Steve Deace – Bio, Age, Wife, Book, Net Worth, Education

Steve Deace - Bio, Age, Wife, Book, Net Worth, Education

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Steve Deace Wiki and Biography 

Steve Deace (Steve James Deace) is a renowned American lowa-based talk-show host, an American conservative activist, and a writer. He has written for many platforms, including USA Today, The Washington Times, and The Conservative Review.

Moreover, Steve has also written “A Nefarious Plot,” which is a dark sarcasm on divisions in the United States.

Steve Deace Wiki and Biography 

His talk show, The Steve Deace Show, airs on the Blaze Media platform. He is not a politician, but he always comes across as an affable man who dabbles in political matters. He is often cited in the media on political and cultural issues.

Steve was born on 28th July 1973 to Vickie McNeeley. Her mother McNeeley was unmarried when Steve was born and was only 14 years old. His biological father didn’t accept him, so her mother decided to raise him as a single mother in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Later, McNeeley tied the knot when Steve was three years old and bore her stepfather’s surname.


Deace first worked as a sports journalist for the DeSantis Moines Register. After this, he also hosted a sports talk show on KXNO (AM) and one evening drive talk show on WHO (AM). While working for WHO, he supported and provided airtime to Republican nominee Mike Huckabee at the time of the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, which helped Mike Huckabee a lot to win the state’s presidential midterm elections.

Steve Deace Career

Deace decided to leave WHO in 20111 so he could launch a nationally-syndicated radio show named The Steve Deace Show on Truth Radio Network. In the same year, he shifted his program to prime time.

Deace supported Ted Cruz in the presidential election in 2016 and worked as a senior campaign operative in Iowa. But Ted decided to take his step back in May 2016; after Ted’s decision, Steve Deace posted a voter registration form with a check mark to “no party” in return for calls for a Republican coalition behind Donald Trump and his campaign for the presidential race.

In 2016, when Ted Cruz supported Trump, Deace said it was “the worst political miscalculation of my lifetime.” He later voted for Darrell Castle, a member of the Constitution Party, in the primary election.

In 2017 Steve Deace’s show got shifted to CRTV, a conservative streaming outlet. In the same year, he stood for Steve Bannon‘s role in the White House, saying it would be a blunder for Trump if he fired Bannon because of the signal it would send to prudent.

Deace declared his support and vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, but Deace showed little vagueness about the viability of the vote in the state, saying, “When you went to bed, Trump was ahead, and the counting miraculously stopped. When you woke up, it resumed, with Biden garnering Chavez-like totals in the dead of night. This is a coup.”

Steve Deace- Age, Height, and Weight

Steve Deace is currently 49 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 28th of July every year. He stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches and has a moderate weight.

Steve Deace Wife

Steve Deace is married to Amy Deace. Not much is known about their marriage life as he likes to keep his personal life away from social media.

The couple has three children named Anastasia, Zoe, and Noah Deace. The happy family of five members currently lives in Iowa. 

Steve Deace Net Worth

Steve has an estimated net worth of around $13 million. His work on many other platforms as an excellent outspoken personality made him very popular. 

Steve Deace New Book

Steve has written numerous books. He currently authored a book named “Do What You Believe: Or You Won’t Be Free to Believe It Much Longer.”

The book has got 4.5 rating stars and has been published by Post Hill Press. “Faucian bargain, A Nefarious Plot, a Nefarious Carol, Why Thanksgiving?: The Pilgrims Started” are the name of some other books he has written himself.

Steve Deace Education

Little is known about Steve Deace’s education; he enrolled at Michigan State University in the early 1990s but later decided not to continue his further studies and dropped out of school.

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