Entertainment - Celebrities - Mike Lindell Family – Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy

Mike Lindell Family – Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy

Mike Lindell Family - Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy

Mike Lindell Family – Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy

Mike Lindell is a popular American businessman. He is the founder and current CEO of MyPillow Inc. company, he creates Mypillow in 2004. Mike Lindell was born on June 28, 1961.Let’s get in more detail about Mike Lindell Family.

The Mankato, Minnesota is a place where Mike was born and later he moved to Chaska & Carver.

Mike’s full name is Michael James Lindell and he holds American nationality. The ethnicity of Mike is unknown. But Lindell has a strong Christian faith and that’s why he overcome his alcohol & drug addiction.

Mike Lindell Family - Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy
Mike Lindell Family – Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy

After his marriage with Dallas Yocum, Lindell said when he looks bach his wedding photograph he feeling that Dallas is not happy with this relationship. And he also said, “She doesn’t have the same look I have, that’s for sure.”

Then both get divorced and started our new journey. Dallas also said after two years of relationship with Mike, she didn’t understand him well and that’s why all this happening.

Mike Lindell Family

So let’s talk about who is in his family, Mike did two marriages but unfortunately, no one stays and he divorced both. The first of Mike Lindell is Karen Dickey and the second wife is Dallas Yocum which he married & take a divorce just after two weeks of marriage in 2013 July.

He having 4 children from his first wife Karen the names are Charlie Lindell, Heather Lueth, Darren Lindell, and Lizzy Meyers.

The information about his father & mother is still unavailable on the net. But when Mike was 7 years old his father gets divorced and after that Lindell moved to a new location. Currently, the marital status Lindell is single.

He is 59 years old now and focusing on his developed business with My Pillow. At the starting of his career, Lindell performs many businesses-like lunch wagons, carpet cleaning, and tried restaurants & bars business in Carver County, Minnesota.

Mike Lindell Family - Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy
Mike Lindell Family – Everything you need to know about Frank Speech Guy

But he got huge success with his online website Mypillow and the actual net worth of Mike Lindell as of 2021 is $300 Million American dollars. When we look back at his political bond we found he has a good relationship with the previous president Mr. Donald Trump.

Information about Mike Lindell Wiki

Original Name  Mr. Michael James Lindell
Popular Name Mike Lindell
Age in 2021 59 Years 9-Month-Old
Nationality American.
Profession/Work American inventor, businessman, and entrepreneur and the CEO of MyPillow Inc.
Net Worth in 2021: Mike Lindell’s net worth is around $300 Million Dollar according to the 2018 Report.
Ethnicity Unknown
Horoscope Cancer
Is Mike Lindell is in a relationship with some girl? No
Famous as Popular as the My Pillow guy and Ex-husband of Karen Dickey & Dallas Yocum.

Mike Lindell Career

In the period of 1980s Lindell start many small businesses including bars and restaurants & carpet cleaning. He’s going through a tough time of his life in the 1980s and 1990s and he started taking alcohol, cocaine, and drugs. At that time his wife filing for divorce case against him.

And because he cants payable to his taxes & loan amount his house going to be foreclosed by authorities. But his girlfriend Kendra Reeves supports him too much at that time and helps him to get rid out of these problems.

In 2004 Lindell started My Pillow Inc. And in 2009 he gives a statement that now he free from his alcohol addiction or he by God’s prayer achieved sobriety. He expanded his business in a major Minnesota manufacturing company. In 2017 he faced some issues with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBC revoked the accreditation of My Pillow company. Because of complaints by consumers and lower down its ratings. But according to Lindell’s statement, he said: “Naturally, I am terribly disappointed by the BBB’s decision.”

In August 2016, Lindell met with Donald Trump at that time trump was a candidate for the then-Republican presidential. Lindell admires his personality and said “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history“, after winning his election.

At the speech in August 2019, Lindell said “When I met with Donald Trump, it felt like a divine appointment, and when I walked out of that office I decided I was going to go all in.”

Mike Lindell Business in 2020 – 2021

In 2020 Lindell getting old so he decides to give the company’s chief operating officer, position to his son Darren. After that, all the political future possibilities of Lindell are citing by his own decision. 2021 is a disappointing year for my pillow because most of the retailers stopped taking My Pillow products.

But Lindell give his opinion and said this I happened because 2020 United States presidential election results. Although some topmost outlets like Bath and Beyond said this is happening due to market research and low customer demand.

According to a media report in march 2021, Lindell was ready to launch his own server platform called an alt-tech social media to call Vocl ( “Victory of Christ’s Love” ).

Which are works as a cross between YouTube and Twitter. But Lindell announced he would launch  Frank Speech, a new platform in April 2021. And as per Mike’s promise, the website launched on April 19, 2021. But it has many issues now because it’s on the initial process.

Any Link between Jane Krakowski Dating Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell was divorced by two wives and currently, he is not married. But there are many rumors separated by media and some news websites that  Jane Krakowski Dating Mike Lindell. The report said that The MyPillow guy ( Mike Lindell ) is finally found a perfect partner. And he is romantically involved with her.

According to Daily Mail Mike Lindell enjoy and spend a long fling time of around nine months with 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski. But when Krakowski’s friend heard about this news they were totally shocked.

And even Jane Krakowski gives a hilarious reaction about this incident plus release a statement where she totally denied this type of viral news and said she never meet with the My Pillow CEO – Mike Lindell.

And an advisory released by Krakowski’s rep where they especially mentioned “She is not and has never been in any relationship with him, romantic or otherwise,”. Despite this line, one more sentence added were written: “She is, however, in full-fledged relationships with Brad Pitt, Regé-Jean Page, and Kermit the Frog and welcomes any and all cover on those.”

Lindell was also disappointed by this Daily Beast reporting. And after this allegation, he hired an attorney to sue a case against them. Because he believes in Christianity and he said they damaged my integrity and my network too. Hope he will get justice soon because he is going through a hard time in his life.


Mike Lindell Faced many ups and downs in his career. Even his family relation did not stay for a long time. But Lindell’s first wife stick with him for more than 20 years.

After that Dallas comes into her life they kept in relation for 2 years but after marriage they even cant stayed more than 2 weeks. But Lindell has 4 children with them and one is his son Darren is a chief operating officer in his company now.

After the 2020 presidential election when Mr. Donald defeat the election Lindell supporting and financing Trump very much. Mike is a good businessman, American inventor, and entrepreneur. And his business with My Pillow doing a great job in the US.

Although he got addict to drugs & alcohol. But just because of the belief in God he overcomes his bad habits.


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