GoFundMe Owners net worth, bio, photos and other details

In this article, we are sharing the details of Andrew Ballester and Brad Damphousse, who are the lessors of the website – Gofundme. We would cover their net worth, bio, and other details in this article.

GoFundMe allows people to raise money for a variety of events, from birthdays and graduations to accidents and illnesses. By the end of 2020, the platform will have raised over $9 billion from more than 120 million donors.

Redwood City, is a California-based company with offices in Dublin, San Diego, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

GoFundme Owners

Gofundme was created by 2 people, hence it has 2 owners. Gofundme is owned by Brad and Andy. You can find more info about them below.

1 – Brad Damphousse

GoFundMe’s CEO Brad Damphousse oversees all aspects of the product and company growth. Originally from Massachusetts, he graduated from Emerson College in Boston. A photo of Brad has been attached above for reference

2 – Andrew Ballester

Andy co-founded GoFundMe. He loves creating products that drive change. Before GoFundMe, Andy worked in product and technology management at other startups. Techstars Anywhere, EvoNexus and Ad Astra are all places he’s volunteered as a Mentor. Since 2017, he’s helped startups and their founders build products and grow their businesses.

Brad Damphouse’s Networth

The company’s details aren’t public yet, but according to the transactions and year-on-year growth of Gofundme, Brad Damphouse’s estimated net worth would be around 30 to 40 Million USD. ($)

 Andrew Ballester’s Networth

As part of the deal, GoFundMe received an investment of approximately $600 million. GoFundMe acquired CrowdRise in January 2017. Tim Cadogan is the CEO of GoFundMe. It is undisclosed how much Ballester owns in the company. He is still on the board of directors.

The same goes with Andrew, Since the company’s details aren’t public, according to the transactions and year-on-year growth of Gofundme, Andrew Ballester’s estimated net worth would be around 20 to 40 Million USD. ($)


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  • I know of an individual who is scamming people for money and telling people she has stage 4 cancer when she doesn’t.She has a go fund me account. She has no medical evidence backing it up and she don’t work and she goes to the bar quite frequently. I know people who have cancer feels like an insult to my friends and others out there.I have a chronic illness my self with medical evidence called MS and scholeosis and I deal with it cuz there is no cure.What she is doing is wrong on so many levels. Her name is Jasmine Geyer in Council Bluffs iowa.Isnt that illegal for her to do that?I don’t know if she’s still scamming people.She also has been in trouble with the law,she also has some legal issues going on where she had her 4 children taken from her and also has done methanfedaphines.My daughter sent me a text message explaining all this I am 49 years old my daughter is 30 in a few days.