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Popularly known as Thomas Homan or Tom, Thomas Douglas Homan was born on 28th November 1961. He served a tenure as an Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and customs enforcement during Donald Trump. Homan was formerly an American police officer.

He retired from his post of Acting Director in 2018. Then, Homan started contributing to Fox News.

Thomas Homan Education and Career

Thomas completed an associate degree in criminal justice from New York’s Jefferson Community College. He also has a bachelor’s degree from SUNY polytechnic institute, which is also in New York.

In 1984, Homan started working as a police officer in New York. It was then called the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Barack Obama appointed Thomas Homan as an Executive Associate Director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2013. Before this, Homan was an investigator, Border Patrol agent, and Supervisor.

Homan was awarded as a distinguished Executive for his service in ICE by Barack Obama. A statement in a Washington DC post about Thomas Homan read, “Thomas Homan deports people. And he’s good at it.”

Thomas Homan family

Homan was born to Frederick L. Homan and Doris Homan. He is a very private person and doesn’t reveal much about his personal life. However, it is known that Homan has six siblings. They are Robin Draper, Kimberly Noble, Cheri Davis, Michele Burr, Darlene Welbourn, and Kevin Homan. Many of his siblings are also notable personalities.

There is no information about Thomas Homan’s marriage, wife, and children.

Thomas Homan as the Director of ICE

When Trump came into power, he demoted Daniel Ragsdale to Deputy Director of ICE. This made Thomas Homan an Acting Director in 2017.

It was reported that Homan said, “aliens commit more crimes than U.S. citizens.” He denied saying this and said undocumented citizens “should be afraid.”

Later, in 2017 Trump nominated Thomas to be the Director of ICE. In 2018, Homan announced his retirement from the acting Director position in ICE. He earlier said in 2018 that the politicians who support sanctuary city policies must be charged with crimes.

Under Donald Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy, many immigrant children were separated from their parents. There was less possibility of them uniting as many parents were already deported.

Thomas Homan was vocal about this issue and said, “I’ve heard many children cry in my 34 years,” and “I don’t need to hear children cry,” in an interview.

Homan also said, “When the government chooses to enforce the law, and they separate the parents who have been prosecuted, just like every U.S. citizen person in this country gets separated when he gets arrested… but people want a different set of rules for an illegal alien,”

In an interview with another network, Thomas said, “I think it is the law,” “The parents are making a choice. They’re choosing; they are taking it upon themselves to enter illegally and have the children taken away. So if anybody is to blame here, it is the parents who made a decision to break the law.”

Homan always supports Trump and has praised his tackling of the illegal immigrants entering the U.S. through the southern border.

Thomas Homan’s Net Worth

Thomas Homan has not revealed his net worth. His long service in the American police and administration as the Director of ICE suggests he leads well financially.

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