Scott Baugh Net Worth- Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Wife

Scott Baugh - Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

This article covers detailed information about Scott Baugh wiki, bio, net worth, wife, and other unknown facts about him.

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Scott Baugh Biography and Career

Scott Baugh Biography and Career
Scott Baugh Biography and Career

Scott Randall Baugh was born on the 4th of July 1962 in Redding, California, to his father, Cason Baugh, and mother, Helen. Sadly, there isn’t much information about Scott Baugh’s family available on the internet.

Scott completed his education at a private school in Redding. Then in 1984, from Liberty University, Scott earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with first class.

From McGeorge School of Law, Scott earned his Juris Doctor with honors, and right after graduating, Scott became an attorney in Huntington Beach, California, and started residing there with his family.

In 1995, a re-election was held for the district representative’s seat in the state assembly because the elected candidate gave up on the party. This re-election was held to represent California’s 47th district Orange County, where Scott took advantage of the situation and ran the election. The Republican Party and other Republican candidates endorsed him.

Fortunately, Scott won this election by 65.19% votes against Moulton-Patterson, as Tillotson backed up from the election just two weeks early. Later in 1999, Scott was elected to serve as Assembly Republican leader by his Grand Old Party colleagues.

In 2004, Scott was elected chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County. Later in 2015, Scott stepped down from that position after ten years.

Scott Baugh Age

As Scott was born in 1962, he is now 60 years old. He is still standing strong for his political career and running for the current year’s election for the United States House for California 47.

Scott Baugh’s Wife

Scott Baugh is married to Wendy, and the duo has a son together. There isn’t much information available about Scott Baugh’s personal life, but we will try to find and update you ASAP.

Scott Baugh Net Worth

Scott Baugh’s net worth is around $1-$5 million. Scott earns most of his income through his profession as a politician and Yeezy sneakers, his shoe business. Besides that, Scott has invested in real estate, stocks, funds, and valuable assets and also has some liabilities.

Scott Baugh & Katie Porter

Scott Baugh & Katie Porter
Scott Baugh & Katie Porter

Katie Porter is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic party. This year, Katie Porter and Scott Baugh are running against each other in the general election for U.S. House California District 47.

Katie is a rising star of the Democratic party and has openly challenged Scott Baugh in the election. Katie was accidentally pushed into congress during the blue wave, but now she is a big name in politics.

During the campaign, Katie alleged Scott over false campaign charges, which happened around 27 years ago. In the 1995 re-election, Scott was held guilty of charging money for campaigns.

However, in the end, the opposition, which alleged, was found guilty of grave misconduct, and the charges against Scott were all dismissed, and Scott was set free.

However, Katie brings this thing again to the table, and it seems like Katie is actually getting benefits from it. In the current midterm election 2022, as per the current counts (97%), Katie is running ahead with 51.6% compared to Scott Baugh’s 48.4%.

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