Tristan Milos Trump – Bio, Age, Family, and Facts

Tristan Milos Trump - Bio, Age, Family, and Facts

Tristan Milos Trump is a celebrity child who rose to prominence shortly after his birth. He is most known as the third child and second son of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump, his divorced wife. Trump Jr. is a businessman and former reality TV star, while Vanessa is a socialite, actress, and former model. Tristan Trump is President Donald Trump’s grandson. Tristan Milos Trump was born on Sunday, 2nd October 2011, at 2:59 a.m. He weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces when he was born, and joined brothers Donnie John III and Kai Madison.

Tristan Trump’s Age and Family

Tristan Milos Trump is the son of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Haydon. Donald Trump Jr. is the 45th President of the United States’ eldest son, as well as a businessman and television personality. Vanessa Haydon, on the other hand, is a socialite, former model, and actor.  He is 10 years old. Tristan has four siblings as well. His parents divorced in 2018 and are no longer married. He must be loving his life in the United States with his two brothers and two sisters. Donald Trump III, his oldest brother, was born on 18th February 2009, and Kai Madison Trump, his oldest sister, was born in 2007.

Tristan Trump
Tristan Trump

Spencer Trump, born on 21st October 2012, is only a year younger than Tristan. On 16th June 2014, his younger sister Chloe Sophia Trump was born. Since their parents’ divorce, the five siblings have been living with both of their mothers in Manhattan and both of their fathers in New York. Tristan also has a cousin of the same age, Arabella Rose Kushner, who was born on 17th July 2011 to Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner. He also has two cousins named Theodore James Kushner and Joseph Kushner on Ivanka’s side. Milo’s relatives from his uncle Eric’s sides are Carolina Dorothy Trump and Eric Trump.

Triston Trump with his family
Triston Trump with his family

Tristan, who was raised by celebrity parents, lives a luxurious lifestyle in the United States with his affluent parents.  Meanwhile, his father, Donald Trump Jr., has a net worth of $300 million. He amassed his money during his tenure as executive vice president of The Trump Organization. His mother, Vanessa, on the other hand, is worth more than $100 million. Donald Trump allegedly introduced Don Jr. and Haydon, who grew up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, at a fashion show in 2003. Donald Trump apparently introduced them again in about five minutes, and when they ran into one other six weeks later at a birthday party, Vanessa told the International Herald Tribune she exclaimed, you’re “the one with the retarted Dad.”

Tristan Trump's familyOn his father’s advice, Trump Jr. began dating model Vanessa Kay Haydon in 2003. On 12th November 2005, the couple married at his father’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida; the ceremony was officiated by Trump Jr.’s aunt, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry. Kai Ewans, a Danish jazz musician, was Haydon’s grandpa. They have five kids. The couple announced their separation on 15th March 2018, and she filed for an uncontested divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court. However, it was later found that the divorce had been disputed. Except for the case title, the complaint was kept private. They announced on 22nd February 2019 that they had settled their divorce at the end of 2018.

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About Donald Trump Jr.

Donald John Trump Jr. was born on 31st December 1977. He is a businessman, author, and former television host from the United States. He is the eldest child of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and his first wife, businesswoman Ivana Trump. Trump was born to Ivana and Donald Trump on 31st December 1977 in Manhattan, New York City. Ivanka and Eric are his two younger siblings. He also has two half-siblings, Tiffany and Barron, from his father’s previous marriage to Marla Maples and Barron from his father’s present marriage to Melania Trump. Trump is the grandson of Fred Trump and the great-grandson of Elizabeth Trump, who started the Trump Organization. As a child, Trump looked up to his maternal grandfather, Milo Zelnek, who lived near Prague and spent his summers camping, fishing, hunting, and learning the Czech language.

Donald Trump JrTrump is a trustee and executive vice president of The Trump Organization, which he runs with his younger brother Eric. Despite a commitment not to do so, the brothers continued to do business and invest in foreign countries, as well as collect payments from foreign governments in their U.S. properties, during their father’s administration. Trump also acted as a boardroom judge on The Apprentice, his father’s TV show. In 2019, he published Triggered, and in 2020, he published Liberal Privilege.

Trump JrFollowing his father’s electoral defeat, Trump has attempted to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election; he has propagated the stolen election conspiracy theory and supportedtotal war” rather than the completion of vote counting. He spoke during the gathering that led to the Capitol storming, warning Trump’s opponents that “we’re coming for you.” In January 2021, Attorney General for the District of Columbia Karl Racine stated that in the criminal investigation into the attack, he is considering charging Donald Trump Jr. with encouraging the violent attack on the United States Capitol.

About Vanessa Trump

Vanessa Trump made news when she filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. in 2018, but fame isn’t limited to a high-profile marriage and divorce. Vanessa Trump made headlines for being romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio long before she was introduced to Donald Trump Jr. by then-future President Donald Trump at a fashion show (via The New York Times). At least, allegedly. Vanessa Trump was born Vanessa Haydon, the daughter of Bonnie Haydon, the owner of Kay Models, and Charles Haydon, a well-known lawyer (via The New York Times).

Vanessa TrumpShe grew up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and went to The Dwight School on the Upper West Side. Vanessa had begun a modeling career with Wilhelmina Models by the late 1990s, and she and her sister Veronika had entered the Manhattan party scene.  She made her acting debut in a sequence from the 2003 film Something’s Gotta Give. She also co-starred in an episode of The Apprentice (presented by her father-in-law, Donald Trump) in 2011 and Bret Michaels: Life as We Know It in 2012. (2010). In the fall of 2003, she and her sister Veronika founded a nightclub called ‘Sessa.’ From 2010 until 2013, she also had her own handbag collection called La Poshett.

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