Trump Boasted to Mike Lindell That He’s Itching to Go to Jail

Trump Boasted to Mike Lindell That He's Itching to Go to Jail

According to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, former President Donald Trump supposedly expressed a desire to go to jail for breaking a judge’s gag order.

Lindell shared this during a broadcast on his FrankSpeech platform.

Lindell sees this as a sign of “evil” greed and mentions telling Trump about it. He said that Trump is facing attacks and potential jail time because of violating the gag order in the Hush Money Case.

Lindell said Trump responded to the situation by saying, “Bring it on.” Trump apparently feels confident and ready to face whatever consequences come his way.

Lindell also mentioned that these attacks on Trump are helping people see things more clearly.

Lindell has been a vocal supporter of Trump’s claims of election fraud and has met with him multiple times to discuss these issues.

Additionally, Lindell has faced criticism for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation related to Trump’s presidency.

A judge in New York, Juan Merchan, found that Trump broke the rules of a gag order multiple times and fined him $1,000 each time. The judge warned that Trump could be put in jail if he breaks the rules again.

Trump Boasted to Mike Lindell That He Itching to Go to Jail
Trump Boasted to Mike Lindell That He’s Itching to Go to Jail

Trump’s supporters think that if he goes to jail, it will make him a martyr. However, despite this belief, Trump has mostly followed the judge’s order. He has deleted social media posts that violated the rules set by the judge.

Last week, prosecutors sought an additional $4,000 penalty against Donald Trump for violating a gag order, alleging his actions could mess up the trial.

The trial revolves around Trump’s alleged concealment of payments to Stormy Daniels. The judge will assess if Trump breached the gag order by commenting on key witnesses in media interviews.

Trump is involved in three criminal cases, but it’s unclear if they will go to trial before the November 5th presidential election.

Two cases claim Trump tried to change the 2020 election results against Joe Biden. The third accuses him of not handling secret documents properly after leaving office.

Trump says he didn’t do anything wrong in any of these cases and has pleaded not guilty.

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