Rick Scott – Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Education

Rick Scott - Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Education

This article covers detailed information about Rick Scott, including Wiki, age, bio, net worth, wife, education, and more.

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Rick Scott Biography & Wiki

Rick Scott Biography & Wiki
Rick Scott Biography & Wiki

Rick Scott, an American politician & businessman, has held the position of 45th Governor of Florida since January 2011. He has been the governor of Florida for two consecutive terms and is a member of the Republican Party of Florida.

Rick is a well-known businessman who served in the US Navy before beginning his business and, subsequently, political career. He founded Columbia Hospital Corporation in the late 1980s with two partners, which merged with Hospital Corporation of America to become Columbia/HCA. Over time, it became the largest private for-profit healthcare provider in the United States.

Rick Scott received recognition for his entrepreneurial achievement in the form of the 1995 Second Century Award for Excellence in Health Care from Columbia University’s School of Nursing and the Silver Award for CEO of the Year from Financial World magazine. Scott was listed as one of the 25 Most Influential People in America by Time Magazine” in June 1996.

When Columbia/HCA was mired in controversy in the late 1990s, Scott resigned as CEO and later tried his hand at venture capital. He announced his intention to run for governor of Florida in 2010, and on November 2, 2010, he narrowly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in the general election to become Charlie Crist‘s successor as governor and reelected again in 2014.

Rick Scott Age

In 2022, Rick will be 70 years old. He was the second of five children born into a lower-middle-class household on December 1, 1952, in Bloomington, Illinois.

In 1954, after his parents divorced, his mother Esther J., a clerk at J.C. Penney who had served in the 82nd Airborne during the Second World War and later worked as a city bus driver and truck driver, wed Orba Scott, and Jr. Rick changed his last name to Scott after Orba took him in.

Rick Scott Net Worth

Rick Scott is most known for his tenure as a senator from Florida in the US and ranks among the wealthiest politicians in America. According to his most recent financial report, his net worth varied between $166 and $355 million.

Rick has made money from the healthcare sector as the former CEO of a healthcare corporation named Columbia/HCA, a senator, and a governor.

Here is a rundown of his successful career –

Rick Scott Career
Rick Scott Career

Career In Law

Scott was a lawyer for Johnson & Swanson in Dallas and handled legal matters for healthcare and energy corporations. He attempted to enter the healthcare industry while working for Johnson & Swanson and tried to purchase the Hospital Corporation of America, but his offer was rejected.

Career in Healthcare

Rick Scott spent all his money creating the Columbia Hospital Corporation in 1988, and the business acquired three hospitals in El Paso. The company managed four hospitals with more than 800 beds within a year. The organization swiftly increased in size by acquiring similar businesses in Florida and adding more hospitals to his control.

After the FBI and IRS conducted a raid on the corporation’s El Paso hospitals’ offices in 1997, Scott was compelled to quit as chairman and CEO. The company was found responsible for fourteen counts of fraud and was fined $600,000,000. However, Scott kept his interest in the company and earned a $10 million payout.

Career As A Venture Capitalist

Rick Scott established Richard L. Scott Investments after he left Columbia Hospital Corporation. The company made investments in companies focused on technology and healthcare, and America’s Health Channel, which later changed its name to The Health Network, was taken over by Scott in 1998.

Scott established Solantic in 2001, a business that operated Florida-based clinics for those without insurance, and also made a financial commitment to the pharmacy chain Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies. Scott was also a co-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team along with George W. Bush.

Career In Politics

Scott entered the 2010 Florida governor’s race and defeated Bill McCollum and Mike McCalister by receiving 46% of the vote to earn the Republican nomination.

In the election, he ran against Alex Sink, the Democratic candidate, and claimed to have outspent his rivals by more than three to one, spending $78 million of his own money on the campaign. He won that election narrowly by getting 68,000 more votes than Sink.

In 2014, Scott re-ran for governor and received 87% of the Republican nomination votes. He outpolled Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee, by 64000 votes, though his vote percentage slightly declined.

Rick Scott Wife

Rick Scott Wife
Rick Scott Wife

On April 20, 1972, he wed Frances Annette Holland. Jordan and Allison are the couple’s two daughters, and Eli, Sebastian, Quinton, and Auguste are their four grandkids.

Scott and his wife have contributed to their community in a variety of ways over their life. Together with his wife, Scott worked with World Vision to construct a primary healthcare system in the underdeveloped Bunyala district of Kenya while serving on the National Board of the United Way, and the pair also founded the Naples Community Church in 2006.

Every year, the couple donates a scholarship to help a low-income student attend SMU Law School and provides funding for a George Washington University entrepreneur competition.

Rick Scott Education

Rick Scott graduated in 1970 from North Kansas City High School and went to community college for a year. He joined the US Navy in 1970, serving for 29 months as a radar technician aboard the USS Glover (AGDE 1), and enrolled in college on the GI Bill after the war.

Rick graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a law degree from Southern Methodist University’s The Dedman School of Law. He worked at a nearby grocery store while attending law school and then entered the business world with his wife Ann by purchasing and bringing back to life two Kansas City doughnut shops, handing control of the establishments up to his mother when the Texas Bar granted him a license to practice law on November 6, 1978.

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