Starlink Internet Tennessee: Availability, Plans, Coverage

Starlink Internet Tennessee Availability, Plans, Coverage

Do you want to learn about the availability of Starlink Internet Tennessee? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect page.

Starlink is a satellite internet provider in the United States operated by Starlink Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Elon Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX.

The company offers satellite internet services to serve remote areas in around 75 countries worldwide.

I live in Tennessee, where getting fast and reliable internet has always been a challenge, especially in rural areas.

However, the introduction of Starlink Internet has been a game-changer.

For someone like me who has struggled with slow connections, Starlink promises a new era of connectivity.

Setting up the Starlink kit was straightforward. The dish, nicknamed “Dishy,” was easy to install.

I just had to find a spot with a clear sky view and plug everything in.

The Starlink app helped me set up and find the dish’s best location.

The internet speed is incredibly fast compared to what I had before here in Tennessee.

I have shared everything you need to know about Starlink Internet Tennessee in this article.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Is Starlink Internet Available In Tennessee?

Is Starlink Internet Available In Tennessee
Is Starlink Internet Available In Tennessee

According to the details provided by the Federal Communication Commission, Starlink internet service is available in nearly every part of the United States, reaching 99.6% of households.

The answer is yes regarding its availability in Tennessee. Starlink Internet is available in the state according to its coverage map and other sources.

Compared to other providers, such as Nomad vs. Starlink, Starlink has better coverage throughout the United States.

Starlink claims to expand its coverage in the state if it is unavailable in your area in Tennessee by the end of the current year. So, you can expect Starlink Internet Tennessee soon at your address.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Plans And Pricing

Plan Price Equipment
Starlink Standard $120.00/mo. $599.00 20–100Mbps 25–60ms
Starlink Priority $140.00–$500.00/mo. $599.00–$2,500 40–220Mbps 25–60ms
Starlink Mobile $150.00–$250.00/mo. $599.00 5–50Mbps <90ms
Starlink Mobile Priority $250.00–$5,000.00/mo. $2,500.00 40–220Mbps <90ms

Starlink offers two types of services for residential and business use in Tennessee. This includes:

Starlink Plan
Starlink Plan

Starlink Standard

This plan offers unlimited data with downloading speeds ranging from 20–100Mbps for $120 monthly.

Starlink Priority

This plan is known as a business plan and comes in three categories.

It offers a data allowance of 40GB to 2TB at $140 to $500 monthly for 40-220 Mbps data speed, depending on your location and data usage.

Priority plans offer prioritized data, delivering faster speeds during peak times. After you have consumed your allotted data, standard unlimited data is offered.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Internet Speeds

Starlink advertises a speed range of 25 to 220 Mbps for Tennessee.

However, Ookla speed test data states Starlink users in the US experience an average download speed of 97 Mbps.

Starlink does not claim to offer a specific speed. However, it offers significantly improved services compared to other satellite internet providers in Tennessee.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Internet Speeds
Starlink Internet Tennessee Internet Speeds

It may not match the speed of cable or fiber connections, but it is still good for remote or rural areas.

Starlink internet speeds in Tennessee can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Network Congestion: As more users subscribe to Starlink Internet in an area, speed slowdowns can occur during peak usage times.
  • Starlink Service Upgrades: Since Starlink is constantly trying to improve its services by launching more satellites, these upgrades can influence Internet speeds in areas over time.
  • Connected Devices: Although you can connect multiple devices to a Starlink router, multiple connected devices may cause slow internet speed.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Coverage Map

Starlink offers an availability Starlink coverage map on its website. While Tennessee is included in Starlink’s service availability areas, the map does not show coverage by particular address in the state.

The provider allows you to find its availability at your address.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Coverage Map
Starlink Internet Tennessee Coverage Map

Enter your Tennessee address, and it will show if Starlink service is available at your location or if it is currently on the waiting list.

As Starlink covers limited areas, reaching your address in Tennessee might take time if the service is unavailable currently.

How Do I Book Starlink Internet Tennessee?

Here is how you can book Starlink Internet Tennessee.

Check availability

To book Starlink Internet Tennessee, you first need to determine if Starlink serves your area. You can check the provider’s availability through the coverage map on its site.

Open the site and enter your Tennessee address to see if Starlink service is available.

Order Starlink

When you enter your address, you will see two options: “Starlink is currently available in your area” and “Order now to reserve your Starlink.”


If it shows “Available,” you can order the Starlink Internet Tennessee on the website.

If it shows “Order now to reserve your Starlink” or “Pending service coverage,” Starlink is not yet available, but you can place an order to be placed on the waitlist for your area.

To pre-order Starlink’s service and be placed on the waitlist, you must pay a $99 deposit. This ensures that the provider considers your area first when expanding its services in Tennessee.

You will also need to pay an up-front $599 hardware fee, which includes a small satellite dish, a router, and a power supply. Before you receive the service, you must pay a $50 shipping and handling fee.

Complete Order
Complete Order

It is important to note that Starlink is still developing, and availability can change based on location. Even if you place an order now, it might take some time before the service is activated.

According to sources, customers reported waiting up to 11-12 months due to a shipping delay in 2022.

Starlink claims service orders “may take six months or more to fulfill.” However, the estimated wait list time may be extended sometimes.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Customer Review

Finding a Starlink internet review from a customer in Tennessee might be a little difficult due to its limited service availability.

Here are some general reviews that should apply to Tennessee and other rural areas.

Starlink satellite Internet service has received mixed reviews from users in the United States and most rural states.

Users praised the provider for its speed range of 25-220 Mbps, which is much faster than some satellite internet, and stated that it is the best service for rural and remote locations.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Customer Review
Starlink Internet Tennessee Customer Review

At the same time, customers have reported limited availability and high upfront costs.

Also, users have reported limited customer service in some areas, while in others, users are dissatisfied with longer waiting times after ordering the service.

Since Tennessee is on the list, but Starlink offers limited service, people might want the provider to expand its coverage to reach their areas.

Starlink Internet Tennessee Contact Number

Currently, Starlink does not offer customer service by phone number to specific regions like Tennessee.

However, you can contact Starlink’s general customer service at 1-855-753-2495.

Also, You can explore contact options on the support page at the Starlink website at https://www.starlink.com/.

Additionally, you can look for the FAQs section on the site to get troubleshooting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Starlink available in Tennessee?

Yes. Starlink is available in Tennessee. However, the coverage is limited to certain areas. You can check availability for your location on the availability map at the Starlink website: https://www.starlink.com/map.

How much does Starlink internet cost in Tennessee?

Starlink offers two plans, Standard and Priority. Standard service costs $120 monthly and offers speeds ranging from 25-100 Mbps with unlimited data.

Priority plans cost between $140 and $500 monthly, with speeds ranging from 40 to 220 Mbps and data allowances ranging from 40 GB to 2 TB, depending on the plan.

There is also a one-time equipment cost of $599.

Does Starlink work in bad weather in Tennessee?

Starlink uses low-earth orbit satellites, which can be less affected by signal disruption from rain and snow than traditional satellite internet. However, heavy storms can still cause temporary service interruptions.

What equipment do I need for Starlink in Tennessee?

You will need a Starlink dish, router, and mounting equipment, which are included in the one-time equipment cost of $599.

Is Starlink a good option for gamers in Tennessee?

Starlink latency can vary depending on location, but it generally offers lower latency than other satellite internet. This can benefit gamers but may not be ideal sometimes when multiple players are involved.

What is the maximum download speed offered by Starlink in Tennessee?

Starlink offers a maximum download speed of 220 Mbps in Tennessee.

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