My Pillow Giza Sheets Review

My Pillow Giza Sheets Review

My Pillow Giza Sheets are unique sheets that use cotton grown in a specific area of Egypt between the Mediterranean Sea, the Sahara Desert, and the Nile River. This is special long-staple cotton that is extraordinarily soft and generates very comfortable sheets. Several customers have come in advance to confess that these are the coziest sheets they have ever tried. The Dream Bed sheets are available in 13 different colors and also in all sizes.

My Pillow Giza Sheets Review

Giza Dream Bed Sheets –  Characteristics

MyPillow Giza Sheets

Unique Giza Cotton

These bed sheets are considered to be made of exceptional cotton which is rarely grown in the region of Egypt between the Nile river, the Sahara Desert, and the Mediterranean Sea. Certainly, it is possible to grow high-quality and incredibly soft cotton in this region.

 Fitted Sheet

fitted shet by mypillow

This product incorporates a fitted sheet with fully secured elastic hems. It keeps the sheet securely tucked and unlikely to get loose while you are pushing around in bed. It is a beneficial feature.

4-Inch Hem

The whole of the pillowcases and flat sheets come with a 4-inch hem. This prevents the fabric from unfolding and therefore the sheets are durable, and more likely to last for longer.

Sateen Weave

Premium Sateen fabric

A sateen weave is a material that uses a satin weave but with spun yarns rather than filament. It builds sheets with an extremely smooth feel to them.

Extra 10-Year Warranty

This company offers a 60-day money-return security, but they also have a ten-year guarantee on their product. That has a lot of faith and certainty in the durable power of the product if they are ready to bet on the sheets surviving at least ten years.

Giza Sheets – Good Points to consider

Good Points to Consider

 Comfortable and Ultra Soft material

The factory is not the only one that claims that these sheets are exceptionally comfortable. Consumers on the official website have also substantiated this fact, with a lot of vigors. Customers who have used these sheets have asserted these are the most extensively comfortable sheets they have ever used. Several buyers even said that they would never use anything else again as these sheets convinced them to the fullest.

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The manufacturer and several consumers have claimed that these sheets are incredibly breathable. There is something different about the way they are made which stimulates the airflow through the sheets. Naturally, this brings a more relaxed sleep.

Reliable and Durable

The point that these sheets are exceptionally durable is demonstrated by the fact that the company is offering a ten-year warranty. They positively anticipate the sheets to still be in decent condition in ten years.

Available in 13 Colors 

variety of colours

These bed sheets are available in 13 colors: light blue, ivory, white, lake blue, dark grey, light grey, sage, taupe, dusty rose, flannel lake blue, flannel green, flannel light grey, and flannel burgundy.

Sheets Come Unwrinkled From Dryer

Many buyers say that these bed sheets come unwrinkled out of the dryer, and are ready to be put on the bed. Once the sheets reach the bed, they look excellent, almost like they have been ironed.

Buy 1 Get 1 free

Buy 1 Get 1 free

At the moment, the company is providing a special offer where if you buy one set of sheets you get a second set for free. This discount applies to every size of the sheet. The only condition is your second set should be of equal or lesser price to the first set.

Giza bed sheets – Negative points to consider

Bed Sheet’s Colours are Drab

colours of MyPillow Giza sheets

The bed sheet comes in various color options, but with 13 different shades available you may think they could have made them a little more exciting. The colors given in the sheets are boring, uninspired, and dull as well. They could include a lot more mixture encompassing some brighter colors. The improvement of a few patterns would also be fine.

No Thread Count Given

We are made to believe that these are the most comfortable, softest sheets in the world, but where is the thread count listed? This data is not furnished anywhere. For many customers, this is very crucial, and they will not purchase bed sheets without learning it. When things like this are omitted from a product inscription it can sometimes mean there is something to hide, although it is not certainly the case.

 They are Costly

No doubt, the 2-for-the-cost-of-one deal makes it much more reasonable, but the base price for these bed sheets is very high. You can get good sheets for more economical than what the company is offering, that will suit your demands perfectly.

What is exactly Giza Cotton?

Giza Cotton

Indeed, Egypt cotton is recognized as the greatest quality cotton. What matters is what makes Giza cotton more unique than other cotton, or the cotton grown in the rest of the Mediterranean area or Egypt? The critics have never heard of such a special region for cotton cultivation in Egypt between the Mediterranean Sea, the Sahara Desert, and the Nile River which is adequately better than any other area for cotton in Egypt.

Giza Sheets are Different from Competitors-How?

Ample of the cotton sheets available online are more reasonable than the base price for Giza Dream Bed Sheets. Largely, companies mention the thread count, and they describe it somewhere where it is very clear to the buyer. For nearly all of the other brands, there is a much broader selection of patterns and colors which are more attractive.

Giza Dream Bed Sheets

Different companies do not furnish as much or any information about where the cotton was cultivated. Except for describing the thread count, they do not bother about the quality of the cotton. Ultimately, Giza Dream renders a great choice of sizes compared to most of the other brands.

Some Tips and Tricks

Try to Get the Right Fit

When buying bed sheets, you must get the right size. Know what size you need before you go shopping, or you would come out with sheets that simply do not fit.

Percale and sateen

Many people believe one of these is better than the other, but it is just a matter of preference. Few like satin and others choose the matte weave of percale.

Fit the Decor

When you are selecting the pattern and color for your sheets, take into account the colors and decor that compose your bedroom. You need the sheets to suit the overall design of the room, suit the ambiance, and look nice.

Take Care of Sheets

You should take good care of your sheets so they will last a long time. Rinse them in cold water, and don’t use fabric softeners that could wear them down.

Smart Advice

Do not purchase My Pillow Giza Dream Bed Sheets online before surveying Amazon. Choices or the same items are constantly available and sometimes at cheaper prices.

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