News - USA - Truth Social Waitlist : How To Get Account Approved Faster

Truth Social Waitlist : How To Get Account Approved Faster

Truth Social Waitlist How To Get Account Approved Faster

Update 7th May –According to The Daily Beast, Trump told reporters and attendees at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference that the rollout is still happening and that people are “enjoying the product… we’re getting a voice.” Following The Daily Beast’s scoop and revelations by Politico, The New York Post, and others concerning the site’s paucity of submissions — including by Trump himself – Truth Social emailed a “waitlist update” to “truthsayers” who had yet to check-in.

Update April 27, 2022 – Truth Social CEO & ex-Congressmen Devin Nunes stated that waitlist on Truth Social app means you are being verified and that’s why the accounts are not getting instantly approved. On 26th April 100,000 people got their account approved. President Donald Trump as of 27th April 2022 has 1.81 Million followers.

Update April 24, 2022 – Truth Social Announced on 22 April 2022 that their servers have been shifted to Rumble Cloud. Due to this users who are still on the waitlist can expect their approval anytime soon on

Truthsocial was launched on 21st February 2022, and many people are still on the waiting list. Earlier today, our account got approved on Truth Social, and there was this effortless thing that we did to get our account approved faster. This article will guide you step by step so that you can get your truth social account approved as soon as possible.

Truth Social Waitlist : How To Get Account Approve Faster

This is a very simple and straightforward process, and it will only take 2 minutes of your time.

1. Open the TruthSocial app

2. You will get a pop saying, ” Verify your account via SMS and you are one step closer.”

P.S: If you are not getting this pop up then go to the App Store, look for the truth social app, if needs an update then update it. You can also reinstall the app too.

3. All you have to do is enter your phone number, and that’s it. Your account will be approved within four to five business days.


Note: At the moment, TruthSocial only accepts phone numbers from the United States. Numbers from other countries will not work.

The above method is for iOS users only. Truth Social has not been released for Android yet. You can join our World-Wire Telegram channel for updates on Truth Social: World-Wire Telegram

Truth Social Waiting List Time

The waiting list time for Truth Social is quite long. As a result, there is no specific time when accounts will be approved. However, the method as described above will increase the chances of getting an account approved as soon as possible.

The official World Wire account on Truth Social was approved after 22 days after launch, and verifying our phone number in the first place helped us to get our account approved. So I would strongly encourage all the people who have not verified their phone number on Truth Social to do so now.

Truth Social waiting list number

If you are interested, our waiting list number was 95,102, and our account was approved on 14th March 2022. You should be able to get your truth social account approved very soon if you have verified your phone number and email address.

Truth Social Waitlist Update

At the moment, approvals on TruthSocial are moving very slowly. Between 5-8K accounts are being approved every day. World-Wire truth’s social waitlist number was 95,102, and the account was approved on 14th March 2022. By calculating our waitlist number and date, you can calculate when your account will get approved.

Update 25/4/22: The problem behind Truth Social Waitlist Number

After enlisting Truth Social and being put on the waitlist, users can check the iPhone app to see if their place in line has changed. Next to the waitlist number, there is a refresh icon that looks like two arrows in a circle. Press this icon, it is considered to show an updated number for someone’s place on Truth Social’s waitlist.

Nevertheless, it isn’t working. Even after being on the waitlist for many days, tapping that rejuvenates button may not change the waitlist at all.

A lack of communication from Truth Social hasn’t made it clear.

Your place on the waitlist is likely increasing even if the app doesn’t reflect that. To make sure that you are notified when you’re finally off the Truth Social waitlist, you’ll need to allow notification for the app.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down the page and tap Truth Social.
  • Tap ‘Notifications,’ and tap the button to allow them if they aren’t already.

This is how the waitlist works and how to handle it.

Update 1/5/22: Is The Truth Social App available for PC?

Many people are interested to know if the Truth Social app will be accessible on PC. Even so, this app is only available on the Appstore for iOS users. This implies that iOS users will be able to download and use the app. If you really want to download Truth Social for PC, however, here are some pointers to get you started. It’s also important to note that an emulator will be required. There are a few simulators to choose from, but we’ll concentrate on iPadian simulators. With this simulator, you can get most of the apps.

What did Devin Nunes have to say about the new version?

Devin Nunes

During an appearance on “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Devin Nunes, the California Governor turned CEO of President Media and Information Group, revealed on Newsmax Thursday that the almost all Truth Social subscribers with just an iPhone would gain entry into the Truth Social realm “in just a few days.” Memberships from those other devices will be able to access the application after that. There would be no more beta testing bottlenecks. There’s also no need to worry about corporate censorship.

Latest improvements in the Truth Social app

  • An animated ‘like’ heart icon has been provided.
  • You can now make the most of a new hashtag typehead feature while composing a new Truth.
  • An error message has been added to the max followers count error.
  • A user’s response to someone else’s Truths will now get added to the ‘Media’ tab in their profile.
  • A ‘Show/Hide’ button has been added to the ‘Change Password’ screen for the ‘Current Password’ field.
  • Full-screen images can now be copy-pasted using the new long-press copy-paste functionality.
  • Major performance improvements have also been made to enhance users’ experience.


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  • I am on the waitlist at #1,015,826 or something very close to that. Lucky you. I was wondering how many are let in per week.

  • I have been on the waiting list for weeks. Four to five business days in dreamworld. I verified the day I signed up. Poor rollout. It will cost them.

    • I’m still number 264,594 or similar. I did the phone number thing a couple weeks ago, but I get so many texts soliciting donations from republican committees I missed 2 texts from the real ones with activation codes. But I can’t get anywhere to enter an activation code so I don’t know if I’d have been able to get on anyway. So much hype, so little follow thru. Must be very good as long as it’s taking though.

  • My cousin was 600,000 after me and she got approved and I still haven’t. And my phone and e-mail were verified

  • In the article above: “Truth Social Waitlist Update
    At the moment, approvals on TruthSocial are moving very slowly. Between 5-8K accounts are being approved every day. World-Wire truth’s social waitlist number was 95,102, and the account was approved on 14th March 2022. By calculating our waitlist number and date, you can calculate when your account will get approved.”

    I’m number 604,456. We are going to be waiting a while, based on this…

    • 299,574. Got an email march 4 telling me they are working on it and it won’t be long. So far still not in. Already into April. I don’t get what is taking so long. No wonder the stock is doing bad.

  • BS. I verified my phone number at sign up 3 weeks ago. I started out at #1,087,222. Will be 3 weeks in 2 more days, and guess where I’m at – #1,087,222. Just another fraud/joke, just like the first two attempts at a MAGAworld social media app.

  • I am waitlist # 916,564 I have been waiting for weeks possibly a month to be on the site. I don’t know what is happening behind the scene, but I would sure like to get on the site.

  • Why is there even a wait for joining? Are they doing background checks on everyone? That’s the only thing that makes sense at this point.

  • I’m 270,000 ish. A friend who was in the 300,000 range was let in last week. I guess they’re not going by the waitlist numbers.

  • Has anyone heard about Truth Social on Telegram? I am very skeptical about that. I have been approved & waiting at the legit Truth Social. Disappointing the very long wait.

  • I did verify my number, and I’m still waiting. It’s been well over a week now. Frustrating! I want the website to do well, but this makes me doubt that It will.

  • Wait list # appears not to mean anything. I’m 500,342 and friends with much higher #’s have been in for weeks. Very poor roll out and communication.

  • I waited for TS to open since announced last year. I was an early adopter when it was first released, I signed up on their website within days of opening. I was told to wait patiently. I did. Then the app came out and tried to log in. Account not found. So I signed up again. I was told to wait patiently. So I did. I got a SMS message today on the app welcoming me and to enter my SMS to start using the service. I enter the SMS and I get an invalid response code. I tried about 5 times across 7 new response codes. Every one sent is invalid. There comes a point when patience is no longer there.

  • I’ve been approved for TruthSocial and it says that I have successfully created an account but my weight number is 202, 167. So am I just waiting for my number to come up? I signed up for a preorder and was approved and verified my email and was given the number. I just feel I’m in limbo

  • I signed up 3/8/2022, confirmed my number and email and have a longer waitlist number than everyone else who’s posted here and created an account long after me. My number is 942,318….

  • I have been on the list since day one still am not on it yet why are so many that have way higher numbers on it and I am still on wait list. Disappointing

    • Approvals on TruthSocial are moving very slowly. Between 5-8K accounts are being approved every day. so wait little longer you will approved soon.

    • 898,000 divided by 5,000 = 179.6 days that is utterly pointless. When I get on I’ll be at the bottom of the barrel. We may not even have a country by then at the rate Biden and foreign interests are rolling out medical tyranny through forced lockdowns. Well follow me @IndyLuke on Gettr in the mean time ‍♂️

  • I personally think this “waiting list” thing is all about hopefully getting all your contact information in hopes of getting campaign contributions. Notice that Trump claimed he didn’t need contributions while running for his first term (2016) but it didn’t take long before he started soliciting contributions. Anyone who cannot see through this b.s. is just as gullible as the libtards. Donald is not completely truthful and only slightly more truthful than his opponents. Try and remember he was a Donkey before becoming an elephant. He studied the dems playbook then changed parties only to use their same tactics to outsmart them. He is corrupt too but attempts to beat them at their own game. The republicans would be smart to nominate someone like DeSantis but the republican base know Donald is the only candidate willing to play down and dirty and roll around in the dirt like pigs. Just my observations.

    • Approvals on TruthSocial are moving very slowly. Between 5-8K accounts are being approved every day. so wait little longer you will approved soon.

  • My waitlist # started at 550,015. Sadly it hasn’t changed. I guess we will get in, when we get in… I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m approved for access I’m sure I’m going to feel like a kid in a candy store.

  • I emailed twice to delete my account and to forget about it. Even that is ignored. I just don’t care anymore and want my contact gone from this failed site

  • I have been validated and I’m 187,232 for 3 months this is not working out as I thought it would.

  • Shoot them an email with your username and email address. Everyone I know got started in 24 hours or less.

  • That’s BS! I’ve been on the waiting list over 5 weeks and I know people that were farther back on the waiting list than me and that are already on Truth Social using it.

  • This is an honest question since it seems that the waiting list is not really the truth since people with higher list numbers are getting on Truth Sicial first. My number is a little over 319 thousand. Do you have to donate to get on Truth Social?

  • I was hopeful to get started on truth social I even purchased stock options but after months on a wait list and Losing 4K on its stock last week I’m cutting my losses an moving on. They should have done a better job. Well Trump has at least one failure on his hands and that’s truth social.. Clearly a failure ..

  • Hey I was five thousand something and then I was four thousand something now I’m 98,000 what’s up with that? I’ve been off of Facebook posting sent September because I can’t watch people post at their grandkids got the shot and I’m dying to get on some Truth

  • I don’t have an iPhone. Or ios device. Can I get on wait list for when TS is released for Android?

  • I joined shortly after the launch and I’m #839,316 and my boyfriend just signed up today and is already in there…

  • kind of a joke i signed up day one, and my waitlist number is the highest ever; no pop ups, static listing of waitlist status. “you are important”, but not really

  • It’s May 2nd and I am 111,338 on the wait list and have verified my email and phone number and still have no access to TruthSocial

  • I have given up even trying to get on Truth Social. It’s FAR too complicated, even from laptop. All my friends say they have given up as well. Whatever posts come out from Truth Social that appear in the news are the only ones we will be reading.

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