Mike Lindell Streaming Live about Frankspeech and Absolute Interference

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As you know, Frankspeech is set to launch today on 19th April. According to founder Mike Lindell, the site has been hit by a DDoS attack by cyber attackers. The team at Frankspeech is working actively to solve the issue. Meanwhile, Lindell is live and discussing the launch with various celebrity guests.

Frankspeech is a new rumored emerging social media platform focusing mainly on “free speech”. It has been in the news for its connections with Donald Trump and various other US politicians.

Frank speech can be accessed on its website – Www.frankspeech.com

The tag line of frankspeech is ” The voice of free speech ”

The reported app VOCL ( renamed as Frank ) Will have features of both youtube and twitter.  It would be the best app ever, something that the world has never seen , was said by the team at FRANK to a magazine. The app will be Free from the hands of the government and will focus on free speech and democratic rights of the users. Mike lindell and his team has been working on this app since last 4 years. The launch date is said to be in upcoming weeks, it is rumoured to be launched in the last week of april 2020.

The social networking platform has been secretly in development for the last four years, based on Lindell. He says the social networking platform will be about moving’vocal’ again and’not to be walking on eggshells.


Mike Lindell Streaming live about Frankspeech. Visit the official website – Frankspeech.com  ( All rights to frankspeech.com ) We are not associated with frankspeech. This article is just to help users. See our Editorial Policy


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  • I am so excited you are up and running and I can’t wait to sign up!!! Keep fighting the battle to gain our American Freedoms back!

        • Thank you so much Susan! We are in terrible trouble now. We need all the support we can get from all over the world. Sending love to you from Texas! God Bless and keep you and your family. ❤️

  • I can’t get frankspeech on my iPad. Can’t find the app on the Apple app. I’ll try again….nothing is working for me!

    • It won’t be on the app store. You’ll need to download it from the web. Try duck duck go instead of safari

    • Hi Deb I only have a flip top But I only have a flip top and use a laptop for all internet. Nothing is loading for me to enter my cell number either by laptop. I have been watching since 2pm I am using Firefox and Duck Duck Go. As I was watching it just stopped and I got this (error 405 protection Cloudflare.) It took several times for me to load the video back up using laptop. The only thing that loads is the video I cannot get any sign up page that loads to enter a phone number. I can’t sign up either. They are getting hit hard or I need a desk top AP for a page to load where we can enter our phone numbers? I’m patient luckily the video hasn’t been interrupted again,I don’t use google or smart phones. I hope the desk top AP is included and the sign up page loads properly to enter our phone numbers. Mobile APs won’t work for desk tops. If not I pray at least I don’t lose access to watch Frank by desk top. Its 9:30 PM ET and I still can’t find a sign in page It just loads the video.

      • I’m adding this FYI: Tech support I am on a laptop windows 10 I loaded Google to see if that would work to get a sign up enter phone number page to load. It said Google checking your browser before access to frankspeech.com This is normal…. I waited and this is what it posted
        Error 521 Ray ID: 642aef46e6c03b81 • 2021-04-20 02:27:38 UTC
        Web server is down
        This website frankspeech.com/user/register?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=02fc78ef0df8ac359d49aeb570c4a4c5dc4c2f06-1618885563-0-AaZy2bQPAuqWK6_zJCWHR32x43-EBCnbDNLh9DS0-THr62OLYMTrNf_HtOnsn7ExrbjIxhXr2M1XhF2j75aEVy1kz9FA3FzeNEjtvtp0bMweY–JnffGUR3P5NAQcqfeWMWK42CoBcAzsF0BepeZqfjdqZvZB1QtpnKSlUAGprbjB34tlPR0WVEGP-lTqr17pwh9KoY-H0tv0R_Csqc6GDwqM53d5g_W8HFuX4j4fDFcqRPqi_ygprePD3SPOMNgEAVlYOW4ezbiA2pFKVV6cAUwQONsLPN6cfOGX4zd30ZDRMLmvr5ECV3QFXAMXTKKznsmDONt2eEjBVRJuc5gw7RT6AZEm4SrnDmfFlMhoa75S1bl0oENX_C9jlafnm-kwr8qsVFEwQCbz9UA4eG1rPc is currently offline. Cloudflare’s Always Online™ shows a snapshot of this web page from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. To check for the live version, click Refresh.
        I clicked refresh this is what happened/posted Error 520 Ray ID: 642af81809efff7c • 2021-04-20 02:33:52 UTC
        Web server is returning an unknown error
        I am trying to help you and why IK am posting all of this so you can see whats happening on users end by laptop. Godspeed we are the winning team In God we trust Amen

        • Continued… You
          What happened?

          There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed.
          What can I do?
          If you are a visitor of this website:

          Please try again in a few minutes.
          If you are the owner of this website:

          There is an issue between Cloudflare’s cache and your origin web server. Cloudflare monitors for these errors and automatically investigates the cause. To help support the investigation, you can pull the corresponding error log from your web server and submit it our support team. Please include the Ray ID (which is at the bottom of this error page). Additional troubleshooting resources.

          • According to Mike lindell the site is hit by a Ddos attack by cyber attackers. The team at frankspeech is working actively to solve the issue

  • Glad to see another platform of Media we needed this in a Big Way
    Thank you
    Will We be able to go with local Chats on Frankspeech.com
    let say like local Farming and Auto services and so on?


    • By this courageous act, Lindell places himself beside our Founding Fathers as one of those to whom we owe our freedom from despotic rule. Long live the USA!

  • I can’t believe i found this! My app said error. Luckily i was persistant and checked around. Here i thought Frank was offline due to attacks! Such madness. Thank God for brave rich ppl like Mike. Lol

  • God bless you for your courage and patriotism. Could you possibly turn up the volume on your end? Thanks.

  • Thank you, Mike, for working so hard for America! Congratulations on your perseverance! People deserve to have information, REAL news. It is disgraceful what has happened to free speech, freedom of the press, and other individual rights. You are providing exactly what the people deserve! The people should be able to make choices for themselves after they have ALL information, not just that which is propagated by one narrative or point of view. Thank you!

    • I can’t get on many sites now because I only have a land-line–no cell phone. I hope this new platform allows us people who don’t want to own a cell-phone. A big thanks to Gerneral Flynn and Mike. My respect to both of you.

  • Thanks for you efforts, God will sustain you and will give you back whatever you have lost.

  • How do I acces it on my apple iPad…I have no cell service where I live until 3 miles out of the mountains ??

  • Finally a place I can allow my kids to post about murder suicide race and insurrection without seeing naughty words about sex. Thank you Mike! If you are homeless after the lawsuit you can live in my shed for a while.

  • Will be so glad to have social media to post on without all the awful words coming out of people’s mouths. Thank you so much Mike.

  • All of the covid BS and election fraud is all one giant coup! Steal a Presidency, keep people from schools, churches, anyway they can group together and communicate keep people locked down and scared so they cant fight back ITS ALL THE SAME THING AND ITS TIME TO PUSH BACK AND FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY WHERE THE HELL IS OUR MILITARY ITS PATRIOTS DAY GET IT DONE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

    • Hey Tim
      Just a reminder not to use the lords name in vain or He double hockey sticks friend.

      We are all frustrated but we need to stay calm and stay strong

      God bless

  • Mike the communists are petrified of you an AMERICAN PATRIOT, because about 150 million worldwide will sign up with you!! Think of suckerberg and the homeless bird guy losing billions already by censoring so many of US and then you come along with FRANK! I LOVE IT if Congress wont spank them YOU WILL! NOTHING CAN STOP WHATS COMING

  • Just withdrew all of my savings been hearing in the last COVID bill they made it legal where they can seize your bank accounts without any warning so I recommend you doing the same to protect your money so they can’t steal your money and leave feeling like WTF just happened its better to be paranoid and pull your money out then to take the chance of having it stolen by the Ds and JOE BIDEN JUST SAYING don’t say I did not try to warn everyone will be Checking to see how I can safeguard my 401K too if you are smart you will check into these things too why take any chances of having your money stolen

    • Thanks, yes, we did this years ago with my hubby’s 401 K, paid the taxes, then had it turned into metals, we only keep in credit union what we need to pay bills. So, you’re thinking is right!

  • Happy Patriot’s Day Mike!! Thanks for leading the way and building a platform. Holding the line with you for free speech!!

  • Great job Mike! You are a true patriot and supporter of our President Trump and our freedom of free speech.

  • So excited about this new Free Speech media. Can’t wait to get on it. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. God speed for this new venture.

  • ok, what am I looking for other than a live vid? Anything else? Yesterday Frankspeech.com wouldn’t let me type in my cell number to sign up. I suppose the attacks are in progress! LOL and they say there is no ‘silent’ enemy!! AH hahahahahaha!! Any help or link would be helpful. Thanks, Janet

  • Just from the comments as I listen today, this is going to be a phenomenal platform. Please post the websites for the guests. Conservatives must support other conservatives! Mike, you ROCK! Thank you for your service! -Melanie

  • Mike has done what TRUMP SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO… BUT 4 MONTHS LATER NOTHING… TRUMP now sends official letters rather than tweets…..

  • Keep up the good work! We’ve been waiting for someone to fight back against the media with an alternative platform! We are excited! God bless!

  • Mr Lindell,

    Your Frankspeech.com RSVP form for the VIP access requested a phone number to join in, which i gave willingly (REALLY looking forward to Frank), but was then offered *ONLY* “sign in with Facebook” to get into the app/onto the platform.

    Facebook has apparently BLOCKED *your* (and *ONLY* your) FRANK app from using that “login with Facebook” applet/login utility… at least, the notification said, “User is not allowed to see the application.: the user is not allowed to see this application PER THE DEVELOPER SET CONFIGURATION. ” (emphasis mine)


  • Dawn Frantz from Ocala Fl 34481. Mike n General Flynn Thank you so much for what your doing ❤ to you both. Faith over Fear….

  • Only we the people vote. A “machine” must only ever be used to count, never be connected to the Internet AND MUST NEVER HAVE THE ABILITY TO SWITCH OR MODIFY VOTES. Otherwise it is against Murphy’s first law. (If it can happen, it will happen)
    Dominion Management have admitted on film that their criminal machines can be connected to the internet and can switch and modify votes.
    Case Proven in Mike’s favor.

  • Thank you Mike & General Flynn!!!!
    We need this so desperately!!!
    Much appreciated!!!
    Maria Parker

  • So far the link doesn’t work on my phone. My phone’s Frank link has a message that says “Cloudflare” is showing that the Browser is working and that Cloudflare is working, but frankspeech.com has a Host Error, the error reads 525.

      • It’s working now. The link works, but i need to get the icon to have an F on it. LOL This happens to us aged people. Thanks Sanjay

  • So thankful that this new platform will challenge the counter culture. I had a personal blogpost taken down after the election. My blogpost was all about my faith in Jesus.
    A relative set up my blogpost for me and knew it was all about my faith in Jesus. I had been sharing my faith in the gospel for about 5 years on it. It was until this person found out who I voted for that not only was my site taken down but this person left a personal and slanderous attack on my person as a Christian. I asked for all my writings to be returned because unfortunately, I had not backed them up, but to no avail.
    I set up a new blogpost and continue my work in sharing the gospel.
    It’s no surprise to me that David slew the giant with one rock because His faith was in the Almighty. You are David, Mike Lindale. God bless you!

  • Thank you, Mike, for giving the People a platform to speak their truths. Our current government does not have ” We the People” best interests as their 1st priority. People get cut off from free speech and are discriminated against in social media and by CEOs of these social media websites because we do not share their beliefs or lies. I hope Frank Speech bankrupt FB and Twitter. I also hope FS exposes the left for election fraud to the point of irrefutable truth and that current government officials do some serious prison time for what they have done to our Great Nation. Keep up the great work. Never back down or give up.

  • To avoid further Asian attacks in this country….we all should be reassured that China is NOT our enemy……IT IS THE CCP THAT IS OUR ENEMY…..NOT ALL OF CHINA….GET THIS STRAIGHT…..THE CCP

  • Let’s do this Mike! Thanks my American Brother. As a retired Special Forces Vet, it’s time we take back our country. Prayers for you Mike and your family. God Bless. De Oppresso Liber USA

  • Thank you, Mike , for everything you do, thank you for this site. Praying for all good things and God’s Hand to Move on all the evil in Yeshua’s Mighty Name, as well as protection for you and all who are doing this, your families, and extended households, we declare that our entire household will be saved in Jesus’ Name

    Just bought a king mattress topper, with the bands, thank goodness made in USA. Bless you all.

  • thankyou mike and your whole teem we cannot stand I cannot stand much more of this . I just pray it is not to late .Our Lord will take care of us who believe but it would be nice to have one last stand and get more people on board . thanks

  • Thank you Mike for giving us a
    Platform you are a true Patriot and a Hero I pray for you and this platform every day
    Denise from Florida

  • Mike we are watching from the Netherlands. Gods speed. We follow you for over more then a year now. We love you.

  • I am so excited to have this platform God Bless you Mike and team!
    lots of love and light!

  • Show has been fantastic although I missed Dinesh and his wife will there be a way to excess pass shows Mike?

  • Mike:
    You are a true patriot and I want to thank you for all you are doing to help our country!

  • God Bless all the people with a good heart who have the money and the power to fight for our country and our people. Without these people where would we be?

  • As I licensed Lay Minister I can certainly see God at work in your labors to help keep America based upon Christian principals. As you know, many of our founding Fathers were not steeped in any of the popular religious venues muchless practicing Christians but they created a constitution unlike any before with certain Christian principals for all the members of this country. There have through the years certainly been some abuses but after-all the members of this nation are only human; however, nothing in our history has threatened our American way of life like the current Administration in Washington. I just pray that we Americans will wake-up to what is going on before we cease to exist or become another failed communist State. May God Bless you, make His face to shine upon you and grant you His shalom (peace).

    • Yes!!! You said it Arthur

      God bless u and all your sacreligious ideals that you and your brethren have brought forth .
      Amen cracker

  • Thank You for Standing Tall for America. As well as its Citizens of the Greatest Country on Earth. I have personally supported My Pillow 3 times recently.

  • Any advice????
    Google won’t bring up website.
    Duckduckgo won’t bring it up either.
    It’s not on Playstore.
    Please help!!!!

  • Hi Mike Thank you for starting this platform for God & country may the good Lord bless you and smile down upon you.

  • So So excited you’re up and running,and on Patriots day!!!!!!!Congratulations Mike the true Red White and Blue Patriot!!!!!

  • Thank you Like Lindell! Thank you for being a voice for free speech and our freedoms! Keep up the great work! We will win this war!!

  • Hi Mike & General Flynn, Thank so much, for giving AMERICAN 1ST & FREE THINKERS A VOICE. I’m so excited and cant wait to disconnect from Facebook/Twitter Goggle, Apple, ECT….. LESS than 90 days with traitor’s in Washington, America cant last 4 years.

    Thank you again,
    Much Love
    Brown Family


    • Thanks Karen
      We are with you my friend
      Let’s take back America with Mike and Donnie leading the way

  • Thank you Mike!!! Thank you for all of your hard work! We all appreciate you so very much! And please say HI to General Flynn for me! So glad to see him by your side! God Bless You!

  • God bless you and your team Mike!
    Americans have your back and will stand for our nation.

    Tank you for your love for our nation and for God Almighty!

  • Congratulations Mike, I like this platform. Also I am a fan of My Pillow, I have the Pillows and the topper on my bed.

  • God Bless you Mike ! This platform is amazing its great

    listening and seeing great patroits!!
    It was great seeing General Flynn too!!

  • Hi Mike,

    I”m Grateful for all you do and all the Great Patriots that surround you and help in this fight for our country.
    Gods is good.

  • thank you, Mike and all patriots, i will be watching regularly, I saw propaganda on the news long before Trump, this isn’t about Trump, if you had a pea for a brain you saw it,

  • Awesome turnout for our freedoms. Thanks Mike, Thanks General Flynn and the rest of the guest. Great job guys.

  • he needs to allow others to speak. he’s annoying. We got his message let others speak. They all want to say something about it to him but dont . You can see it on their faces.,

  • bless u Mike, so happy we will have a platform to have our freedom. I got banned from facebook for having Trump as my background and Q as my profile picture. Tired of being not aloud to voice my opionin. Trump is still my President and I love everything you have done to prove all the fraud.

  • Thank You Mike – You are a true Patriot, and we are blessed that you launched this site for all of us!! ❤❤
    Looking forward to what’s next…..

  • Mike,
    I pray none stop that you can get this media out!!!! Please are country needs once and for all a network like this that loves America and want so bad to have jobs and be able to work free without government getting away with breaking everything this country stands for! They have destroyed the integrity of the United States Of American! It’s just a beginning for this News Media . Start up T.V. , News, Social Media, Mail , and Much more. No More making one company so big that it takes over all the other companies. Then those companies take over with socialist dictators. It’s communism. How do we sign up ? And use the system?
    I think also you should create a internet company for all the media for US citizens.

  • I am so thankful that Mike is telling the truth, I pray everyday for the truth and for the world to wake up and see whats going on

  • i have been watching the live streaming all day, all of a sudden i can no longer get it…i also have a phone number, got it with a vip membership 2 days ago…..text nor phone number seems to work…….anxious to get back on the live stream, tomorrow promises to be a great day. keep up the great work we are in desperate times and need people like you Mike.

  • Hello Mike, Thank you for starting this. your a blessed man and i plan to use the drug rehab center as i find it.
    Keep going your a blessed man, i pray you have the strength needed to keep going.

  • I was not a functioning addict. I couldn’t do anything else but drugs. Crack heroin and bath salts. My mom kept praying for me. I hit rock bottom several times over. Finally I got clean April 9 2012 and haven’t looked back. I give God all the glory. He changed my heart. I seeked him out and I found Him. He is there for all who want to know Him. thank you Mike Lindell for all you do. I’m still believing Trump will be president this year! WRWY

  • I commented on Ursulafaw on twitter, she is a moron , her post are full of her libtard nonsense .
    We love you Mike, you are a true patriot !!!

  • Hello new Freedom platform. Hello Patriots. Great day today . And have excellent speakers today. What I want to hear is more guests then Michael. We need our guests to speak and educate us. Michael you have one hour to yourself and let it out every thing and then let people talk. I hope you get it. I know how excited you are , why we have speakers when you take all their time.
    I am sorry about my English but it’s my second language. Love all patriots. God bless you keep up great work, thank you.

  • Thank you, Mike. We are finally free to tell and listen to the truth. May The Lord Bless you and grant you all your dreams for protecting our rights! I cannot wait to see you every day.

  • Thanks so much Mike for all you do! My heart has been much lighter today since your platform launch! I feel like perhaps we the people have a voice at last! Please stay well and strong. May God bless and keep you✝️

  • I love your passion!!! When you started your pillow company did you ever think what God was putting you on the path to save America! Just bought your book. Can’t wait to read it.
    God bless you in every aspect of your journey!!!

  • Wow Mike thanks so much and God Bless you for giving all us Patriots hope! You are truly a tool of God Almighty! Truth needs to be put out there and your doing it!!

  • God bless Mike for jumping in and doing something and not allowing them to silence him, keep up the good work…!!!

  • I have tried all day to join frankspeech.com. But I can not get into the site. There is an example phone that will not delete out of the sign in box. It says to put your phone nmber into the box .. next click submit. But the box has numbers in it that fwill not delect. So I have not be able to join the frankspeech.com but I have been able to watch all of the great speakers.

  • I love you Mike. NEVER SURRENDER!!! Thank you for your love of America. I am a Latina who loves her beautiful new country. I was born in Cuba. I now what censorship is like. Thank you for saving us.

    OF GOSPEL MUSIC.WE ARE ON FACE BOOK. OR warrenov43&gmail.com

    • Yes Warren

      I’d love to get my hands on your Christian hot head (if you know what I mean). Let’s make the world a better place together with Magic Mike. ( that’s what we used to call him when he was buying crack from us. He always had a lil something up his sleeve

  • So far I am highly entertained. Bye the way I am loving my new recently purchased pillows and towels. They are amazing.

  • I just can’t believe how “sheep like” our country has become. Every time I see someone driving in their car, by themselves, wearing a mask! Thank you Mike for giving us a platform where we can speak respectfully have a dialogue, God, Flag and Country. Thank you. It used to be that you couldn’t enter your bank with a mask or dark glasses. Wow, how many ways can you take away our freedoms? You know you’ve done something right when you get publicly snubbed by your cat’s doctor! Amazing just because I’m a card carrying conservative, Christian! Bravo!


  • God bless you Mike Lindell and all the other wonderful guests you had on today! Can’t wait to get my account setup.

  • Mile, you are TRULY a nut job. Are they creating a padded room for you to broadcast in? Attire will be supplied for free by xpres Trumptard.

  • God bless everyone involved in putting this together. You are in my prayers for protection against all that will come against you and your families humanly & demonic attacks. Let God receive the GLORY!!
    This is Amazing and Historical.

  • If anyone is wondering where all the people are you can sell a bridge to in Arizona…. they’re right here! LMAO! Along with Mike Lindell’s dealer watching for the code word to make another drop!

  • I would like to see on the new website :
    – Crowd funding to professionally investigate crooked judges and others.
    – Liar’s chair daily.
    – Giving military and police a safe space to speak.
    – Registry of names of censored people and by whom
    updated daily.
    The site is down right now. I will try again later. Congratulations Mr. Lindell. BTW FB’s ads are getting really cheap, all Chinese products.

  • Lots of typos: “As all you know that Frankspeech is set to launch today on 19th April. According to Mike lindell the site is hit by a Ddos attack by cyber attackers. The team at frankspeech is working actively to solve the issue. Meanwhile Frankspeech founder mike lindell is live and is discussing about the launch with vairous celebrity guests.”

    How about “As you know, Frankspeech is set to launch today on 19th April. According to founder Mike Lindell, the site has been hit by a DDoS attack by cyber attackers. The team at Frankspeech is working actively to solve the issue. Meanwhile, Lindell is live and discussing the launch with various celebrity guests.”

  • Open up the whole bigger because these Demes are falling in willingly with Real News reporting bread crumbs
    Your live feed is good in Washington State.
    Sorry this is a blue state!
    God Bless all of you!!

  • Mr Lindell u r a blessing to America! It’s very obvious that the experience u had w/ Jesus Christ was real!
    Thx u thx u thx u for what u r doing for our country….pray for u often that the Lord will protect & bless u.

  • You have a delayed in the broadcast where we have your voices broken up in tidbits. What is causing this and I thought we were watching a prerecorded presentation which was all broken up.

  • Open up the whole bigger because these Demes are falling in willingly with Real News reporting bread crumbs
    Your live feed is good in Washington State.
    Sorry this is a blue state!
    God Bless all of you!!

    Another post
    I would like to let Mike L.
    Know that I have an idea for a type of security system .
    Maybe their is one like this already .
    It is a security bot that is on a flash drive. It would use a Snowbound or a flashbang type of software if an intruder enters a computer.
    That way the intruder has no way to navigate a computer and or virus bomb when a file is opened by a intruder.
    Maybe there is this type of security bot already .just a thought . God bless you for your hard and lengthy process
    That video proof of
    Interfearance of 2020 Elections. (Wa. State)

  • Thank you, Mike. Everyone pray for Mike and Donald Trump and our Beautiful Free Country. Blessed Mother save us.

  • I made a account but can’t get in . I tried making a new account but I can’t. Mike i love what you are doing and Thank you so much for standing up for America and President Trump. I pray for you all every night.

  • Mike and everyone involved with producing this awesome site, Thank you so much for all you have uncovered and brought to light. These Luciferian creeps need to be snuffed out and peace brought to our land for once. Our whole lives have been a lie thank you for everything you have done for us. I pray in Jesus name for great times coming in the future. Thanks again Mike you are truly a great person for all you have done for us.

  • Thank You Mike for all your doing ! God Bless you an your team, most of all Thank You giving us our Freedom of Speech back! Patriots in Control! ❤️❤️

  • Thank you Mike Lindell..you are wonderful and I pray for your success..very exciting platform..God bless you!!!

  • I clicked all over. There was no SHARE capability for this video. I have about 110 people I share with and if each one of them share with an average of 100 people, the 3 levels down that’s 1.1 million people – and I’m just one person.
    But I need a share button to access.

  • Mike.

    You’re making too much sense. An internet tax that levels the playing field, saves the small businessman and the mom and pop stores, and saves the communities throughout the country from economic devastation.

    Another sensible tax that does the same thing is the Tariff, as explained by the founding fathers. It saves American jobs and communities from being hurt by the manufacturers moving abroad to get the cheap labor and the lack of regulations.

  • God Bless you all for being obedient and trusting God. You will be blessed. Thank you for standing up for all of us. You are in our prayers always❤

  • Thank you, Mike!
    Praying for you and yours!
    Streaming continuously as I to remain in Prayer…just woke up for bathroom break , hoping to sleep more hours, and keep Frank on in background to continue in Prayerful stance…

  • I pre registered with Frank speech. I only remember giving my phone number and nothing else. I tried yesterday to set up what I thought would be my profile account. It asked me to enter my user name or email. I don’t believe I had to enter any of that. So I put my email in that said ut was incorrect. So I tried a user name that I use fir all platforms again it said it was wrong. Like I said I don’t remember it asking me to ever set up an account using anything but my phone number. Anyway it looks like I’m completely blocked now because I tried too many times. There was never a point where I was asked to do anything other then enter my phone number. Can some one please help trouble shoot? Thank you.

  • Hey Mike, Love the what you are doing. Thank you. I keep having sound issues on your live stream. doesn’t matter where Itry to listen from the sound is not there.

  • I cant believe this. Let go Give it up..The election is over and your pillow empire will soon be gone

  • Mike, Thank You! You and your team are obviously trying hard to do the right thing and it shows. America won’t forget your efforts. Remember; “it’s hard to remember the initial objective was to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ass in alligators”. Keep fighting. The alligators are losing.

  • Hang in there, God is the filter. He , our Lord is allowing this Believe in his plan for it’s for our good. Victory in Jesus.

  • America needs to uncover the truth! Truth is what the founders followed! God is the reason the American people have a choice to defend what truth brings to us all! Everyone needs free speech you me and everything depends on free speech! Stop killing our God given rights! America was built to follow God! We will not follow this machine elected President!

  • Myron c. Fagan 1967 warned about all this. It’s a 4:33 audio it’s a must listen for all Americans.The CHRISTMAS take over and the push for a new world order. It’s time for everyone to WAKE UP NOW!!! Mike is right open your eyes tell everyone you know. Before it’s to late. It might already be to late.God bless you my friends, and God bless you Mike!

  • Thank You Mike for all you do. This Country is going through so much right now. I am great full that we have people who really care about the American people.

  • Waiting on you and Trump Mr.Lindell…we are behind you both! Keep on keeping on…we are holding the line! We will not relent. We will not give up our democracy, freedoms, Constitution, Bill of Rights! We WILL “Hold the line” Mr. President! God bless all your efforts! Thank you for loving our great country! We ARE the greatest most loving and accepting and let’s not forget charitable nation in the WORLD!

  • Mike we love you for this but you need to calm down, you act like Dan Bongino I don’t like that. Get the anger out of this and just report. Don’t interrupt your guest! I can’t continue to watch if you continue. Calm down or your going to loose a lot of fans.

  • I love you mike they won’t let me sign up but we who loves our country are out here we the people need to fight like you are fighting hard to believe there is people out there that are trying to destroy our country now they want to put a yellow star on our drivers lincense remember what they put on the Jews arms a yellow star gets more scary all the time may God stop all this craziness there has to be demons trying to run our country thank you mike for trying to stop all of this God be with you and all his angles around you

  • Father God i call upon you to protect this great Patriot Mike Lindell who has willingly risked all that he has to stand in defense of America against the Rothschild’s and their two Satanic cults the Illuminate established in 1761 and the Fabian Society established in 1868.We the people outnumber this enemy that is seeking to destroy the world as it is through a program of viruses, improper testing and Bill Gates vaccines. Father God your child Mike is like David a 17 year young shepherd boy who defeated Goliath and sent the Philistine army packing. Call upon your children to join Mike in this war between good and evil which is led by the Democrat hydra, the deep state that answers to the Rothschild’s the worlds richest family who promote evil the world over. Let those who are of you rise up stand firm, fight hard against these enemies who are using the Bill Gates Virus to kill steal and destroy this God loving, God fearing nation. We must win big in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mike i have much more of the truth if you are interested. DR. Fauci who is a board member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a Jesuit, A Satanist, a Democrat a personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, developed the virus beginning in 2014.

  • Mike Lindell you are a true american patriot . That said can you use your experts in conjunction with the maracopa county recount to show if the machines in that county were used to steal votes . That would be a double whammie against these criminals .

  • Where is the FBI ( AKA where the truth goes to die ) . Where is the DOJ ( AKA where criminals walk away ) . Where is the fake news lazy corrupt news media . Where is fox news and newsmax . The news pundits at these two outlets are so afraid of losing their jobs . They have lost their courage and given up their moral compass to protect themselves . Thank God our brave military over the years didn’t lose their sense of right and wrong . The news pundits that will not talk about voter fraud need to find another line of work . They lead us down rabbit holes with promises about prosecutions from Bill Barr and John Durrum that never happened .These two clowns where never about finding the truth and putting people in jail . Primary all ten congressman and seven senators who voted to impeach the greatest president in my lifetime Donald Trump . Why would any MAGA person ever send their dollars to the RNC to finance these clowns that voted to impeach president Trump .

  • Thank you all for what you are doing for our country.
    God Bless and praying for protection from all evil.

  • God Bless you Mike Lindel, Brannon Howse and all the many brave Patriots “If God is for us, who can be againt us?” Roman’s 8:31 “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” George Washington Thank you all!!

  • I feel like we are getting lead down another rabbit hole in arizona . I would not be surprised if democrat lawyers out smart us again . bannon wants to take Mike Lindells ad money but his half hearted support tells me something else . The machine fraud is the most important of all . They can steal elections forever with these machines . Watch Lindells absolute truth , its all there in black and white . Why does Mike Lindell care about going on kimmels show . He is only going to try to make him look like a fool . Maga people don’t give a damn what kimmel thinks about anything . He is a clown show . Mike Lindell seems all excited about going on kimmels show . I and many others will not be watching . kimmel should be paying Lindell to come on the show . Seems like he is exstorting him making him give kimmel and his audience presents for allowing him to appear .

  • The problem is getting the corrupt justices and law enforcement institutions to act on this information

    • Mike- You are giving us all hope in Jesus Christ!!!!
      You are his perfect Miracle to us all!!!
      I will be going on a few shows including Charlie Ward .
      I will be speaking of this new platform and what it’s done for so many people.
      I’m in Southern California fighting the fight here .
      I’m considering running for local government along with many others.
      I met you abd was at the recent Tulsa meeting in the green room ,with the media. I’m working w/ Pharma uncovering corruption.
      We are listening to you and implementing with you in general Flynn or telling us to do here in California.
      God Bless abd protect you and your family!!

      I am so thankful for you and all the others.
      Dianne Dunn

  • Thank you for giving back. Through your efforts to help and support the 75million strong, thank you for giving us a space where we can breathe. Together we will overcome! If the Berlin Wall came down , we would crush these leftist communist , our time is coming!

  • You are like bread and water for the truth started in this world of deception. When can we Europeans sign up for your new Frank speech ?
    We’re hungry too!

  • Frankspeech.com as of 25April is still not what he said it would be. There are 4 (really stupid) articles. Where are the social blogs? Where is anything of substance? Where is the login or enrollment? Crickets

  • Mike: Please take a look at George Webb, Independent Reporter. He has numerous books on Amazon dealing with networks involved in trafficking bio-weapons and nuclear materials. Thanks, Dave

  • Mike, thanks for all you do. Patriots around the world support you. God is with the righteous. We outnumber the evil ones. There are far more good and “Constitutional” citizens than the evil destructive individuals. I like FrankSpeech and feel liberated.

  • God Bless Mike. I am allergic to sulfa so I couldn’t use hydroxy. But no way any COVID vaccine!
    Stay safe.

  • It starts in the schools. Hitler said “give me one generation”. For years they’ve been working on the children. Indoctrination. Look at our youth as a whole. Hell, look at 3/4’s of our “adult population”. The dumbing down of our society has several generations under it’s belt. The “right speak of the left (and let’s just call the left for what they are, 1st they are traitors to the republic, 2nd their agenda is communist, floated as socialism). They have been allowed to much already. Lie, cheat and steal. Enough was enough 20yrs ago. Just saying.

  • Mike: Was Trump aware of where MP’s loyalty really was/is? Is it possible that you have a close associate like MP? Best to find out now. Trust but verify EVERYONE.


  • I signed up for VIP access but never got my code. How do I sign up, and when can I sign up? I tried creating an account but I get an error message. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Where is the outcry from patriots about 500 of our patriot Americans in jail being held without due process where is the GOP???

  • Hey Mike Lansdale, I was watching and then it went off, God Bless you and there are a lot of us America Die hard fans backing you and President Trump. I will keep trying to watch again as soon an your back on.

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