Tim Pool Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship, YouTube, Earning

Tim Pool Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship, YouTube, Earning

Do you know about American Political Commentator and podcast host Tim Pool Net Worth?

Tim Pool is one of the most celebrated writers and most extravagant columnists brought into the world in the United States. He became famous when he began live-streaming the Occupy Wall Street fights in the year 2011.

The given article provides you with all information regarding Tim Pool’s life, such as career, education, family, net worth, and much more.

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Tim Pool Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Tim Pool estimated net worth is $ 5 million.

Pool acquired the majority of his abundance from working for Vice and Fusion. He’s additionally a prime supporter of Tagg.ly. He has a digital recording called “Tim Pool Daily Show.” Tim’s YouTube channels, Tim Cast IRL, Tim Cast, Cast Castle, and Tim Pool.

The pool likewise brings in cash from selling merchandise and gifts on Patreon (320+ supporters).

“The primary thing I said was on the off chance that you like what I do, consider giving,” Pool said in a meeting with IndieWire in June 2012. He added: “It’s rarely obligatory.

On the greatest day, the seventeenth, I really got $17,000 from gifts. It doesn’t occur constantly.”

Tim Pool Early Life and Bio

Tim Pool Early Life and Bio

Full name
Timothy Daniel Pool
Known as Tim Pool
Date of Birth March 9, 1986
Place of Birth
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin Color White
Eye Color Brown
YouTuber, journalist
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American

Timothy Daniel Pool was brought into the world on March 9, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Tim’s father was a firefighter, and his mother sold cars for a living. The celebrity has two siblings.

Tim Pool is a school dropout and didn’t complete secondary school. He dropped the Catholic school after completing fifth grade. In an interview, Tim said, “I’m a secondary school quitter,” Tim said in a Reddit AMA. “I invested my energy doing what I need when I need. I travel around and find intriguing stories and report on them.”

Tim originally became known for live streaming the Occupy Wall Street fights that started in Zuccotti Park, situated in New York City‘s Wall Street monetary locale, in 2011.

Sometime thereafter, he was included in TIME’s Individual of the Year. 2013 Pool got a Shorty Award for Best Journalist in Social Media.

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Tim Pool Career

Regarding the Occupy development, Pool’s recording has been circulated on NBC and other standard organizations. Pool’s utilization of live real-time video and aeronautical robots during Occupy Wall Street fights in 2011 prompted an article in The Guardian questioning whether such exercises could appear counterproductive observation.

In January 2012, Tim Pool was addressed by a veiled aggressor. Pool’s video taken during the fights was instrumental proof in the dismissal of photographic artist Alexander Arbuckle, who the NYPD had captured. The video showed that the capturing official lied after swearing to tell the truth.

Pool utilized a live-talk stream to react to inquiries from watchers while revealing Occupy Wall Street. The Pool has likewise allowed his watchers to guide him on where to shoot film.

He altered a toy distant controlled Parrot AR. Drone for elevated surveillance and adjusted programming for live spilling into a framework called DroneStream.

The Pool was assigned as a Time 100 character in March 2012. While covering the NoNATO fights at the 2012 Chicago culmination, Pool, alongside four others, was pulled over by twelve Chicago cops in plain vehicles.

The gathering was eliminated from the car at gunpoint, addressed, and momentarily confined. The explanation given by police was that the car the group had been in coordinated with a portrayal.

In 2013, Pool joined Vice Media, creating and facilitating content just as growing new revealing techniques. In 2013, he likewise investigated the Gezi Park fights in Istanbul with Google Glass.

In April 2013, he got a Shorty Award in the “Best Journalist in Social Media” class. In 2014, he joined Fusion TV as Director of Media advancement and Senior Correspondent.

Tim Pool invited former president Donald Trump for an interview session in 2017, and the interview caught the spark on the internet when Trump asked him if he was a supporter of his, to which Pool replied no. The internet gave rise to a cast of quasi-celebrity figures like Tim Pool.

Tim Pool Age, Height, and Weight

If we talk about Tim Pool’s physical appearance, he stands for 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 82 kg. As of 2023, he is 37 years old.

5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
180 pounds (82 kg)


Who is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is an American political commentator and YouTube podcaster.

What is Tim Pool Net worth in 2023?

In 2023, Tim Pool estimated net worth is $5 million dollars.

How many YouTube channels does Tim Pool have?

Tim Pool has 4 YouTube channels:

  • Tim Cast IRL
  • Tim Cast
  • Cast Castle
  • ┬áTim Pool

Who is Tim Pool’s wife?

Tim Pool is not married yet, but he’s dating Alison Neubauer. The celebrity never discloses anything about his personal life.

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