Tallycoin Review – Trusted Crowdfunding or scam?

Tallycoin Review - Trusted Crowdfunding or scam

In this article, we did a Tallycoin Review, a Crowdfunding platform. The Tallycoin platform is a crowdfunding platform where you keep every satoshi you receive as a donation. Using your own wallet you can receive Bitcoin and Lightning.

Tallycoin came into the picture after they showed support in the Freedom Convoy Truckers Rally in Canada.

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TallyCoin Review – Is it trusted?

As per our research, the website does not have proper contact details. The website has been there for the last 2 years and is active since then. Our Review of the website remains neutral. In our view, the website can be legit but since we were not able to collect further information about the organization/person behind the platform, we cannot give a firm conclusion on the website.

TallyCoin Twitter

Tallycoin is active on Twitter and there are several tweets made every day regarding the ongoing donations and funding. Recently Tallycoin announced that they are working towards making peer-peer transactions successful using the blockchain technology- Bitcoin Lightening

Attached is their tweet on the topic

TallyCoin for Truckers of Freedom Convoy 2023

Crowdfunding sites like Givesendgo have already come forward to offer a helping hand for the donation campaign. GoFundMe has blocked more than $ 10 million CAD that was collected as a donation for the Freedom Convoy. After this event people are trying to raise money using cryptocurrency using websites like Tallycoin.

HonkHonkHodl is a Twitter handle that started this donation on Tallycoin. We would recommend you to donate via GiveSendGo, as they are a registered company and they are coming forward to help the truckers.

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