People’s Convoy trucks crash on the way to Washington DC

People's Convoy

On their approach to protest in Washington, DC, several trucks in the “People’s Convoy” — the American equivalent of Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” – were engaged in a crash.

Right-wing critics of Joe Biden’s administration who reject vaccine requirements make up the majority of the drivers. According to ABC 8, state troopers in Oklahoma had to close the Will Rogers Turnpike for a half-hour on Sunday following a crash involving two semis and two pickup trucks.

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The People’s Convoy traveling from California on an 11-day trek to Washington D.C. to protest COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates hit a speed bump on Sunday after four trucks were involved in a crash in Oklahoma – but more than 100 vehicles are still making their way to the capital and it has raised more than $1.5 million in donations.

Details of the People’s Convoy truck crash

Around 5.30 p.m., the incident occurred. Troops admitted that there were injuries, but refused to provide any other information.

The trucks left Adelanto, California last week and are scheduled to arrive on March 5th just outside of Washington, DC. The trucks will then proceed on the Beltway, according to the convoy’s organisers, to demand that Mr. Biden retract the national emergency declared at the outset of the pandemic.

Biden extends state emergency

Convoy organisers stated that they have no intention of breaking any laws or fighting with authorities during their protest. Nevertheless, Mr. Biden has extended the state of emergency past March 1st, when it was supposed to end.

The convoy has already collected almost $1.5 million in donations. That money will go toward truckers’ fuel costs, which will certainly rise as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues.

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Truckers gathered in Adelanto Wednesday as convoy headed from California to D.C.

The demonstration comes as many states continue to reverse their coronavirus emergency regulations, such as mandatory indoor masking, as coronavirus cases return to pre-Omicron variant levels.

The convoy started with approximately 50 pickup trucks and a couple dozen semis, but as it got closer to Washington, DC, it grew to roughly 100 vehicles. According to organisers, the convoy will go around 80 km.

Other Convoys to merge ranks with People’s Convoy- The Pentagon gets involved to maintain order

Other convoys are departing from other locations across the United States in order to join the California convoy when it arrives in Washington, DC on Saturday. After arriving in Las Vegas with only five trucks, another organisation, the Freedom Convoy USA, was invited to dismantle their protest and join the People’s Convoy. It intended to arrive in Washington, DC on March 1 to attend Vice President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

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‘The Five’ debate Biden’s response to potential US trucker protest (Fox News)

The Pentagon has also dispatched 700 unarmed National Guardsmen to Washington, DC, to deal with any traffic problems that may emerge as a result of the trucker protest if it makes its way into the city.

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