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In this article, you will get detailed information about Mark Kelly. Mark Edward Kelly is also known as Mark Kelly. He is a famous politician in America and a retired astronaut. He had also worked as a Navy officer.

Mark Kelly is 58 years old and currently is a senator in Arizona since December 2020. He is married to Gabby Giffords and has two children. Marks owns a lot of businesses and has a net worth of $20 Million dollars. Mark is also running for this year’s reelection. Kelly voted in line with Joe Biden’s stated position of 94.4% in August 2022.

Who is Mark Kelly? Biography and Career

mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is an American politician and also businessman. He was born on February 21, 1964, in Orange, New Jersey, U.S. Kelly was selected as a NASA astronaut pilot in 1995. He flew into space for the first time in 2001. He flew in space multiple times for war missions like STS-108, STS-121, STS-124, and others. During the Gulf War, he worked as a pilot in space multiple times.

In December 1987, he was given a job to attack squadron-115 in Atsugi; Japan. Kelly completed his master’s degree from the U.S. Naval test pilot School in 1993. He belonged to a Christian family. In 1994, he received Defence superior service medals and many Awards for his work.

Mark Kelly with Scott Kelly

He gave his service from 1986- 2011. He announced that he would retire from the U.S. Navy and NASA on October 1, 2011. Kelly wrote on social media, “Words cannot convey my deep gratitude for the chances and opportunities I have been given to serve. From the day I entered the United States Merchant Marine Academy in the summer of 1982 to the  moment I landed the space shuttle 3 weeks ago, it has been my privilege to advance the ideals that define the United States of America.

Kelly announced that he would Run as a democrat Party member on February 12, 2019. He ran in the 2020 election in the United States Senate. In Arizona, he did not accept any campaign contributions from any political Action Committee. 

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Kelly married Gabby Giffords

Kelly married Gabby Giffords in Arizona. They met on a China trip in 2003. They lived together in Houston, Texas, married for a long time, and had two children. Gabby was attacked in an assassination attempt, and 6 people also died in the Tucson shooting. That gave her a brain injury. She was the third woman who was selected for the U.S. Congress.

Kelly had started an action Committee called American for Responsible solutions. Their motive was to encourage the promotion of solutions to gun violence with the general public and government officers. The amendment was that Gun sellers should not be allowed to sell guns without any private checks on them. And this will stop criminals and mentally ill people from having access to buying guns.

Mark Kelly Approval Rating

Mark Kelly has belonged to a democratic party since 2018. He was elected shortly after Senator John McCain’s death and also defeated Republican Martha McSally in 2020. On November 30, 2020, it was announced that Mark Kelly was the elected representative of Arizona. Kelly would retire in 2023 and will be taken by whoever wins in the 2022 elections, but is again running for the 2022 election to be re-elected. The 2022 election will end in November.

Mark Kelly approval rating

Blake Masters, who is backed by former president Donald Trump, has favorable votes in the 2022 elections, and Kelly lines up with Biden and has around 49% to 44% of voters in Arizona. In The polling memo, it was found that Joe Biden has around 38% approval ratings. Masters also benefited from an advantage in voters with 62% and Kelly with 57% voters.

Kelly’s favorability is quite high among Democrats; around 77% are in his favor. Most Independents like Kelly instead of Masters. 

Mark Kelly Net Worth

Mark Kelly net worth

Mark Kelly is an Astronaut, engineer, and also former Navy Captain. He has a net worth of around $20 Million. According to his 2019 financial disclosure, Mark and his Gabby Giffords have a combined net worth of between $10 and $30 million. Interestingly, according to Gabby’s 2011 financial disclosure, she and Mark were worth just $2 million at that point.

The family’s fortunes increased as Mark became a highly sought-after and highly-paid public speaker. They also earned money from book deals, business consulting, and corporate board memberships. Since January 2019, Mark has earned as much as $8 million. He earned $1.9 million from 64 paid speeches since January 2018.

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Mark Kelly Height & age

 Mark Kelly is a 58 years old American politician, and his height is 173 cm. His feet size is 5’8 inches, and his weight is approximately 80 kg. His chest Size is 42, and his skin tone is fair. Mark’s eye color is brown.

Mark Kelly Voting Record

Mark Kelly

Mike Kelly has lined up with Biden and has favorable voters in Arizona for the election in 2022. Kelly has been an independent leader throughout his political career, as said by his manager, Emma Brown.

Around 46% of Arizona voters support Kelly and 30% for Masters. Around 38% are not in favor of Kelly in Arizona, while only 12% of Democrats do not support Kelly. 77% of Democrats support Kelly, and Independents also are in favor of Kelly more than Masters. Totally 34% goes to Masters, 48% to Kelly, and 19 % remains undecided. 

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