stormy Daniels.

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“There is a risk that the publication will prejudice ongoing criminal investigations”

The book by the former top prosecutor that is set to be released early next month, is “a fascinating inside account of the attempt to prosecute former president Donald Trump, written by one of the lawyers who worked on the case and resigned in protest when Manhattan’s district attorney refused to act,” according to the description. 

Based on the pre publication descriptions of the book and the benefit of current knowledge of the matter, without access to the manuscript, this office believes there is a meaningful risk that the publication will materially prejudice ongoing criminal investigations and related adjudicative proceedings,” read the statement by the general counsel of Bragg’s office, Leslie Dubeck, in a letter to the publishing house, Simon & Schuster. 

Pomerantz previously served as special assistant to the District Attorney on the Trump case under Bragg’s predecessor Cyrus Vance Jr. However, he resigned abruptly when Bragg expressed doubts about moving too quickly in indicting Trump in the case of making hushed payments to Daniels during the 2016 presidential election campaigns through his organisation. 

According to publishers’ Simon and Schuster’s account, Pomerantz’s new book is due next month on 7 Feb,2023. It is said to have a fascinating account of the inside story of an attempt to prosecute former president Donald Trump in a case involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Bragg’s general counsel Leslie Dubeck further stated in the letter to the publishing house that Pomerantz was under an obligation to take written permission from the DA’s office prior to making any disclosures in the book, relating to any communication or documents pertaining to his role in the investigation or regarding alleged payments made to Stormy Daniels during the former president’s 2016 presidential election campaigns, as per an agreement between the DA’s office and the former prosecutor.

Quite evidently, Pomerantz has gathered enough evidence and support to the view held by many of his colleagues and Cyrus Vance Jr. that Donald Trump should be indicted on account of a number of financial crimes, but the indictment never took place. This is what the book is all about, as to, why the indictment never took place.

Bragg successfully won the tax case against the Trump Organisation last year but Donald Trump personally escaped indictment on that account. Manhattan DA’s office’s other criminal investigation case looking into hushed payments made to Daniels during 2016 presidential election campaigns still remains in a limbo. Bragg’s handling of the case has been criticized by Pomerantz, saying Bragg should have moved more quickly in indicting Trump since he quit rather than further considering the evidence at hand. 

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