Michael Henry Wiki, Bio, Attorney General, Law School, Net Worth

Michael Henry Wiki, Bio, Attorney General, Law School, Net Worth

This article covers detailed information about Michael Henry Attorney General wiki, his law school, net worth, and more.

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Michael Henry Wiki and Biography

Michael Henry Wikipedia and Biography
Michael Henry Wiki and Biography

Michael Henry was the first person who went to college from his family and left his mark serving in various parts of New York. Michael Henry is currently fighting for the post of Attorney General.

Michael is the son of a retired Mount Vernon detective, and from his father’s journey, he learned how hard work is necessary to achieve any accomplishment.

Michael is dedicated to fighting against crime and corruption and, in the same spirit, decided to stand up for the post of Attorney General of New York.

Michael is an experienced attorney and is the owner of a New York-based firm specializing in commercial litigation. His work in the field has recovered assets worth millions for Fortune 500 companies to small business owners.

In federal court, he fights cases concerning Perishable Agricultural Culture Commodities Act (PACA). He also set a precedent in the Eastern New York District, and his achievements continue.

In law school, Michael was a judicial intern under The Honorable John M. Czygier, Jr. He was also published in the New York Journal and appeared as a legal and political analyst on local and national television. Besides that, he has also authored several columns on various topics, including immigration laws, political policies, etc.

Before his career as an Attorney General, he worked in the mortgage industry, gaining significant management and leadership experience. He managed several employees, millions of dollars, and branch offices and also handled all the regulatory monitoring from the New York Department of Financial Services.

He handled all the auditing and compliance concerning the NY Department of Financial Services.

Michael also spent time abroad to complete his education and get a master’s in International Relations and an additional Graduate Certification in International Law and Diplomacy. He has been a member of the Federalist Society since law school and part of multiple Italian-American Lawyers associations.

Michael Henry Attorney General

Michael Henry Attorney General
Michael Henry Attorney General

Michael Henry is standing up for the position of Attorney General of New York, with her competitor being Letitia James.

Letitia is the 67th Attorney General of New York City. With a lifelong career, she has a lot of experience and a long record of accomplishments as a public servant. She is the first female of color to hold a statewide office in New York and the first female to be elected attorney general.

The main reason for Michael Henry, a commercial litigator, to stand up for the Attorney General post is because he is frustrated by the one-party control in New York.

Like other republicans in the New York campaign, his priority is the criminal justice system and the need for an overhaul. He says the spiraling crime rate in New York stems from cashless bail reform by the Democrats.

He also says that to prevent discrimination, we can use the criminal justice system to reinforce prevention but promotes a revision of the system, which he thinks Michael Henry Law School promotes. He also plans to liberate business regulations.

Michael Henry Law School

Michael Henry was the first to go to college with his family and graduated from Touro College and later continued his education at Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center. He later interned for a Chief Justice while he was in law school.

He later worked in commercial litigation, which later became his career specialty. Michael Henry entered the Attorney General race as a Republican, and the majority of his campaign portrayed the same ideas as his fellow Republicans.

Michael Henry Net Worth

Michael Henry net worth in 2022 is estimated to range between $1-$10 million. The exact figures about his net worth aren’t public yet.

However, we will update this section whenever we get more information about his net worth.

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