News - USA - TRAILAR mulls suing Truth Social over logo

TRAILAR mulls suing Truth Social over logo

Truth Social rip off

Overview: This article explores the Truth Social- TRAILAR controversy.

Since its release yesterday night in the Apple App Store, Donald Trump’s latest social media venture, Truth Social, has run into problems. Users who attempted to sign up received error messages and were added to a growing waiting list, with some seeing their queue number increase rather than decrease.

Truth Social Trailar

The app is also at risk of being sued by a British corporation, TRAILAR, whose logo is nearly identical to that of the new platform. “We are currently seeking legal advice to determine future measures and options available to defend our brand,” TRAILAR said, with regard to the Truth Social controversy, in a statement to The Independent.

“TRAILAR has no affiliation or connection with the Truth Social network site, with our business firmly focused on decarbonising global transport through the use of solar and data driven technologies.”


About TRAILAR’s latest initiative: Solar Panels On Commercial Vehicles

The release of the new “free speech” app follows a tumultuous week for the former president. The US National Archives and Records Administration revealed in a letter to Congress on Friday that Mr Trump brought several boxes to his Florida home containing “classified national security information,” raising the possibility of a Congressional investigation and legal action for violating White House records preservation laws.

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  • The Truth social logo uses a similar bold, caps typeface (quite trendy at the mo anyway) but to say it’s “nearly identical” is a bit of stretch tbh.

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