Muharram Quotes in Urdu 2022, Wishes, Sayings, Shayari, Quotes, Sayings- History of Muharram

Muharram Quotes in Urdu 2020, wishes, sayings, & Shayari

According to the Islamic calendar, the first month of the year is Muharram. It is also considered as the ‘month of sorrow‘ Tajiya (procession of Muharram) has been carried out on this occasion in Delhi since the time of Qutubuddin Aibak, the first ruler of the Ghulam dynasty in the 12th century.

After him, the Sultan, who ruled in India, allowed the ‘tradition of refreshment‘ to go on. Although he was predominantly Sunni, he was not Shia.

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Muharram Quotes in Urdu 2022

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Hazrat Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet-e-Islam Hazrat Mohammed, was martyred with family and friends in Karbala’s battle (680 AD) in the month of this Moharram.

The battle of Karbala took place between Hazrat Imam Hussain and the army of Emperor Yazid. Muslims in Moharram remember the same martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

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The tomb of Hazrat Imam Hussain is in the Iraqi city of Karbala in the same place where this war took place. This place is about 120 kilometers from the capital of Baghdad, Iraq, and is a highly respected place.

Muharram Shayari 2022

War of Karbala

شاہ است حسین، بادشاہ است حسین
دین است حسین، دین پناہ است حسین

سر داد، نداد دست درِ دست یزید
حقا کہ بنائے لا الہ است حسین

Shah Hasst Hussain, Baadshah e Hasst Hussain
Din Hasst Hussain Din Panaah e Hasst Hussain

Sarr Daad Naa Daad Dasst Daar Dasst E Yaazid
Haqqah Key Binay e Laa Ielaah Hasst Hussain.

The tenth day of the month of Moharram is considered to be the most special. On the tenth day in the month of Muharram, Hazrat Imam Hussain gave up his life to protect Islam. It is also called Ashura.

“Nijat Ki Jab Appeal Karna, Hussain * Apna Wakeel Karna, Agar Sar Kay Badle * Hussain * Mile, To Zindagi Na Taveel Karna. Happy Muharram

“A Small Person With Small Dreams, Have So, Much Believes In U My Allah . U Are For Me, I Am For U, Their Is No Words, For My Love, Through Which I Can Explain What I Feel For U My Allah .  ”

“Once Again 23rd October Is Always Going To Remember As, The Birthday Of A Great Indian Festival Of India “Happy Muharram″.”

“Sun Le Ye Ghaur Se Waiiz Tu Kia, Tere Baap Ko Bhi Jaiye Wiladat E Ali Par Apne Sir Ko Jukana Parega Happy Muharram”

“Karbala Walon Ka Gham Ghar Ghar Main Manaya Jaye Ga-Maqsad-E-Shabeer Aalam Ko Bataya Jaye Ga-Yaad Ker K Jo Na Roya Karbala Walon Ki Pyaas-Qabar Se Tishna Wo Mehshar Main Uthaya Jaye Ga”

“Farzand-E-Ali Imam Hussain A.S. Ne Fermaya. Aisay Shakhs Per Zulm Keray Say Muhtat Reho Jiss Ka Allah K Siwa Koe Na Ho.-Happy Muharram.  “

On this day, Shia Muslims go to the Imambaras to celebrate mourning and take out taziya. Shia Muslims celebrate mourning in Moharram in many cities of India, but Lucknow remains its main center. The Nawabs here built the famous Imambaras in the town.

کیا صرف مسلمان کے پیارے ہیں حسینؑ
چرخِ نوعِ بشر کے تارے ہیں حسینؑ

انسان کو بیدار تو ہو لینے دو
ہر قوم پکارے گی ہمارے ہیں حسینؑ

Kya Sirf Musalman Ke Pyare Hai Husain (A.S)
Charkh-E-Noh-E-Bashar ke Tare Hai Husain (A.S)

Insaan Ko Bedaar To Ho lene do
Har Qaum Pukaregi Hamare Hai Husain (A.S)

Muharram in Lucknow

At that time, Lucknow was known as Awadh. In the Nawabs’ princely state, the poets wrote and read marsiya (a poem memorializing one’s martyrdom) for Moharram.

غرور ٹوٹ گیا ، کوئی مرتبہ نہ ملا
ستم کے بعد بھی کچھ حاصل جفا نہ ملا

سر حسین ملا ہے یزید کو لیکن
شکست یہ ہے کہ پھر بھی جھکا ہوا نہ ملا

Ghuroor toot gaya koi martaba na mila
jafa k baad unhe hasil-e-jafa na mila

Sar-E-hussain mila hai yazeed ko laikin
Shikast ye hai ke phir bhi jhuka howa na mila۔

The most famous of them was Mir Anees, who has given an excellent description of Karbala’s war.

The death of Imam Hussain is described in great detail in the Marasiya sung in Moharram. People have moist eyes. Women standing in black burqas are crying by beating their chests, and men get beaten up in blood by destroying themselves.

‘Ya Hussain, we are not done

افضل ہے کل جہاں سے گھرانہ حسین کا
نبیوں کا تاجدار ہے نانا حسین کا

اِک پل کی تھی بس حکومت یزید کی
صدیاں حسین کی ہیں زمانہ حسین کا

Affzal hai koul Jahan sey gharana hussain Ka,
Nabiyeon ka tajdaar hai nana hussain Ka,

Aik pal kei thei bass hakoumat yazid Kei,
Sadiyaan hussain kei Hain zamana hussain Ka.

And only one voice is heard freshly – “Ya, Hussein, we are not.” It means, “We are sorry, Imam Hussain sahib that we were not present for you in Karbala’s battle.”

The Mughal rulers were Sunnis. However, the wife of Emperor Jahangir was Noor Jahan Shia, who sent an invitation to Qazi Nurullah Shustari to join the Mughal court at a place called Shustar on the Iran-Iraq border. Kazi Shustari preached to Shi’ites in the Mughal Sultanate.

But later on, the orders of Jahangir Qazi Shustari were put to death. Qazi was accused of allegedly insulting Sheikh Salim Chishti.

عجب مذاق ہے اسلام کی تقدیر کے ساتھ
کٹا حسین ؑ کا سر نعرہ تکبیر کے ساتھ

Ajab Mazaq Hai Islam Ki Taqdeer K Sath,
Kaata Hussain (A.S) Ka Sar Nara-e-Takbeer K Sath.

Sheikh Salim Chishti had particular respect in the Mughal court because it was believed that Jahangir was born in Emperor Akbar’s house after his blessings.

Another famous Shia name in Jahangir’s court was Mahabat Khan, whose house was then located in Delhi (near ITO in central Delhi at the time).

دل میں ہے مجھ بے عمل کے داغِ عشقِ اہلِ بیتؑ
ڈھونڈتا پھرتا ہے ظلِ دامنِ حیدر مجھے

Dil mein ha mujh be amal ke dagh-e-ishaq-e- Ahle Bait
Dondhta phirta ha zile daman-e-Haider mujhe.

This place had been a significant center for celebrating the rituals of Moharram in Delhi. There is also a road named after him. The main dish eaten in Moharram is khichadi or haleem, which is made from a mixture of many types of cereal and meat.

The belief behind this is that when all the food was finished, Karbala’s martyrs had eaten Haleem as the last meal.

Delhi’s Mini Karbala

تو نے صداقتوں کا نہ سودا کیا حسینؑ
باطل کے دل میں رہ گئی حسرت خرید کی

Tu ne sadaqton ka na saoda kia Hussain (A.S)
Batil ke dil mein reh gai hasrat khreed ke.

In the month of Moharram, you will find boys wearing green kurtas. They will have bells tied at their waist. These children go to the local graveyard for nine nights, and the tenth night is called the day of the war.

Shia Muslims have also built a ‘mini Karbala’ in Delhi, which is located in Zorbag once an attempt has been made to spread it to Safdarjung’s tomb.

“You Alone We Worship,& You Alone We Ask For Help, For Each And Everything. May Your Faith In Him Always Bring You Peace And Prosperity…Have A Blessed Muharram!”

“Kat Rahi Hy Zindahi Aulaad E Ali K Saye Me Moot Khud Mamoor Hy Meri Hifazaat K Liye Har Ghari Rehta Hun Main Nad E Ali K Saye Me. Happy Muharram”

“Zikkr-E-Husain Aayaa To Ankhain Chalak Parein, Paani Ko Kitna Piyaar Hai Abb Bhi Hussain Say!”

“Salam Ya Husain!!”

“Taa Hashar Ye Khiyal Meray Dil Ka Chain Hai Mohsin Meri Nijaat Ka Zamin Hussain Hai — Happy Muharram”

However, local residential associations at the place have alleged that it was built after encroachment on the historic Shah-e-Mardan graveyard built by Qudsia Begum in the 18th century.

Muharram in India

Every year a procession going out to Moharram in Delhi starts from Kotla Ferozeshah and goes to Mahabat Khan’s mansion. The same Mahabat Khan, who served the Mughal court during Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan became a Shia at the end of his life.

We worship and he always helps us when in need! Happy Moharram

Have a Blessed Moharram!

May he always enlighten your house with peace and love.

Thank you for always being there with me, my Allah.

Never get affected by other people’s words. Have faith in yourself and your Allah. Happy Muharram!

Always take decisions wisely as Allah always at your side.

May all your problems disappear with the auspicious day of Muharram.

Mahabat Khan’s real name was Zamana Baig. Whenever Moharram comes, most Shia Muslims definitely want to visit his grave in Zorbag ​​in his memory.

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