Solo Levelling Chapter 115 Release Date, Recap, And Where To Read (Online Spoilers)

Solo Levelling Chapter 114

Solo Levelling Chapter 115 Release Date, Recap, And Where To Read (Online Spoilers):  The last felt really short for real. Beru was a badass in the last chapter and completely ruined Hunter Cha and Hunter Cha was really cute as always. The chapter was action-packed and had some light moments too. The chapter showed some real improvement in the dense mind of Sung and after so long he has started taking some hints. There was some really intense moment in the chapter too, the webtoon has softened some stuff from the novel but it does not really matter, to be honest. Let us look at what really happened in the last episode.

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Solo Levelling Chapter 114 Recap

The chapter started with Beru standing in front of Hunter Cha and Sung asking Cha that will she really be okay fighting Beru. Sng thinks that Shadow Soldiers are weaker than their live counterparts but Beru was born to be a weapon, and Hunter Cha chances are really low if they fight properly. Beru asks Sung what he should do with Hunter Cha and Sung told him that he has to defeat Cha without harming her. Beru showed his overwhelming strength by releasing his mana and when Sung told him that if he hurts Hunter Cha he won’t let him go.

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Hunter Cha thought that this is her opening but Beru got behind her so fast that she was not able to see, but the move was the same as last time so Hunter Cha somehow attacks but Beru stopped it with his bare hand. Hunter Cha starts attacking ferociously but Beru dodges every attack without even moving his legs. He overwhelmed Cha by releasing his mana. But Hunter Cha refuses to give up and Suns start to wonder what her real intentions are. Hunter Cha start fighting again and this time she uses all her mana in one attack and was able to land an attack on Beru, but this triggered a command in Beru’s consciousness from the queen bee that was to exterminate the enemy.

Beru attacks Cha with all his power but Sung syops Beru with his one hand and Beru start asking for forgiveness from Sung. Sung asks Hunter Cha why is she doing this and what are her real motivation behind joining his guild. And suddenly Sung asks that “Are you interested in me”? The sudden question really surprised Hunter Cha but she was able to answer his question and told him that she is interested in him.

Now, it will really be interesting to see that in what sense did Sung asked the question from Hunter Cha and what will go down from here is also something to look forward too.

Solo Levelling Chapter 115 Release Date

Chapter 114 of Solo Levelling will release on 19 August 2020. A new chapter will release every Wednesday if there is no delay in the schedule. The English version of the manhwa will release on 20 August 2020.

Solo Levelling Chapter 114 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Solo Leveling on the Webtoon official site or the app. We request you to read the manhwa only from legal sources as it will help and promote the creators.


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