My Slippers by Mike Lindell

My Slippers by Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of Mypillow. He has already been in the limelight for a very long time and we all know he is a kind person.

However, why not check out some of his products? Among all the products he sells, let’s take a closer look at his best-selling product: My Slippers. In this article, we hope to provide you with all the information you need about Mike and his products.

Review Of MySlippers by MyPillow

Mike Lindell’s slippers are one of the most famous products he makes. Mike says that he wanted the end consumer to feel comfortable when using it when he created this product. These slippers are made of comfort memory foam, which provides the micro comfort you need to wear them all day long.

There is a patented impact gel in these slippers. It is revolutionary in the way that it absorbs impact and relieves pressure. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

1. The quality of the product is excellent.

2. The slippers have a good amount of internal padding and are very comfortable to wear.

3. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

4. Made in the USA


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1. Some people find that the fit is narrow.

About Mike Lindell

Michael James Lindell, additionally known as Mike Lindell, is an American creator, money manager, and businessman. Lindell is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. Additionally, Mike is known as “the My Pillow Guy“.

During the year the 1980s and 1990s, he was addicted to cocaine, crack cocaine, and alcohol, leading to the foreclosure of his house, and his wife filing for divorce. Lindell stated that he achieved sobriety through prayer in 2009.

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Specifications of My pillow Slippers by Mike Lindell

Layer 1 – MyPillow Patented Fill

We took the MyPillow patented foam you know and love and created a solid layer to provide incredible comfort.

Layer 2 – Comfort Memory Foam

This layer of comfort memory foam provides that micro comfort and support to wear all-day

My Pillow has hands-on sponsored conservative political activities. It has been fined and has settled multiple lawsuits related to misleading advertising, including a 2017 settlement in a class-action lawsuit against their buy one, get one free promotion.

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My Slippers by Mike Lindell

My slippers by Mike are also a product under My pillow. These are a good collection of footwear which are further classified as:

  • Women’s Moccasin
  • Women’s Slip-On
  • Men’s Moccasin
  • Men’s Slip-On

My Slippers feature

This impact gel made from US soybeans absorbs impact and relieves pressure

  • Finished with a high-quality leather suede made from US cowhide
  • The linings of MySlipper are soft and cozy
  • Indoor/Outdoor- The durable rubber outsole can be worn both indoors and outdoors
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Limited Warranty of 1 Year

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Where are the My Slippers Manufactured?

My slippers and all the other mypillow products are manufactured in the United States. The manufacturing plant of the company is based in Chaska, Minnesota. The company has more than 1,500 employees working in the manufacturing unit. Some products of Myslippers are Imported from Cambodia.


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  • I loved Michael and Dell but these slippers are imported from Cambodia? Are you freaking kidding me? No thank you.

      • Where are Mike Lindell’s slippers manufactured? why don’t they boast in their commercials like they do for the “My Pillows” that they are made in the USA?

      • I My wife bought a pair of My Slippers for me. they are nice but I found a tag inside the slippers that said “Made in Cambodia”.

        Also he advertise when we bought the slippers, you will get a free gift when you buy the slippers, but we never re ceived any free gift .

      • IWhy not read their own website statement prior to buying. “My slippers and all the other mypillow products are manufactured in the United States. The manufacturing plant of the company is based in Chaska, Minnesota. The company has more than 1,500 employees working in the manufacturing unit. Some products of Myslippers are Imported from Cambodia.”

      • Don’t assume that about Judy. I am 100% conservative and feel of he sells slippers and states they are made in the USA, and actually made in Cambodia, well, that’s misleading. I’m trying to support companies that actually make merchandise in the USA. I would be aggravated if I knew they were made outside of the USA. I support Mike, but let’s get exactly what he offers in his sales pitch. Judy started she loves Lindell and she has a valid complaint.
        Conservative and Proud.
        At least they aren’t made in China. The enemy…
        Melanie Simmons

    • Too bad you made a split decision. I purchased these slippers two months ago and they are the best I have ever owned: warm, comfortable, beautiful and the first thing my feet slip into each morning as I get out of bed. Get over it and go for it. You will be happy you did. Cheryl cotton of Tennessee

      • I purchased a pair of my slippers and they were crap. Dye leached onto my ankles and the sewn in label on the insole was irritating. They were not comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time. A label for the shoe said made in Cambodia.

    • Cambodia is known for exceptional slippers, one reason why Mike imports Cambodians to work in his Giza dream pillow factories.

    • No, some components are imported. They are not manufactured in Cambodia there manufactured in the United States.

    • Read more carefully. It says SOME PRODUCTS in the moccasins are made in Cambodia. Evidently some of the material in the slippers must be imported, but they are made in the USA.

  • I just checked on women’s slippers. Nothing in my size. Requesting women’s size 5 slippers for the smaller women too.

  • Dear sir a lot of us seniors would love to buy a pair of your slippers but we can’t afford them on our ss we don’t get a lot buy the time we buy our meds and our monthly bills thank you for reading this

    • I to live on Social Security. These slippers an all his stuff is very expensive. Do what I did. I went to a local store an bought Earth Shoes. You can get Slippers as well that are very comfortable for $20 to $25 bucks. All I know is to keep my eyes upon the LORD JESUS an keep trying. Prayers for you an your family ❤️✝️❤️

  • This is very disappointing Mike, dang how do you expect us seniors on social Security to afford a pair of your slippers, I pray God speaks to your heart about the prices you ask for, we are trusting God for our Benevolence , your not a helper sorry Brother

  • Mike your slippers are a bit pricey when you live on a budget. I would love a pair. Just not willing to spend the kind of money your asking. Should you ever lower the prices. Hard to believe they are worth that kind of money. Perhaps the 40 percent off should be more like 60 percent. I do LOVE your MY PILLOWS

  • l have been trying to get an RMA number to return MySlippers, but the wait time is almost 2 hours. Tried the “chat” but it isn’t helpful–keeps telling me to rephrase my request. Can’t seem to find an email to make a request.

  • I put in all of the info. Got to checkout and pushed button but don’t think the order went through. Tried to call and told that the waiting time is 1hour nd 37 minutes. Disappointed in this service.

  • When I first put on my pair of my slippers I was amazed. Truly comfortable. Never thought anything could be this awesome

  • Myslippers and all the other mypillow products are manufactured in the United States. The manufacturing plant of the company is based in Chaska, Minnesota. The company has more than 1,500 employees working in the manufacturing unit.

  • My slippers
    I thought that My slippers Were made in the US ,NOT UK .The policy return said to send the paper work back with the slippers .
    there was not any thing to send back with the slippers that sucked , yet they took 105.oo dollars out of my account .I am going to send the slippers back and I better get my money back . Patrecia A Anderson

  • I just got slippers in, not the first order I’ve made to support Mike. But the slippers have a tag that clearly says “made in Cambodia”. So disappointed!

  • Yes. I would love a pair of
    moccasins but I really do need to know where they were made. I do understand the price if they indeed were made here in the United States as we do not hire or enslave I should say, Uighurs
    to produce products here in the United States. But I am not purchasing them until I do know where they were made

  • The person claiming all his products are made in the USA is totally misinformed.
    I bought his sheets and they were not made in the USA!

  • I bought 2 pairs of slippers and I’ve been trying to return them because they don’t fit right. I called their customer service number and I’ve been on hold for over 4 hours. I tried using their online chat but that keeps telling me that all of their operators are offline but call anyway. No matter what I can’t seem to speak to anyone in the company. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Don’t waste your buying their products, their support sucks.

  • It’s next to impossible to receive an RGA For return of my slippers and refund… can’t be done on website, no e mail available for a message to be sent requesting RGA, 1-2 hour hold times by phone.

  • L L Beans Wicked Good slippers are better and have a lower price. I would buy nothing this man and his company “makes”.

  • They are not comfortable. I wanted to love them but they have no arch support and they hurt my feet! No memory foam at all!

  • With the division of our country happening today, why would Mike create an ad only showing white people? Come on! I guess people of color aren’t his target consumer. However, our country is at odds and people like Mike aren’t contributing to making our country United. By the way, his slippers are cheap and very expensive. You can purchase high quality slippers for half the price. That’s why he can offer these incredible discounts. Don’t be fooled by his advertising tactics.

    • People like you, whom continually search for offenses of racial division or discrimination in EVERYTHING successful, are not only, “Not helping” but are actually causing harm to this country.

  • Reading these geezer comments is completely hysterical. What a bunch of brain washed bozos either giving a psychopath even more money or begging him to lower the price. LMAO

  • I had to exchange my slippers for a different size. I didn’t have any problems sending them back. I was so excited that I had received a new pair within 3 days. Thank you !

  • I bought a pair about eight months ago. They were very nice and comfortable. Then, the stitching that holds the sole on came loose on one shoe. Probably too late to get them replaced.

  • My My Slippers started to fall apart about 2mos. after the guaranty !
    The upper came apart from the sole by the toes, also the fuzz inside gets all over
    the rugs. Don’t try to diversify too much Mike, Better stick to beds.

  • After reading numerous comments I’m not sure if I’m reading about the same product. Some love the product and some go out of the way to hate the product. Are some of these MySlippers coming from Amazon? Or directly from Minnesota? Or somewhere else? I know that many products made in USA depend on materials out of country. I consider a product made in the US when American workers take materials and assembled those materials to produce a finished product. I will only order American made products directly from the company. No more Amazon.

  • I was gifted a pair of Slip on women’s slippers and need a size larger. Is it possible to make an exchange?

  • Womens Moccasins falling apart, less than 60 days, inside wear, never outside. Cheaply made inside as well. Company unresponsive, phones unanswered.,

  • Check your method of payment and dispute. Expensive amount for cheaply made slippers. I feel robbed.

  • My husband’s slippers blew out in 8 months. Normal wear and tear. No return packaging available to us. What next?

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