Project 10Million Helps a College Dream Come True

Project 10Million Helps a College Dream Come True

Project 10Million has aided many deserving students to complete their schooling with excellence and achieve their dream college to obtain their desired degree. How?

Let’s read and find out.

Project 10Million Helps a College Dream Come True

Many college students have offered their gratitude to Project 10Million for their successful journey.

One of the leading network operators, T-Mobile’s Project 10Million, provides free internet and mobile hotspots to 10 million eligible student households for five years. The program helps low-income household students to have the resources they need to excel in school or college.

Since its inauguration, Project 10Million has helped many students complete their school or college journey, which otherwise would have been impossible during COVID-19 when the institutions were forced to offer remote education.

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One Texas student, Coral Almazan, who was in high school during the COVID-19 pandemic, has recently been enrolled at Houston Christian University. Being one of the students who benefitted through T-Mobile’s approach, she thanked Project 10Million, saying, “I just finished the first few days of college, and it’s so exciting to know I’ve really begun this journey. I’m so fortunate to say that thanks to the hotspot from T-Mobile. I was able to complete high school, and then I completed an associate degree in cybersecurity, and now here I am studying criminal justice at a university. It’s so crazy to think just a few years ago, I was home alone with nothing but my laptop and a hotspot to do it.”

Sharing her story, Coral added, “Just a few years ago, I was in the scariest unknown thanks to COVID. But I was ranked 27th out of my entire graduating class, which is an accomplishment for me. I never would’ve thought that I would land so high.”

Coral asserted that she didn’t know how to use T-Mobile’s free hotspot when she first received the benefit. She says, “I remember emailing my teachers and saying, ‘Hey, what is this?’ And they explained, ‘It’s a hotspot, like the one you already have built into your phone, except it’s free and it’s powerful .’I didn’t think much of it until the internet we had stopped working. And that’s when I realized I had such an important resource.”

Coral says, “The possibilities were endless. With the hotspot, we were able to complete our own work on our own time at a pace that we felt comfortable with. It solved a whole bunch of problems in my home.”

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Since the need for education resources is increasing in today’s generation, like Coral, millions of students can benefit from T-Mobile’s unique Project 10Million.

For this reason, T-Mobile has continued its effort to help those students who genuinely want to enhance their study technique through unlimited internet sources.

To be eligible for Project 10Million, students must be enrolled in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Families can apply for the program through their school district or directly through T-Mobile’s website at

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The approved family will receive a free mobile hotspot with 100 GB of data yearly for five years. The eligible family can also purchase extra Wi-Fi devices at a reasonable price.

Project 10Million is a helpful resource for students and families struggling to pay their Internet bills. Reports had estimated that nearly 9-12 million U.S. students lacked adequate internet access at home for remote learning in 2021.

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T-Mobile’s initiative can improve such a critical scenario with its education programs that have already aided more than 5.3 million students nationwide by providing them with free or discounted service so that they can have the essential means.

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