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Update 16 May: Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, has announced that the Android app will launch before the web version.¬†Due to Google play’s review system, the android app is delayed.

Update 7th May – Truth Social is not currently available on Android devices, but it is scheduled to be available shortly. Trump stated recently at a Save America Rally that the wait for the Truth Social Android version will be over shortly. Devin Nunes, Chief Executive Officer of TMTG, stated on Monday that Truth Social’s web version will be available by the end of May.

With all of the mishaps surrounding the iPhone debut, Trump’s team is likely to try to fix some of the app’s flaws before launching the Android version of Truth Social on a broader scale.

A number of followers have asked when the Android version of Truth Social will be released on Twitter. The iPhone version of Truth Social is now available. The event has now been set for March 21st by Trump’s team and the Android store. The Android version of Truth Social will be released at the end of March, but not the iOS version, which was released on President’s Day as anticipated.

Last year, Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election for inciting violence and promoting misinformation. The former president’s suspension has been extended indefinitely, and Twitter swiftly terminated another account he attempted to create. Trump has been banned from Facebook for two years and from YouTube indefinitely. Following his ban from most major social media networks in the United States, former President Donald Trump announced the launch of his own social app, Truth Social, in October 2021.

Many people consider Truth Social to be a rip-off of the popular social networking site, as it is modelled like Twitter. Despite Trump and his team declaring the app to be “politically prejudice-free” on the app store, it is being referred to as an alt-right platform, similar to Parler or Gab, due to its founder and founding ideals. Following the app’s rocky launch, a 150,000-strong queue has emerged to create a Truth Social account.

The app store has subsequently removed Truth Social’s alt-right forerunners, including Parler, for encouraging violence and distributing false information.

It’s unknown how long Truth Social will remain available to the general public, given the failure of its predecessors. Truth Social appears to be in for a smooth ride, based on its App Store ranking of #1 after only 12 hours of debut.

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