Sherrod Brown Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Sherrod Brown Net Worth - How Much Is He Worth

Everyone wants to know more about Sherrod Brown, such as his net worth, salary, personal life, etc. Since the current Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced his run for the U.S. Senate to win the seat 2024 already occupied by him.

This article will provide you with all the details about Sherrod Brown’s net worth in 2023, including his salary, earning, career, and more.

So without further delay, let’s begin.

Sherrod Brown Net Worth 2023

According to a recent estimate, Sherrod Brown net worth ranges between $5-$8 million, which he earns primarily from his political career.

Sherrod Brown Salary And Earnings

Sherrod Brown Salary and Earnings

Sherrod Brown’s actual salary figure is yet to be determined. But the basic salary of a senior United States Senator is $174,000 yearly. As a senior senator from Ohio, he must earn in this range. In addition to his salary Brown also recieve several benefits, such as

  • Traveling allowance of $13,500 per year
  • Housing allowance of $3,500 per month
  • A retirement plan
  • Health insurance

Besides his base salary, Sherrod Brown may also earn income from his book royalties. Throughout his career as Ohio senator, Sherrod Brown made a net worth of between $5-$8 million

Sherrod Brown Biography And Early Life

Sherrod Brown Biography

Name Sherrod Brown (70 years old)
Occupation United States Senator from Ohio since 2007
Annual Salary $174,000 + additional benefits
Net Worth Sherrod Brown net worth ranges between $5-$8 million

Sherrod Brown is the senior United States Senator from Ohio. As a member of the Democratic party, he has been serving the position since 2007, and his term ends in 2025.

Brown also represented Ohio’s 13th Congressional District in the U.S. House and was the Secretary of State of Ohio from 1983 to 1991.

The American politician was born November 9, 1955, in Mansfield, Ohio. As of 2023, he is 70 years old. His father, Charles Gailey Brown, was a doctor, and his mother was Emily.

He has mixed Irish, English, German, and Scottish ethnicity and was named after his maternal grandfather. His brother, Charlie, served as Attorney General of West Virginia from 1985 to 1989.

Brown has married twice. His first wife was Larke Recchie, whom he married in 1979. They had two children, Emily and Andy, and they divorced in 1987.

He married Connie Schultz in 2004. She was a Plain Dealer columnist who left her job in 2011. From his second marriage, he has two stepchildren, Caitlin and Elizabeth.

What Is Senator Brown’s Background?

What Is Senator Brown's Background

Senator Sherrod Brown made most of his net worth through his political background. He began his political journey in 1975 when he became a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Brown was the youngest member elected to the Ohio House of Representatives.

He served in the Ohio House for eight years and was elected thrice from 1975 to 1982. During his tenure in the Ohio House, he was a member of the House Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee.

In 1983, Brown was elected secretary of state of Ohio. He was the 47th secretary of the state and served the position for eight years until 1991. During that time, he became famous as the leading advocate for consumer protection and election reform.

Brown became a United House of Representatives member in 1992, representing Ohio’s 13th congressional district for the next 14 years.

While in the position, he served as a member of many committees, including the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the House International Relations Committee.

Brown is known as a progressive Democrat who strongly advocates working families, consumers, and the environment. He is also a strong supporter of labor unions and social programs.

In 2007, Brown was elected to the United States Senate and currently serves as the U.S. senior Senator from Ohio. In the U.S. Senate, Brown has been raising his voice on climate change, economic inequality, and healthcare reforms.

He is also a chairman of the Senate Banking, House, and Urban Affairs Committee and a member of the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Brown is running for reelection in 2024 for his seat. He won reelection in 2018 with 53.4% of votes.

Sherrod is also the author of some books that include, ‘Congress from the Inside: Observations,’ ‘Desk 88’ and ‘Myths of Free Trade.’

Sherrod Brown Education

Brown completed his schooling from Mansfield Senior High School in 1970. Then he enrolled at Yale University to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Russian studies. He received his degree in 1974.

Brown obtained his master’s degree in Public Administration from Ohio State University in 1979.

Sherrod Brown Contact Email

Sherrod Brown can be contacted by various means.

  • You can mail him at 713 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510
  • You can contact him via phone at (202) 224-2315.
  • You can also contact Brown by email at “[email protected]” Or fill out a query form at his website “”


What is Sherrod Brown net worth?

Sherrod Brown’s net worth has been estimated to be between $5-$8 million.

When will Sherrod Brown’s term end?

Brown’s term will end in 2025.

What is Sherrod Brown’s ethnicity?

Brown has mixed ethnicity due to his parents. He is of Irish, English, German, and Scottish ethnicity.

How old is Sherrod Brown?

Brown was born on November 9, 1955 in Ohio and is now 70 years old.

What is the height of Sherrod Brown?

Brown measures 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.77 meters).

How much is Sherrod Brown’s salary?

Brown’s expected salary is $174000 annually as a U.S. senator.

Does Sherrod Brown have children?

Yes. Brown has four children. Two, Emily and Andy, from his first marriage, and two stepchildren, Caitlin and Elizabeth, from his second marriage.

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