Pete Hegseth Net Worth – Bio, age, religion, wife, children

Pete Hegseth - Bio, age, religion, wife, children, & Net Worth

Pete Hegseth (born June 6, 1980) is a television host and author from the United States. Hegseth is a former executive director of the political advocacy group Vets For Freedom and Concerned Veterans for America. The latter, a Koch-funded conservative advocacy group, argues for further privatization of the Department of Veterans Affairs. He was considered for the position of Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Trump administration, but David Shulkin was appointed instead in January 2017.


Hegseth has been involved in conservative and Republican politics since his undergraduate days at Princeton. He emerged as a staunch supporter and ally of Donald Trump’s presidential run in 2016, and he acted as an occasional counselor to Trump during his presidency.


He allegedly urged Trump to pardon three American soldiers charged or convicted of war crimes in connection with the shooting of noncombatants in Iraq. During his military career, Hegseth was a platoon leader at Guantanamo Bay and defended the treatment of terrorists detained there.

Pete Hegseth Early Life

Originally from Forest Lake, Minnesota, Peter Brian Hegseth graduated from Forest Lake Area High School when he was 17 years old. The Princeton Tory, a student publication he wrote for, became a source of Republican and conservative politics while he was at Princeton University.

In 2013, he got a master’s degree from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He was an Equity Capital Markets analyst for a global investment bank called Bear Stearns.

Pete Hegseth’s Career

Conservative activism and a Senate campaign

Hegseth briefly worked at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research after returning from Iraq. According to his LinkedIn profile, Hegseth departed the conservative think group in 2007 to become executive director of Vets For Freedom. As the organization’s “treasurer,”  he was responsible for replying to the Federal Election Commission.


He was employed by Vets for Freedom until 2012. The group campaigned for a larger troop deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012, Hegseth established the MN PAC political action group. Pete Hegseth was the executive director of Concerned Veterans for America, a Koch-funded advocacy organization. The organization lobbied for more privatization of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He departed the group in 2015, according to his LinkedIn profile.

2012 U.S. Senate campaign

In 2012, Hegseth ran for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate seat in Minnesota. He dropped out of the race after the May 2012 Republican National Convention and before the August Republican primary election, both of which Kurt Bills won.

Questioned spending

Concerned Veterans for America employed Pete Hegseth’s brother Philip to work for the non-profit and paid him $108,000, according to tax filings from 2016 and 2017. When asked about it, Hegseth’s lawyer stated that Philip, a May 2015 university graduate, was competent for the media relations position and that private firms are not prohibited from hiring family members.

Pete-Hegseth careerAn APM Reports investigation discovered that while Hegseth was running the MN PAC political action committee, one-third of its $15,000 budget was spent on Christmas parties for family and friends. Such spending is not prohibited by Minnesota campaign finance regulations. Less than half of the PAC’s resources were spent on candidates, and the PAC had closed its account with the state board as of March 2018.


During the Republican primaries in 2016, he initially supported Marco Rubio, then Ted Cruz, and finally Donald Trump. Pete Hegseth has emerged as a staunch Trump admirer in the years since. He routinely blasted the media and Democrats as a Fox News presenter. He slammed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into Russian election meddling in 2016. Hegseth’s been on Fox News Channel, CNN, and MSNBC.

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Pete Hegseth Personal life

Pete Hegseth, a 39-year-old news contributor, is happily married to his Fox News colleague, Jennifer Ratchet. The couple met for the first time in 2012 after he joined Fox News. They then began spending quality time together on their work and discovered they were made for each other. After years of dating, the couple got engaged on June 16, 2019. On August 16, 2019, they were married in a grand ceremony at Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck, New Jersey.


The bride donned a white lace off-the-shoulder ball gown for the wedding, while the groom sported a dazzling white business suit. Following their stunning nuptials, the newlyweds are writing a new adventure book filled with important memories from their lives. They recently celebrated their first Valentine’s Day on the set of Fox and Friends on February 14th, 2020.

Pete Hegseth, a former army officer, proposed to Meredith Schwarz in 2005, inviting their loved ones to their private ceremony. They split four years later owing to infidelity and filed for divorce in December 2008. They finalized their divorce at the beginning of 2009.


Pete married his Vets for Freedom teammate Samantha Hegseth as Succop in 2010 after their divorce. Their marriage lasted seven years in total, but after that, their connection began to slip through their fingers. Samantha filed for divorce in Minnesota’s registered court in September 2017 after Pete was found guilty of infidelity. In late 2017, they both agreed to a divorce settlement that included joint custody of their children.

Pete Hegseth, the CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, has three boys from his second marriage: Gunner (born on June 13, 2010), Boone (born in 2012), and Rex Hegseth (born in 2016). In addition, he and his current wife, Jennifer, have a beautiful daughter, Gwen Hegseth (born in August 2017).

Jennifer-RauchetJennifer’s first marriage left three half-children. Pete, on the other hand, became the stepfather of all three. As a result, as a responsible father, he raises seven children and provides a healthy atmosphere for each of them.

Pete Hegseth Net Worth

Pete Hegseth makes a good living from his job. More specifically, a Fox & Friends news talk-show contributor earns an annual salary of $60,331 on average. As a result, it may be compared to Hegseth’s annual fortune.  Hegseth’s current wife, Jennifer, is worth $5 million. As an executive producer at Fox News, she reportedly earns $88,622. Pete and Jennifer’s net worth will rise to $8.5 million in the future. Here, we have covered Pete Hegseth’s net worth in detail.

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