Nissan Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

In this Nissan Stadium parking guide, we have covered all official and unofficial parking options, tailgating rules, and other essential information that can help you find easy parking on event days.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Nissan Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Nissan Stadium Parking

Nissan Stadium is a multi-purpose arena in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. It was formerly known as the Coliseum and LP Field.

It is the home field of the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League and the Tigers of Tennessee State University.

The stadium is owned by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County and is primarily used for football matches. However, the stadium also hosts plenty of other events and concerts.

Finding parking at Nissan Stadium can be a daunting task but not anymore. You can follow this Nissan Stadium parking guide to find and book your parking spot very easily.

Nissan Stadium Official Parking Options and Parking Cost

Nissan Stadium Official Parking Options

There are ample parking spaces with 16 official lots adjacent to the Nissan Stadium or public parking garages in downtown Nashville. Parking lots A and R are the largest and most popular options. 

Please note that all these parking spaces require a Titans or Nissan stadium-issued parking pass. Visitors can purchase parking passes online in advance through the Nissan Stadium Ticket Office or the event ticket link for most stadium events.

Parking passes are available for as low as $20, but the rates vary depending on the lot and events. The parking price can go significantly higher, and therefore we suggest you reserve your passes as early as possible.

The Nissan Stadium’s official parking lots are as follows –

  • Parking – Lots A-B
  • Parking – Lots C-D
  • Parking – Lots E-F
  • Parking – Lots H-K
  • Parking – Lots S G / M
  • Parking – South Lots J / T
  • Parking – South Lots N / P / R

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Parking Options Near Nissan Stadium

Parking Options Near Nissan Stadium

Parking passes can be too expensive for some events. In such cases, you can opt for off-site parking facilities.

The stadium has plenty of nearby parking lots within walking distance. We have listed the best options here with the parking rate –

Parking – Premier Parking L&C Garage

  • Address – 144 Rep. John Lewis Way N.
  • Rate – $6
  • Walking Distance – 0.6 mi

Parking – Premier Parking Municipal Lot

  • Address – 601 3rd Ave. N.
  • Rate – $6
  • Walking Distance – 0.5 mi

Parking – Davis Stone Garage

  • Address – 207 7th Ave. N
  • Rate – $8
  • Walking Distance – 0.4 mi

Parking – Shell Tennessee Lot

  • Address – 9 Hermitage Ave.
  • Rate – $10
  • Walking Distance – 0.5 mi 

Parking – Hilton Garden Inn Valet Parking

  • Address – 305 Korean Veterans Blvd.
  • Rate – $12
  • Walking Distance – 0.4 mi

Parking – Commerce St. Garage Parking

  • Address – 310 Commerce St.
  • Rate – $15
  • Walking Distance – 0.5 mi 

Parking – Court Square Lot

  • Address – 300 James Robertson Pkwy.
  • Rate – $15
  • Walking Distance – 0.5 mi

Parking – Commerce B Garage

  • Address – 210 Commerce St.
  • Rate – $20
  • Walking Distance – 0.4 mi

Parking – Main Event Parking Lot

  • Address – 14 James Robertson Pkwy.
  • Rate – $22
  • Walking Distance – 0.4 mi

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Nissan Stadium Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking

Nissan Stadium provides 114 accessible parking spaces. All campus parking lots require a Nissan Stadium or Titans-issued parking pass and close 2 hours post-event.

Further, you must possess a disabled parking permit or license plate. Both must be visible when entering the lot.

Please note all accessible parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Standard event rates apply.

ADA Drop Off and Pick Up zone is located on South 1st Street near Gates 2/3.

You can check the information below if you wish to reach the stadium by using public transportation to save some extra bucks on game day and avoid annoying traffic.

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Public Transit to Nissan Stadium

Public Transit

Don’t want to get into the trouble of finding parking at Nissan Stadium? You can opt for the public transit option.

The Music City Star Game Day Express train is the best option to reach the stadium on Titan’s home game, as tickets are freely available to the first 650 customers who reserve them in advance online.

You can reserve up to four seats two weeks before each game. The train stops at 6 different stations to pick up guests, and parking is free at each station.

Alternatively, you can also use Rideshare services to reach the stadium directly.

There are two rideshare drop-off and pickup zones, one at South 2nd St. and Crutcher Street and the other at Woodland and South 1st St.

Please note that the stadium rideshare drop-off location is subject to change.

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Tailgating at Nissan Stadium

Tailgating Rules

Tailgating activities are permitted in Nissan Stadium parking lots, but it is restricted in downtown parking garages. However, you must take note of the following guidelines –

  • You must tailgate behind your vehicle and within your parking space.
  • You cannot reserve parking spots for other visitors.
  • You cannot block another vehicle, parking access, or roadway.
  • You must extinguish hot coals and dispose of them in the designated dumpsters.
  • Contact a Nissan Stadium parking attendant or security staff if you have any issues.

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Getting to Nissan Stadium

The Nissan Stadium is located at 1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213, USA.

You can reach the stadium by train or ride in a taxi. 

Further, you can use Google Maps to assist you while driving to the stadium’s location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you park at Nissan Stadium for free? 

Nissan Stadium does not currently offer free parking during events.

How much does parking cost at Nissan Stadium?

All of the official Nissan Stadium parking lots require you to have a Titans-issued parking pass, and the fees start at $25 for Titan games. Seasonal parking is also available and costs $275 (preseason and regular season) or $300 (all competitions, including postseason).

Where do you park at Nissan Stadium in Nashville?

Parking for Nashville matches may be available on a match-by-match basis for $20 per spot at on-campus lots regulated by GEODIS Park.

What time do gates open at Nissan Stadium?

Nissan Stadium gates open two hours before kickoff for Titans home games.

Where does Uber drop off at Nissan Stadium?

There are two Uber drop-off and pickup zones at South 2nd St. and Crutcher Street and another at Woodland and South 1st St.

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