“Fox News is no longer Fox News,” former president Trump says, accusing the network of failing to promote “2000 Mules”

Fox News is no longer Fox News, former president Trump says, accusing the network of failing to promote 2000 Mules

On Saturday, Donald Trump slammed Fox News, alleging that the network “won’t even air or debate” the “2000 Mules” 2020 election fraud video.


He wrote on his TruthSocial account, “Fox News is no longer Fox News. They won’t even broadcast or debate ‘2000 Mules,’ the best and most influential documentary of our time. The radical left Democrats are ecstatic Because they don’t want the TRUTH to be out.”

Trump recommended that CNN “go conservative” to take Fox’s position in a Truth Social post

Trump remarked, “CNN should go conservative and take over the largest, strongest, and most powerful BASE in American history. No one is watching CNN’s Fake News any longer, so what do they have to lose? Unfortunately, they’re too ignorant to change!”

He made the comment only days after the documentary’s director, Dinesh D’Souza, claimed Fox News was “stopping” him from discussing the film on air.

“Several Fox anchors want to interview me about the film, but the network is preventing them. Unbelievably, a ‘news network’ is obstructing coverage of the country’s most important news story!” On Friday, D’Souza sent out a tweet.

Trump advises CNN to go conservative to take Fox News' place
Trump advises CNN to go conservative to take Fox News’ place

He went after Newsmax, Tucker Carlson, and Fox News earlier this week for telling “2000 Mules” filmmaker and “True The Vote” creator Catherine Engelbrecht not to talk about the video, which theorises that thousands of Democrat-paid “mules” impacted the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Fact-checkers have slammed the movie, labelling it a “flawed understanding” of events, according to the Associated Press.

In one of the tweets, he added, “BTW @newsmax is also limiting coverage of ‘2000 Mules.’ I had been scheduled to appear on Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show, but the network cancelled on me. If you disagree with the decision, why isn’t this a genuine news story? How can the so-called news networks deny that it exists?”

Is the evidence in 2000 Mules true?

While many people feel the data presented in the 2000 Mules video is solid, I believe it is important to consider the other viewpoint, as healthy discussion is always beneficial. One Google review of this documentary stood out to me as capturing all of the data that contradicted the narrative offered in 2000 Mules.

“First and foremost, mobile phone tracking data is only reliable for around a 100-foot radius (under ideal conditions). That’s fifty feet away from everything. Second, in this film, the so-called non-profits are never mentioned. Who are these non-profit organizations?

What is their purpose, why do they exist, and how do they relate to the alleged ballot stuffing? Finally, according to the Washington Post, many of the claimed drop boxes seen in the video are not even close to being real drop boxes. Some of the genuine drop boxes are several blocks away from the ones seen in the movie. 

2000 Mules
2000 Mules

Fourth, Georgia has subpoenaed True the Vote for any proof they may have to back up their claims, which they have failed to disclose.

Fifth, the state of Georgia questioned several of the participants in the clip who were recorded dropping off votes and found that they had done nothing illegal. On May 17, 2022, the Georgia State Elections Board overwhelmingly dismissed three ballot-fraud charges submitted by right-wing groups.

Finally, the film’s creators state that they are ‘not saying that any of the ballots put in the drop boxes are fraudulent.’”

D’Souza’s thoughts about Fox News

During a heated debate with Alabama GOP congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Mo Brooks over the weekend, Fox News personality Sandra Smith stated that “2000 Mules” had been disputed.

According to D’Souza, Smith had no intention of bringing up the matter of “2000 Mules” during her conversation with Brooks, but the congressman did. Except for a pre-release interview with Larry Kudlow on Fox Business Network in April, none of the major news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, have covered the film, according to D’Souza.

While Fox News is under no need to agree with “2000 Mules,” D’Souza believes that ignoring it is odd, especially given the network’s conservative audience.

Dinesh D'Souza
Dinesh D’Souza

“Well, listen,” D’Souza said, implying that Fox News executives should have reasoned. Dinesh is a regular guest on Fox. “In our house, he’s always on. Bring him on the show and confront him with these fact checks, going through them one by one and asking him to reply.

Then you may say something like, ‘Oh, that’s compelling.’ That is just incomprehensible. But wait a second, you’re missing something. This sort of fair analysis would be performed by a journalistic network in a healthy society,” the director said, “but that is not Fox, at least not now.”

Fox’s behaviour might be explained in three ways, according to D’Souza

Network executives are first and foremost concerned about legal difficulties.

Dominion Voting Systems has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox Corporation, saying that the network falsely broadcast allegations that its voting machines were used to rig the 2020 general election. D’Souza dismissed this as a probable explanation for Fox’s decision to reject “2000 Mules,” arguing that the film is about the validity of ballots cast, not voting machines.

In addition, the film makes no mention of any NGOs that may have been involved in the suspected fraud, instead of pushing law enforcement to investigate the matter using True the Vote’s data. According to D’Souza, another reason Fox isn’t airing the documentary is a fear of offending or losing sponsors.

2000 Mules
2000 Mules

He does not believe this is the case, pointing out that “2000 Mules'” popularity has made it newsworthy, with outlets such as the Washington Post and Politico reporting it. Of course, Fox is caught in a catch-22 because, if they cover it critically, they risk alienating their readership, as these other sites have done.

According to D’Souza, Fox isn’t airing “2000 Mules” because Rupert Murdoch, the company’s CEO, is no longer a supporter of Donald Trump. “It looks like you have a disagreement on your hands. It’s a personal squabble. You could call it a billionaire feud if you want to call it that,” D’Souza said, “One that, by the way, has been reported in a few places on and off.”

He noted claims that Rupert Murdoch had turned on Trump and suggested that the 45th president looks beyond the 2020 election. The narrator says, “Look, it’s Mr Murdoch’s network.” Rupert Murdoch owns this publication. “He may do anything he wants,” D’Souza said.

“He can burn his brand if he wants, but I believe it’s really unhealthy for a democracy if major public concerns, which are on the minds of at least the GOP side of the electorate, if not much more, can’t be discussed because one individual says they can’t.” A Conservative news site, The Patriot Project had reached out to Fox News for comment but had not received a response.




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