Entertainment - Celebrities - Tina Peter Age – How old is Tina Peter?

Tina Peter Age – How old is Tina Peter?

In this article, we have covered Tina Peter age, birthday, personal life, and more about her.

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Tina Peter Age – How old is Tina Peter?

Tina Peter Age

Tina Peter became one of the most searched after the allegation she was charged for. She has been criticized for tampering and misbehaving in the election process as she took a backup of the Dominion Voting System server in the election of 2021.

Lara Logan covered this entire story and made a documentary film named Selection Code, featuring Tina Peter as the protagonist.

This docu-film is directed by Matthew Thayer, and you will be able to watch Selection Code by 20 August 2022.

Tina Peter Age

Tina Peter was born in Colorado, and she is now the county clerk of this state. Sadly, we don’t have any information about Tina Peter’s date of birth, but some sources reveal that her birth year should be around 1956-61.

If we keep that thing into consideration, Tina Peter age should be around 60-65 years as of 2022.

Tina Peter Family

Tina Peter Daughter

Tina loves her family a lot, and her Instagram pictures show that. However, she seems unlucky when it comes to family.

She lost her father in 2022 when she was arrested and in jail for the charges of the data breach of Dominion Machines.

Besides that, she got separated from her husband, Thomas Micheal Peter, in 2017 due to some legal acquisition.

She also had a son named Remington Peter, who died at 28. He was a proud navy and worked for the Navy Parachute team.

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