My Pillow Flannel Sheets Reviews

My Pillow Flannel Sheets Reviews

The amount of sleep you get each night can have a big impact on how happy you are. You can improve your sleep quality by changing your nutrition, exercise habits, work schedule, and stress levels. If everything else fails, you can always change your pillow and your sheets. With over 50 million sales, MyPillow is one of the top-rated brands – it could be the change you need to improve your sleep!

The MyPillow is intended for all sleepers. The products are non-allergenic, dust-mite resistant, washable, and dryer safe. It includes a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as a 10-year warranty. The MyPilllow website also includes a survey with four simple questions to assist you in choosing the products that are most suited to you, allowing you to be confident in your purchase.

Best-Selling Product Lines at My Pillow

My Pillow Classic and Premium

Pillow selection is highly personal and is heavily influenced by your sleeping habits. MyPillows offers two pillows, the Classic and the Premium, which are practically identical. The only difference between the two pillows is the amount of filling inside; the Premium has more than the Classic.


The Classic is suitable for all sleeping positions, while the Premium is exclusively suitable for back and side sleepers. According to some user evaluations, the MyPillow is a pleasant and safe pillow option, but it is unlikely to change your life. There are better pillows at lower prices, but it’s a safe bet for a solid pillow to help you sleep comfortably. Furthermore, they are created in the United States, which is a big selling factor for the company and is crucial to many customers.

Bed Sheets from MyPillows

MyPillow bedsheets
MyPillow bedsheets

MyPillow Giza Dreams sheets are constructed from 100% certified Giza cotton and are less expensive than equivalent Egyptian cotton sheets of the same proportion. Customers describe them as “heavy” in a nice way, insubstantial and sumptuous. They are not only extremely soft, but they also come with a 10-year warranty, which is unusual for sheets. They are available in 24 stunning hues to complement most bedroom styles. They are not manufactured in the United States.

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MyPillow Mattress Topper

MyPillow Mattress
MyPillow Mattress

The MyPillow mattress topper distributes weight and can help relieve pressure point pain on regular firm memory foam mattresses. It is a less expensive choice than purchasing a totally new mattress to help alleviate difficulties with your present mattress. It cannot, however, fully eliminate concerns with the mattress beneath, but it can reduce them and make them more manageable. It also has the MyPillow money-back guarantee and a 10-year warranty, and it is made in the United States.

MyPillow Slippers

MyPillow slippers
MyPillow slippers

My Pillow slippers were created for all-day wear, both indoors and out. They are soft and comfy, featuring layers of foam and a unique impact gel. The My slippers have received mixed reviews, with several stories of them falling apart just outside of the 60-day money-back guarantee period. They are fairly pricey for slippers, and while consumers typically describe them as very comfortable, the quality and longevity are not up to par for slippers that cost $140. They are manufactured of high-quality leather suede from cowhide from the United States; however, the product is imported from Cambodia.

MyPillow Towels

MyPillows towels
MyPillows towels

MyPillow Towels are soft and fluffy and produced with a proprietary technology that makes them extremely absorbent. They are available in seven vivid colors. According to several customer reviews, they shrink dramatically after being washed and dried, even when all wash instructions are followed. Customers also said they were comparable to other brands’ hyper absorbency and super absorbency towels. These competitors have lower pricing points than MyPillow Towels, which cost $44.98 apiece. Despite being produced from USA cotton, these towels are sourced from Pakistan.

MyPillow Blankets Evaluation

MyPillow blankets

MyPillow has many blanket options, including conventional waffle blankets, quilts, comforters, and weighted blankets. The Waffle blanket is one of the most popular and is available in three sizes. It’s constructed of 100% Giza Cotton and is classified as a midweight all-season blanket. It’s very textured and available in eight different hues. Bangladesh is where the Waffle blanket comes from.

Are my pillow Flannel sheets worth money?

MyPillow MPF Flannel Bed Sheet Set is ultra-soft, long-lasting, and breathable. The fitted sheet has fully encased elastic hems to guarantee it stays on your mattress, while the flat sheet and pillowcases have a 4-inch hem. This bed sheet set would look great in any bedroom! Fitted sheet with elastic hems that are completely encased. Flat sheets and pillowcases have a 4-inch hem. The bedsheet set is both silky and long-lasting.

What exactly is MyPillow?

MyPillow is a luxury bedding brand noted for its pillows and innovative interlocking stuffing. Even though pillows are its signature product, MyPillow today carries over 100 items. MyPillow items were offered in major retail chains and were immensely popular on home shopping networks and infomercials.


In 2019, MyPillow’s annual revenue surpassed $300 million; nevertheless, most large retail locations withdrew the brand in 2021, alleging poor sales performance. Though no merchant has stated beyond this argument, CEO Mike Lindell has been adamant that his political support for former President Trump, as well as his open opinions on election fraud, are to blame.

Some Reviews by the users of MyPillow sheets

  • “Love these. Thick, warm, and soft! Recommend.”
  • “Comfortable and warm. Fabric is soft and I will buy another set.”
  • “These sheets are awesome for the winter months. They are much heavier than standard sheets, yet are still nice and soft. Very comfy. I highly recommend them.”
  • “These sheets are extremely comfortable. Especially for the cool weather, they are soft and warm. We are going to be ordering another set soon. Mike Lindel was right, these are the most comfortable sheets we have ever slept on.”

The Founder of My Pillow and the Brand Story

Mike Lindell, the company’s inventor, founder, and CEO, has struggled with insomnia since he was a youngster. He learned the hard way that purchasing pricey pillows did not always result in a high-quality pillow. Mike’s business ventures did not begin with pillows; he started his own carpet cleaning company, a lunch wagon, and ultimately owned many local taverns and eateries. After many years and countless pillows, he decided he wanted to create his own, but once he did, no one would carry it in-store.

Mike founder of mypillow

He first tried selling his pillow at a mall kiosk, then at home and garden events, fairs, and expos. Mike spent years traveling and selling pillows in person while also running newspaper advertisements and finally transitioning to radio and television infomercials. MyPillow quickly became a QVC best-seller. His advertisement was a huge success, and MyPillow quickly grew from 5 people to 500 in under 40 days. MyPillow has sold over 50 million pillows and now has 15 retail locations and over 1500 employees. Following the such enormous success, MyPillow expanded into other products such as bedding, mattress toppers, slippers, clothes, towels, pet beds, and more.

Mike Lindell’s Friendship With Donald Trump

Lindell has been a vocal supporter and advisor to former U.S. President Donald Trump. Lindell had a crucial part in supporting and financing Trump’s efforts to reverse the election result after Trump’s defeat in the 2020 U.S. presidential election; he promoted conspiracy theories of widespread electoral fraud in that election. He has also actively promoted the deadly plant extract oleandrin as a COVID-19 alternative medicine remedy. Lindell first met Trump in 2016 when the then-Republican candidate invited him to Trump Tower in New York City, which is less than two blocks from Central Park, where healthcare workers have rushed this week to set up field hospitals to deal with the overflow of COVID-19 patients in New York City hospitals.

Mike and lindell

According to the My Pillow seller, he didn’t know anything about politics in 2016. Lindell claims he didn’t know anything before January 2009, when he began to recover from a well-documented crack addiction. Lindell says he studied up and “learned a little bit about what each party was” before meeting with the soon-to-be president on August 15, 2016, at Trump Tower. Lindell claims Trump was “simply curious and wanted to know” about his My Pillow business and questioned the CEO about his company and its American activities.
“I’d see him at different gatherings and stuff after that, and we became friends,” Lindell says.


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