SPAC Truth Social Stock – [Prediction Guide]

SPAC Truth Social Stock - [Prediction Guide]

SPAC Truth Social Stock – Owned by former President Donald Trump, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) will be going public after merging with Digital World Acquisition Corporate, a special purpose acquisitions company (SPAC).

Trump intends to use TMTG to launch a subscription-based video-on-demand service and a social media platform called Truth Social. They launched Truth Social when Trump was banned from Twitter after the January 6 Capitol attack. The platform was launched to boost free and honest global conversation without political discrimination.

However, the Truth Social merger date, stock symbol, and proposed stock price are yet to be declared. This article will help you understand SPAC Truth Social stock, the steps to purchase the stock, price history, and finally, stock price prediction for 2022.

SPAC Truth Social Stock

SPAC Truth Social Stock
SPAC Truth Social Stock

SPAC and DWAC’s existing stock has risen since the merger announcement. The price rose from about US $10 to US $175. However, it recently dropped to around US $60. With the launch of Truth Social on Presidents’ Day weekend, the shares of DWAC rose higher.

Moreover, after the announcement of the merger, the share’s price is likely to rise. Since there is no news on when the merger will occur, there isn’t sufficient information on SPAC Truth Social Stock available as of now. We will update you when the information is available.

How to buy SPAC Truth Social Stock – Steps

Due to the TMTG merger with DWAC, you cannot directly buy Truth Social stock. The only way to purchase Truth Social stocks right now is by buying Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) stock.

However, the TMTG stocks are not publicly listed yet.

To buy SPAC Truth Social Stock, you have to follow these simple steps –

  • Select an online stockbroker of your choice. You can also use your existing stockbroker service.
  • Search for the SPAC Truth Social Stock and select it.
  • Select how many shares you want to purchase.
  • Choose the stock order type.
  • Make purchase.

This is how you can easily buy SPAC Truth Social stock.

SPAC Truth Social Stock Price History

Shares of SPAC rose by 17.4% toward a four-month high in premarket trading after Trump’s social media app Truth Social launched.

SPAC Truth Social Stock Price History
SPAC Truth Social Stock Price History

Since the announcement of the merger in October 2021, SPAC’s stock was seen to open with its highest stock price since October 25 and above SPAC’s highest stock closing price of $94.20 on October 22. The stock has rebound by 88% over the past three months.

SPAC Stock Price Prediction 2022

SPAC’s stock price rocketed from around $10 a share to $175 per share in October when the merger of the SPAC company with Trump’s Media and Technology Group (TMTG) was announced. Currently, the share costs around $85.

A few commentators have stated that buying shares of Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) and Digital World Acquisition Corporation at their current price is unreasonable.

Trump’s Truth Social has earned more fame than TMTG since its launch in February 2021. Therefore, SPAC stock can continue to rebound. The estimated market value of DWAC stock was $2 million based on a share price of about $70. After that, shares changed to $84.45, or 20% above $70.

If the assumed estimation is correct, the shares will probably be worth around $24.4 billion. If the shares are valued at five times revenue, Truth Social will be worth around $4.5 billion at the end of its first year. This is nearly 88% of the assumed current market value.

The expected Truth Social worth is around $24 billion, ten times the DWAC stock’s estimated value. Finally, the expected per-share price would be between $0 to $22 each.

Though many experts have commented on DWAC stock as being risky, it could create long-term investors a great amount of money. Looking at recent data, it is profitable to buy a small number of shares and then wait for a pullback to buy more. However, people who cannot afford risk should not buy DWAC stock.

FAQ SPAC Truth Social Stock

What is a SPAC in the stock market?

SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), also called a blank check company, is a publicly listed company designed to generate money through an IPO to buy one or more private companies. It is a shell company that goes public, meaning it has no operations or assets other than cash or any investments.

What is the SPAC stock price?

Normally, SPAC stocks are priced at $10 per share.

Is Truth Social on the stock market?

You cannot buy shares directly in Truth Social. You have to buy TMTG shares to purchase shares of Truth Social.

Where to buy Truth Social stocks?

Truth Social stocks are not available on the equity market. To purchase Truth Social stock, you have to purchase stocks of TMTG or SPAC.


At present, Truth Social Stocks are not available to purchase on the equity market. To purchase a share in Truth Social stocks, you need to buy Trump Media and Technology Group stocks. The expected per-share price would be around $0-22 each. You can purchase the SPAC and DWAC shares.

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