Donald Trump Endorses Angela Rigas for Michigan

Angela has been a native of Michigan since her birth. She completed her school in Hastings, Michigan. Rigas now lives with her husband Dave and their four children in the Alto Area of Kent County, Michigan.

As a history enthusiast, Rigas visits several historical sites. She likes to have a detailed view of the civil war and the war of independence from these sites. Rigas’ official website says that she is “Defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights”  The site also states Rigas to be the voice of the voiceless students, children, and veterans.

Trump endorses Angela Rigas.

The former US President backed Angela Rigas after she announced her candidacy. Rigas is running for House Representative elections for the 86th district of Michigan.

Expending his support to Rigas, Donald Trump, in a statement, said, I love people who love America and who know we have to fight the Deep State to take America back. We need great leaders to rise and continue that fight for our values. Angela Rigas is a committed fighter! She is a champion for America First and documenting the 2020 Voter Fraud and is a unique American. She embodies the spirit that made America great. And it is no surprise to me that she’s related to Revolutionary War Heroes. Mom of four boys, Angela stood toe to toe in court against Michigan’s disgraced shutdown Governor Gretchen Whitmer and crazed Attorney General Dana Nessel. She’s not afraid to fight and not afraid to lead. That’s exactly what Michigan needs right now. I wholeheartedly Endorse Angela Rigas for Michigan State Representative!

In addition to this endorsement for conservative “patriot” Angela Rigas, Trump endorsed Byron Donalds.

The Twitter handle, Trump war zone, stated Donalds to be “a terrific advocate for the people of Florida and our Country” and had Trump’s “Complete and Total Endorsement.”

Trump endorses Republicans

To this endorsement by the former President, Donalds reacted on Twitter saying, “Thank you, POTUS Trump, for your ENDORSEMENT and your unwavering support,” “Americans feel the pain of the America Last policies supported by the Biden-Harris administration and undoubtedly miss your America First agenda. I’ll always fight for the forgotten men and women of our nation.”

Campaigns are going on for the elections held on 8th November 2022.

Trump has endorsed many other republican candidates for this election. For this endorsement, Trump was backlashed by democrat candidate Cindy Banyai.

Following are the endorsements by Trump for upcoming elections:

Banyai said, “Donald Trump’s endorsement of my opponent can only lead to one thing— the continuation of the Trump administration,” “We will not stand for this any longer, and we need to keep our momentum going to show Byron Donalds and Donald Trump that we can defeat them.”

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