News - USA - Paul Gosar – Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family

Paul Gosar – Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family

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Paul Gosar – Biography & Career

Paul Gosar is a well-known American politician and former dentist. He was born on 27th November 1958 in Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, to Antone John Gosar and Bernadette M. Gosar.

Paul has four brothers named David, Tim, Pete, and Gaston Gosar and three sisters named Jennifer, Joan, and Grace Gosar. He is the eldest of all his siblings and was brought up in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Paul’s paternal grandparents were Slovenian, and his maternal grandparents were Basque, who were immigrants from Banca on the Franco-Spanish border.

He completed his graduation from Pinedale High School university in 1977. Paul is currently 62 years old and celebrates his birthday on 27th November every year.


Paul pursued a B.S. degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1981 and a professional DDS degree from the Boyne School of Dentistry at Creighton in 1985.

He practiced dentistry from 1989 to 2010 in Flagstaff, Arizona, and became the Arizona Dental Association’s (AzDA) “Dentist of the Year” in the year 2001.

After becoming the dentist of the year, he was made the president of the Northern Arizona Dental Society and vice-chair of the AzDA council on governmental matters.

Paul Gosar – Career

Paul is an American right-wing politician and a former dentist who has been representing Arizona’s 4th congressional District since 2013.

He is a member of the Republican Party and strongly opposes the Affordable Care Act, abortion, gun control, and immigration.

Paul shares good terms with Donald Trump and was one of Trump’s supporters who voted to topple the presidential election results of 2020. He was sworn into the office on 3rd January, and his current term will end on 3rd January 2023.

Paul Gosar

Paul is running for re-election to represent Arizona’s 9th Congressional District, which is going to be held on 8th November 2022.

He was the first member elected to the congress who defeated office-holder Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, a member of the Democratic Party, to represent Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.

Besides this, he is a member of various committees such as the environment, national committee, energy, mineral resource, oversight, and investigations. However, he was dismissed from the committee of natural resources and committee of oversight and government reforms on 17th November 2021. 


He strongly supports the demolition of the Endangered Species Act, calling it “status quo” and “costly, burdensome and uncertain,” for which he was rated 0 out of 100 by the Humane Society of the United States in 2020.

Along with this, he also received a grade of “F” from the NORML. It is a nonprofit organization that supports “the removal of all penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including the cultivation for personal use, and casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts” and supports “the creation of a legal and regulatory framework for marijuana’s a production and retail sale to adults.”

Paul Gosal – Approval Rating

As of now, there is no valid information regarding Paul Gosal’s approval rating, but he is listed as one of the most potent political leaders of the Republican Party.

Recently Paul won the Republican primary for U.S. House Arizona District 9 with a total vote of 63.6%, defeating Randy Kutz, Adam Morgan, Sandra Dowling, and Jack Harper.

Paul Gosar – Net Worth

Paul Gosar has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2022. His primary source of income is his work as a politician. He gets an estimated salary of around $174,000 as a United House representative of Arizona in the 4th District.

Paul Gosar – Family

Paul Gosar is married to Maude Gosar, an owner of the antique shop named Maude’s Antiques & Estates in Flagstaff, Arizona. She started her business in 1998, but she closed it a year ago since she opened it. The reason behind her action is still under wrap.

Maude Goser doesn’t like to be in more limelight and has kept her personal life out of the media coverage. However, Paul keeps featuring his wife on Twitter often.

Paul's wife

The couple has three children: one son, Gaston, and two daughters, Elly and Isabelle, respectively. Elly, his eldest daughter, is married to a dentist. According to her profile shared on Arizona Northern University, his younger daughter Isabell was a part of her college volleyball team. Little is known about his son Gatson.

Paul's Family

He said to the Prescot E. News in 2016, “I’m very proud of him, but it hasn’t changed my day-to-day life one bit except sometimes I have to go put out signs in the rain and the snow.” The couple has kept their children too out of the media limelight, although Paul shares pictures with his children on social media.

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Who is running against Paul Gosar?

Adam Morgen is running against Paul Gosar for Congress in the Republican primary in Arizona’s new 9th Congressional District. Adam Morgen couldn’t secure a place in the previous election, so he decided to run for re-election in the upcoming election going to be held on 8th November 2022.

Paul and his siblings came into the limelight when Paul’s siblings voted against Paul and endorsed Adam Morgan, his opponent. It was the first time when they supported his opponent.

Paul’s siblings

Paul’s siblings Jennifer, David, and Tim Gosar said in a written statement, “Although our policy positions differ significantly from Adam’s, we endorse Adam Morgan over our brother Paul Gosar, since Paul is clearly unhinged, completely unfit for office, and does not represent reality-based Arizonans,” 

adam morgar

None of the other party members are running against Paul Gosar. Adam Morgan is a West Point graduate, former U.S. Army Ranger, and captain.

He said in response to Paul’s endorsement that if they were going to address and fix problems in that country, it would take Americans working together.

The Republican Party must promote ideals that did not divide them but promoted equality, hard work, and the Reagan principle of a smaller federal government.

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