Solo Levelling Chapter 117 Release Date, Recap, And Where To Read (Online Spoilers)

Solo Levelling

After 5 chapters of the second season, Solo Levelling has started being interesting again. The whole chapter was a soft-hearted story-driven chapter, but the last cliffhanger made the next chapter one to look out for. It was a good chapter with decent laughs and gags and with enough storyline that will keep you hyped up for the next chapter.

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Solo Levelling Chapter 116 Recap

The chapter started with Park Jong Soo and Jung Yoon-Tae talking about the gate that was just opened in Busan. The gate’s measurement came pretty high and it was determined that it is an A-Rank gate of Highest Measurement. Park Jong says that if they are not careful they could all die in there and they really can’t give the mission to another guild as it will spread rumors about how one of the Top-5 clans in the country can’t even clear an A-Rank clan.

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Jung Yoon-Tae said that in terms of A-Rank Hunters their quality is as same as other clans but they don’t have an S-Rank Hunter and that makes all the difference. He said that they could enter with another guild, but Park said that would raise some serious suspicions. At that time Jeong Ye-Rim said that if not a whole guild they can just let one person join them. Park realized that she was talking about Hunter Sung Jin-Woo. All of them agreed as it will also bring them some recognition to work with such a big name.

On the flat, Sung Jin-Woo told Yoo Jin-Ho that he is thinking about naming the Guild Ahjin Guild. Yoo agreed as he is just happy that the name is not Solo Play anymore. Sung told him that only one more member is required and Yoo asks him about Hunter Cha and Sung told him that she is not the person he wants in the Guild, He wants someone with Hunter’s license, who has an interest in Guild activity and is trustworthy. They were having this discussion when Park Jong-Soo and the other two members paid him a visit. He told Sung everything about the gate and asks him to co-operate with them.

Sung agrees and told them that he wants 50-50 as he has a Guild now and he should be treated as a guild. Park Jong agrees to it on the condition that Sung will take care of the Boss-Level Monster. The next day at the time of the raid, 5-minutes before the raid Sung uses his shadow exchange technique and goes to Busan. But back at Jin-Ah’s school, a gate is opened and an Orc comes out of it.

Solo Levelling Chapter 117 Release Date

Chapter 114 of Solo Levelling will release on 19 August 2020. A new chapter will release every Wednesday if there is no delay in the schedule. The English version of the manhwa will release on 20 August 2020.

Solo Levelling Chapter 117 Predictions

The next chapter has so many possibilities as in the case of Orcs every student is in danger, and if Sung hears about it he will rush to save his sister, but he is in Busan as of now and he can’t use hi shadow exchange technique for another 3-hours now.

Solo Levelling Chapter 116 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Solo Leveling on the Webtoon official site or the app. We request you to read the manhwa only from legal sources as it will help and promote the creators.

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