Truth Social rip off garners 100K downloads

A rip off app with a similar name to former President Donald Trump’s new social networking platform Truth Social has been downloaded over 100,000 times on the Google Play Store, confounding some supporters who were hoping to test the Android version of Trump’s programme.

As of Tuesday morning, the Android app “MAGA Hub — Truth Social Trump” was the top result for the search term “Truth Social” —the name of Trump’s app —on the Play Store.

The majority of the app’s downloads occurred after February 8, which was closer to Trump’s app’s release date.

Truth Social rip off

The “MAGA Hub” app has a photo-based feed that collects content from other users. The Truth Social app, on the other hand, is more akin to Twitter.

In-app purchases for Truth Social rip off, “MAGA Hub” cost $28.99, yet it’s unclear what customers get. They’re also automatically added to a global chat room, where they’ll get a steady stream of memes and messages.

The Truth Social app was published for iOS on Sunday, with a Play Store version “coming soon,” according to the official website. However, not all users appeared to be aware that the app’s Android version had not yet been released.

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Latest update on Truth Social by former president Trump.

The “MAGA Hub” app has almost 6,600 ratings, the majority of which were written in January and February, with some reviewers claiming that the Android version is Trump’s preferred platform.

“Come on, Trump, just do it! I was under the impression that you were more intelligent than this. “I will be removing this app right away, it’s just plain dumb,” wrote Alan Knight in a one-star review, expressing dissatisfaction with the program’s functionality.

Trump's Truth Social android

“It’s a fantastic platform that’s also brand new. You will be welcomed here regardless of your viewpoints, and you will not be ostracised by some new age barking youngsters “Stephen Jones, a reviewer who awarded the app five stars, published another review.

Others attempted to warn other users that “MAGA Hub” is not the programme Trump promotes.
“It calls itself ‘Truth Social Trump,’ but don’t be fooled. This is deceptive marketing. This isn’t Trump’s Truth-O-Meter. Keep that in mind,” commented user Hexor Marhetbar, who gave the app a one-star rating.

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Jimmy Falon presents a pun about Truth Social

The app’s developer, Lukas Niessen, is described as being based in Berlin, Germany, according to the Play Store. Niessen and Odoma, the profile’s connected brand, did not answer to repeated requests for comment.

Other creations on Niessen’s website include an app called “LGBT Hub” and a game called “Grand Among Craft,” which is billed as a combination of three popular video games: “Grand Theft Auto,” “Among Us,” and “Minecraft.”

The developer of Truth Social, Trump Media & Technology Group, and Google’s press office did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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