Moda Center Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Deals

Moda Center Parking Guide - Tips, Maps, Deals

Are you driving to the Moda Center? This Moda Center parking guide discusses various parking options at the Center, accessible parking, public transit, and much more.

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Moda Center Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Deals

Moda Center is the primary indoor sports stadium in Portland, Oregon, US. The stadium was formerly called the Rose Garden and is home to the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

The stadium hosts several games, including basketball, ice hockey, rodeos, circuses, conventions, ice shows, as well as concerts, and dramatic productions. It has a capacity of 19,393 viewers for games and events.

Finding parking spaces in the busy Portland neighborhood can be tricky. If you plan to visit the indoor stadium, you must know about parking around Moda Center.

Our Moda Center parking guide will tell you everything about parking, including pricing, public transit to the Center, tailgating, and more.

Let’s begin with the official Moda Center parking options –

Official Moda Center Parking Options and Pricing 

Official Moda Center Parking Map

There are more than 2500 parking spaces, and these spaces are split into four garages and two parking lots surrounding the Moda Center.

The average price for parking your vehicle at Moda Center for a single event is around $20-$30. However, prices vary according to the event.

Below are the official Moda parking spaces –

Parking location – 305 N Broadway Street Parking

  • Rate:- $22.49/day 
  • Walking time:- 2 mins 

Parking location – 431 NE Multnomah. Parking 

  • Rate:- $22.49/day 
  • Walking time:- 2 mins 

Parking location – SW 1st & Pine Parking

  • Rate:- $25/day
  • Walking time:- 3 mins 

Parking location – 845 SW 3rd Ave Parking

  • Rate:- $22/day
  • Walking time:- 3.5 mins 

Parking location – 1889 SW 4th Avenue Parking

  • Rate:- $22.49/day
  • Walking time:- 4 mins 

Parking Location – Residence Inn by Portland Downtown RiverPlace Parking 

  • Rate:- $37 / day 
  • Walking time:- 4.5 mins

The parking garages open 4 hours before any event. We suggest arriving at least 1-2 hours early to ensure stress-free parking.

To find the parking space, you just need to follow the signs to the Moda Center. Also, there are parking attendants to guide you to several parking locations nearby.

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Parking Options Near Moda Center and Pricing

Garages near Moda Center

If you cannot find a parking space in any of the parking lots above, you can opt for unofficial parking options. The Center has ample parking spaces in nearby garages, which are within a few minutes walking from the Center but offer cheaper parking than Moda Center’s official parking.

Below are the parking garages near the Moda Center –

Parking – 435 NE Wasco St. – Courtyard Marriott Lloyd Center – Valet

  • Rate:- $15
  • Distance:- 0.2 mi

Parking – 298 NE Lloyd Blvd. – Portland Convention Center Lot EP81

  • Rate:- $12.75
  • Distance:- 0.4 mi

Parking – 1000 NE Multnomah St – DoubleTree by Hilton – Portland

  • Rate:- $21 
  • Distance:- 0.5 mi

Parking – 1150 NW 9th Ave. – Residence Inn Portland Garage

  • Rate:- $14
  • Distance:- 0.7 mi

Parking – 99 SW Ankeny St. (SW 1st and Ankeny) – Lot EP061

  • Rate:- $11.50
  • Distance:- 0.7 mi

Parking – 1439 NE Halsey St. – Applebee’s Lot EP069

  • Rate:- $14.25
  • Distance:- 0.7 mi

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Moda Center Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking

The Moda Center has four garages and two parking lots providing over 2500 spaces, with disabled spaces available on most levels. In total, garages have almost 60 spots for physically impaired visitors and are accessible on a first-come, first-served basis.

You are required to have a disabled parking permit to access these parking spaces. You can get pre-paid parking with your event tickets at the Moda Center Box Office. The Center also offers a pick-up and drop-off facility for handicapped visitors.

Public Transit to Moda Center


You can reach the stadium using public transport and save your money on game day. Public transit is a convenient and pocket-friendly way to get to the stadium.

If you are staying downtown, you can take advantage of Portland’s public transit options to reach Moda Center.

Bus Service

You can reach the stadium by 4, 8, 35, 44, 77, and 85 buses. These all have stops within a short walk of the stadium. 

Rail Service

The stadium is well connected by rail. The Max Light rail system provides the best way to get to the Moda Center and avoid heavy traffic or costly parking.

The Rose Quarter Transit Center is located right across the street from the stadium and is served by MAX Blue, Red, and Green Lines. Yellow Line stops at the Interstate or Rose Quarter station, which is only a two-minute walk from Moda Center. 

You can reach the stadium in another transit option, the Portland Streetcar, consisting of three lines. Two of them, the A and B loops, run between downtown and the east side. Get off at NE Broadway and Ross and walk a block south to the Moda Center.

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Tailgating at Moda Center

Tailgating fans must note that the Moda center does not permit tailgating in its parking spaces. However, you can try nearby bars before a Trail Blazers game.

If you go across the Willamette River, you will find a collection of cool bars and restaurants on the west bank. This is a wonderful option as you can use public transit quickly to get to the stadium.

Getting to Moda Center

The address of Moda Center is 1 North Center Court Street, Portland, OR 97227, USA.

The stadium is located just off the east bank of the Willamette River and is well connected with roadways and railways. You can reach the stadium by using any of the various options easily.

Further, you can google maps if you find it challenging to locate the address.

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