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Top 10 Best Dark Anime- You Can’t Miss These Mysterious Dark Anime Series 2020 (Check Here)

Best Dark Anime

Top 10 Best Dark Anime: The dark anime genre is a vast world. It not only contains bloodbath, uncensored scenes, gore, or monsters. It really is so much more than that. Even though dark anime mostly contains that only, it can be even less harmful than a shounen anime, but in the long term it will affect you and then you will realize what really happened. Naturally, The dark genre has a really selected fanbase because of its hardcore nature, but if you get into it, it becomes really hard to get out of it. So, let’s look at some of the best Dark Anime out there.

Best Dark Anime

  1. Monster: First anime that comes into mind after hearing Dark is ‘Monster’. This anime is not like any other anime you will ever watch, that slow pacing storyline, that reveals everything bit-by-bit, It will be painful to watch at times but that slow burn of this series that you will feel with each passing episode, not realizing what really happened until you finish it and when you finish it, you will be left with so many things to digest. Monster is truly a masterpiece and it is a must-watch for everyone.Monster
  2. Paranoia Agent: You ever see something that really doesn’t make any sense but as it plays out everything falls into place and you realize the answer was right in front of you? That is Paranoia Agent for you, one of the best and criminally underrated series of all time. On the surface, it is a simple crime thriller, but as the story folds out you will see something beautiful happening right in front of your eyes and it will be so good to watch.Top 10 Best Dark Anime
  3. Shinsekai Yori: You know those anime where the last few episodes really give a whole new level to the anime. Shinsekai Yori is just that. The whole anime is well written and directed but the last two episodes will shake you down to the core and this anime has one of the best themes ever. The 4 minutes of opening and ending will give you the creeps and the tension will be sky-high.Shinskeai Yori
  4. Shiki: Shiki was the first horror anime I ever watched and what an anime it turned out to be. The main story of the show is decent paced while character development runs side-by-side, which really is something different and then everything crashes and you get one of the best finales I have ever seen. The sheer bloodlust of everyone in the last few episodes was enough to scare anyone out. Shiki
  5. Ergo Proxy: Another really underrated anime. Because of its slow pacing many people really don’t like these kinds of anime, but give it a try. And most fans really prefer visuals over storylines. That’s why Shounen anime get more appreciation these days, but Ergo Proxy is one of the best things I have ever watched. The storyline, The tension, and that dark creepy feeling that looms around you throughout the wholes series, you won’t witness it in any other anime. Ergo Proxy
  6. Aoi Bungaku Series: It’s a 12-episodes series that includes 6 short stories and every story is directed by a different director.  Now, it is one of the few anime that have adapted Japanese literacy work and every single story is considered a masterpiece in Japan, and with a different director, you get a unique way of storytelling in every episode and all the stories are based on realistic themes. So, it is really a good show to watch.Aoi Bungaku
  7. Texhnolyze: It really can not get any darker then Texhnolyze. But it is sort of different from any other anime, if you can’t analyze or look for details in the background of the anime, you won’t really enjoy this one. You have to constantly use your head for this one, but if you can do that, you will know that it is a slow, heavy, and really dark story based anime and that is exactly what you are looking for here, right?Texhnolyze
  8. Higurashi: When They Cry: Now, this one is really my favorite. The first two seasons are really amazing and it’s the lingering tension that you feel throughout the anime is what you will really love. The third season was somehow ruined by the studio but still, it is one of the best anime you can watch and the way it brings the pieces together in the end, That thing is really satisfying.Higurashi
  9. Mirai Nikki:  If you want a girlfriend, then watch this anime and you will never dream of it again. What starts as an innocent game, turns into so much mind-twisting thrill that will involve even the gods and will leave them speechless. It is one hell of an anime, if you can stick around for the first few episodes, everything will be over in an instant after that. Mirai Nikki
  10. Parasyte: This anime is totally focused on one and one character only. And what an amazing anime this is. It just really focus on who the real monster in our society is? It will make you focus on many things at once and it is filled with emotions too. You will love this anime for sure, because of how deep this anime really is. Parasyte

Some honorable mentions because we can’t involve every anime on this list.

Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki, Ajin, Gantz, Made In Abyss, Psycho-Pass, Akame a Kill Black Lagoon, Terror In Resonance, The Promised Neverland, Death Note, Elfin-Lied.

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