One Piece Episode 942 Release Date, Recap, Review, Spoilers

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One Piece Episode 942 Release Date: If you are a manga reader you know how emotional this particular arc is. The death of Yasui was one of the most emotional scenes One Piece has ever shown. And just after that the truth of Ebisu Town, it is a complete tragedy. And anime really brought that tragedy to life. For these few episodes, you won’t care about the pacing of the show or the unnecessary extension of each episode. You won’t care about anything, you will just watch the episode and forget about anything. You will watch these 20 minutes of an anime like you are part of it. That is the magic of One Piece that we were all missing for so long. I mean when was the last time you saw Zoro this angry? We felt the anger of Zoro from the manga itself, but anime just take the drama up a notch.

One Piece Episode 941 

The Tragedy Of Ebisu

The episode started with Kiyori telling Zoro that the people of Ebisu town can’t show any other expression. All they can do is laugh. And it is all because Orochi and Kaido brought a devil fruit named SMILE. Zoro is furious after learning that. Meanwhile, Nami and the group are also running toward the capital and they see Yasuie’s dead body lying there. Everyone is shocked after seeing the people of Ebisu town laughing. Queen is watching all of this and every soldier is laughing. Luffy asks if there must be a reason why everyone is laughing. Hyogo tells him about SMILE. Shinobu tells everyone about the story of how SMILE came into Wano. And the side effect of that fruit is this. And Orochi just to punish people mixed defective SMILES with the hungry people of Ebisu town.

The Fury Of Zoro and Sanji

Orochi was laughing from far away and saying that Yasuie got what he deserved. And start dancing and tell everyone that they should keep laughing at this. Toko was able to get into the barricade to see his father’s dead body. She is grieving his body. She is asking Yasuie to come back. Orochi after seeing this says that he will kill her too and shoots. But Zoro and Sanji destroy the barricade and save Toko. Hawkins and Drake are also watching this. Both of them look furious and are out for blood.

One Piece Episode 942 Release Date

Episode 940 will release on  Sunday 20 September 2020, at 8:30 AM (JST). A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 942 Preview

Now that Zoro and Sanji have revealed themselves, naturally, Orochi’s soldier will attack them. We saw Drake and Hawkins there too, so they will also take part in this. The preview showed us that there will be Zoro Vs Kyoshiro too in the next episode. So, that fight is the one to look out for. Other Straw Hats must also take part in this fight so that everyone can escape.


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