Shawn Clement – Wiki, Wife, Daughter, Review, Grip

Shawn Clement - Wiki, Wife, Daughter, Review, Grip

This article covers everything about Shawn Clement, including his wiki, famous stroke, personal life, and much more.

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About Shawn Clement

About Shawn Clement
About Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement is mostly known for his unique techniques in Golf. As of now, Shawn is the director of development at the Royal Quebec Golf Academy in Canada. His expertise can improve your game with his mind-blowing techniques. He is undoubtedly one of the best professional golf teachers and a PGA instructor.

He owns a YouTube channel where he shares instructional videos to teach Golf. He has quite a good list of fans on YouTube, as he was the most popular teacher on YouTube for five years, from 2007 to 2012.

Over 100,000 subscribers are connected to his YouTube channel, and his videos have acquired over 36 million views.

Shawn Clement is the founder and CEO of “The wisdom in Golf.” He feels satisfied by teaching Golf to seekers. He shares blogs and lessons for Golf’ on his website. He is active in providing online lessons for the game through skype.

If you want to learn Golf directly and interact with him, you can book a face-to-face interaction session with the great golf instructor at Royal Quebec Golf Club. He was also an instruction editor in the Golf Tips magazine from 2001 to 2004.

Shawn appeared as a presenter at the popular Toronto Golf Show in 2007 and 2008. The various articles of Score Golf and Fairways magazine were in honor of Shawn.

Shawn Clement Wife

There isn’t any information about Shawn Clement wife. However, we will update this article whenever we get any information about his wife. So, stay tuned.

Shawn Clement Review

Shawn Clement Review
Shawn Clement Review

Even after repeated trials, if you cannot achieve a satisfactory result, you might need a perfect coach or instructor for your golf game.

Shawn Clement may prove a perfect instructor. He has a good experience in Golf. He can make you learn the game quickly. His way of teaching Golf is unique.

If you are unsure about his strategy and approach to teaching Golf, you can watch his instructional videos on YouTube.

You can build a plot of his strategy after watching videos. Afterward, you will be able to decide whether you want to proceed with learning Golf with him or not.

Additional information about Shawn’s approach

Unique Swing Approach

Shawn Clement doesn’t follow the traditional approach to the swing. He focuses on teaching easy movements and principles. He uses real-life examples to teach you the right golf swing strategy.

Most coaches use the strategy where they keep focusing on P1 to P8; Shawn’s strategy is simple. He talks about real-life movements and connects them with the game. This strategy proves very effective and easy to apply.

Is Shawn’s Technique up to the mark?

Shawn is good at explaining the human anatomy to push players to understand the natural swing. Once you catch the concept of natural swing, you will be capable of making natural smooth movements in a golf swing. Another thing about his strategy is that he can teach the perfect golf shot via online mode. Visualizing his techniques for hitting the golf shot would be possible online.

Shawn’s techniques are natural, and his swings seem to come from his blood. Even his visualization process looks like every hit is pre-planned. However, online videos can not teach you the proper instructions, and the instructors can not show the techniques properly, but if you watch his videos, you probably get better skills with your practice.

What’s more in his techniques?

He invests proper time to teach the working of the ball both ways, either fade or draw. Besides teaching these techniques, Shawn focuses on interaction also with the listeners. He replies to all of the possible doubts and queries asked on his YouTube channel.

Shawn shows his frequent hits through his vlogs, which are quite difficult for any players to show online. The best part about this coach is both right and left-handed players can learn from him. This brilliant coach is competent to play with both hands proficiently, making it easy for the learners.

Shawn Clement Daughter

Shawn Clement Daughter
Shawn Clement Daughter

Shawn Clement’s daughter is Savannah Meyer Clement, and she is also an athlete. Savannah has played soccer most of her life, but Golf has become her ultimate goal. She used to play in the women’s team at Queen’s University during her school days, and later she moved into Golf.

After finishing her graduation in French, she focused on Golf and started preparing for LPGA. She is now one of the board members of his father’s Wisdom In Golf.

From her Instagram profile, her love for Munashe Masawi shows very clearly. Munashe is a fitness trainer and professional Golf Player. Savannah has flooded her Instagram with various golf techniques, and on her website, she also elaborates the techniques, like her father.

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