Truth Social Statistics

Truth Social Statistics

Former United States President Donald Trump put forward the possibility of creating a modern social media platform after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook in 2021, following the 2021 U.S. Capitol attack. Trump inaugurated an uncensored social media app called Truth Social in February 2022 as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter in a proposal to fight what he announced was the ‘tyranny of Big Tech’.

According to its creator, the app seeks to protect users’ access to freedom of speech and as a means to stand up against “big tech tyranny” which banned Trump from their boundaries. The website itself mentions that this app is only available in the United States and has been traded as an uncensored platform that would not differentiate against users for their political principles.

 Truth Social Statistics

Truth Social

Let us have a look at the recent Truth Social statistics to find out what is the Truth Social user count and the figure of downloads it generated in the past months.

How many people use Truth Social in 2022?

On 4 April 2022, the social networking site’s daily active users (DAUs) struck 513,000, with a value of 1.20 million sign-ups. Further, its peak figure of daily downloads comes out to 170,000, possessing 8,000 existing downloads per day. According to Forbes’ data, the app has approximately 2 million monthly active users (MAUs) to Twitter’s 300 million.

Who uses the Truth Social app? 


As of March 2022, a survey of 1,166 social media users aged between 18 to 64 residing in the United States was conducted and the result is as follows.

The data below shows the percentage of United States social networking site users who said that they have used the Truth Social application, according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

3.0% – amongst all social media users

5.0% – amongst all male respondents

6.0% – amongst all millennials

6.0% – amongst college graduates

9.0% – amongst Reddit users

9.0% – amongst e-sports fans or gamers

In conclusion, Trump’s modern social media platform is fascinating to male, college-educated millennials. Again, it came out that e-sports enthusiasts and Reddit users were more probable the primary users of the network than almost any other social group.

 Percentage of Registered Voters in the United States that Uses Truth Social

According to the survey performed by Statista Research Department from 11 March to 14 March 2022, out of 2,005 respondents, 56.0%, aged 18 to 64 asserted that they are not using Truth Social but 8.0% recorded that they are using the platform in plenty.

Truth Social

8.0% – use Truth Social a lot

22.0% – use the Truth Social app sometimes

14.0% – not much use of the Truth Social

56.0% – not at all using the Truth Social

Age of US Registered Voters who utilizes the Truth Social platform

As per the statistics, 12.0% of respondents between the ages of 35 – 44 who are registered voters in the United States are using Truth social platform. Altogether, 28.0% of respondents ages 18 -34 recorded that they use it occasionally. The majority of the respondents affirmed that they did not use Truth Social at all.

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 Percentage of Users between 18 – 24 Years

 Percentage of Users between 18 - 24 Years

7.0% – use the truth social platform a lot

28.0%- use the truth social platform occasionally

15.0% – use the truth social platform rarely

50.0%- never used the truth social

 Percentage of Users aged between 35 – 44 Years

12.0%- use truth social a lot

25.0%- use truth social media platforms occasionally

15.0% – use truth social media platforms rarely

49.0%- never used truth social

Percentage of Users Aged Between 46- 64 Years

10.0%- use the Truth Social platform a lot

21.0% -use Truth Social platforms sometimes

12.0%- use Truth Social platforms rarely

57.0%- never used the truth social platform

Percentage of Users Aged 65 or Above

5.0%- use truth social media a lot

15.0%- use true social platforms sometimes

14.0%- use social media rarely

66.0% -never used truth social

Number of Downloads of Truth Social in The United States from Week 8 to 17

The application was officially initiated on 21 February 2022. It had nearly 2.0 million downloads from users in the U.S., where it was only accessible, in the first two weeks of its release.

Truth Social
Truth Social

Till 24 April 2022, the app was only available in the Apple App Store and had approximately 218,000 downloads in the recent examined calendar week.

No of weeks – downloads

Week 8 – 462,232

Week 9 – 1,613,534

Week 10 – 308,260

Week 11 – 232,054

Week 12 – 123,852

Week 13 – 80,496

Week 14 – 74,080

Week 15 – 69,874

Week 16 – 61,140

Week 17 – 218,186

Growth of Truth Social

Truth Social Leads Apple’s Chart in the Final Week of April 2020. In the latter week of April 2020, the Truth Social app hiked in popularity and beat Twitter to the top spot of Apple’s app chart. According to reviewers, the unexpected increase in Truth Social’s downloads is probably associated with the resolution of the app’s technical issues as users had been recording waitlists since its launch not until recently.

Donald Trump

Further, Trump’s recent announcements may also have triggered its popularity. On 14 April the former US president declared in an interview that he will not return to Twitter even as Musk conveyed interest to unban him from the platform upon his takeover.


How many people use the app?

The answer to the question is daily active users and 2 million monthly active users. Only about 25% of Americans have learned of the platform. The network is catching the market at a more rapid rate than initially predicted.

Broad Truth Social Statistics


There are over 2 million Truth social users.

At the end of April, the Truth Social application added nearly 2 million users to Twitter’s 16 million effective users only in the UK.

2 . 2 million downloads in the first two weeks of its launching date.

In the first two weeks of the application’s launch date in February 2022, the Truth social app was downloaded over 2 million times. That number declined to 60,000 in the 16th week and increased to 218,000 in the next one.

3. Trump’s truth social platform ranks 14th on the Apple app charts.

Truth Social’s rank on the Apple App Store charts is presently 14 in the US, based on its download history. The app is only accessible on iOS devices.

4. Truth Social remained the most downloaded media app in the App store for an entire week.

The number of application downloads between 26 April and 1st May 2022 set the former president’s platform as the No.1 most downloaded free social media app in the App Store for 7 successive days.

5. The Truth Social was downloaded 170,000 times on the first day.

Truth Social attained a peak number of 170,000 daily downloads on the very first day of its launch. The application currently records almost 8,000 downloads per day.

6. Former President Donald Trump has 2 million supporters on Truth Social.

Former president Trump has the same number of supporters as the number of users on the platform. On Twitter, before the platform banned him, he had more than 88.9 million followers.

7. 25% of United States residents have heard of Truth Social.

A survey conducted in the United States reported that a section of the respondents recognized Truth Social’s name and logo. Around 5% of the respondents said they learned about the app on advertising, traditional media, and social media.

8. Nearly 16% of United States respondents said they preferred the brand of Trump’s Truth social platform.

Of the 25% who recognized the brand’s name and logo, 16% said they loved the brand.

9. 12% of United States social media users use Truth Social.

12% of the people who confessed they were familiar with Trump’s truth social app said they have used the application.

10. Around 70% of users said they will keep using Trump’s social media platform.

67% of the people who are using the Truth Social platform said they are likely to use it again.

Truth Social – Demographic Statistics

Truth Social

11. 31% of Republican voters admit to using the Truth Social platform.

A March 2022 survey established that over 30% of registered Republican voters intend to use the Truth Social platform frequently and only 14% said they will use Truth Social a lot.

12. 77% of Democrat voters said they will never use the platform.

Below 80% of registered Democrat voters do not plan to ever sign up on Trump’s Truth Social platform. 20% of them asserted they might create an account but do not expect to use it much.

13. 66% of the 65+ age group don’t wish to use Truth Social.

A March 2022 survey reported that the application is least popular among the 65+ age group. Though people aged 16 and above are the largest social media users, 50% of people between the ages of 18 – 34 say they do not expect to use the platform, compared to 7% who said they will use it in plenty, and 57% of the 45-64 demographic said they do not wish to register on the platform.

14. Above 60% of women said they will not use the Truth Social platform

61% of women and 50% of men said they will not use the Truth Social platform. Only 10% of men said they are planning to spend a lot of time on the platform.

15. 70% of men who are recognized as Democrats don’t aspire to use Trump’s social media app.

70 % of men and 83% of women who are observed as Democrats said they don’t desire to use the Truth Social platform. Of those who were recognized as Republicans, 16% of men and 12% of women were predicted to be regular and active users of the platform.

16. e-sports gamers and Redditors are more probable to use Truth Social media than any other sub-group.

Based on what some sports gamers and Reddit users are asserting, they are the most likely to sign up and use Trump’s platform than any other group.

17. Only 8% of respondents know of Truth Social’s daily usage decrease.

Less than 10% of respondents who participated in a March 2022 survey were aware of Truth Social’s daily usage deterioration. Around 44% of the respondents said they have never heard about the decrease in usage.

Truth Social- Market Statistics

18. After the report of a merger with TMGT, DWAC stock rose 17x.

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corporation increased sharply after the black-check company declared a merger with Trump Media & Technology Group. As per Kerrisdale Capital, DWAC capital bounced from $10 to $175 per share.

19. Truth Social stock presently runs for $45 per share.

DWAC’s shares have decreased ever since reaching a peak of $175 when the merger was declared. The stock lowered to $80 a share in the weeks after the launch of Truth Social and presently sits around $45 per share.

20. Truth Social stimulated Trump’s net worth by $600 million.

After the launch of the Truth Social platform, Trump’s net worth rose by a computed $430 million, putting up his wealth from $2.4 billion last year to $3 billion.

21. Trump’s Truth Social platform can create approximately $90 million in annual revenue.

According to a report, if the Truth Social app’s number of users attains 30 million (MUAs) with an ARPU (average revenue per user) of $30 a year, Trump’s Truth Social would make $90 million in annual return.

 Some Interesting Facts

  • There are approximately 2 million Truth social users.
  • Truth Social has 2 million downloads in the first two weeks of its launch.
  • The application was downloaded 170,000 times on the first day.
  • 12% of United States social media platform users use Truth Social.
  • Nearly 70% of users said they will keep using Trump’s social media platform.
  • 77% of Democrat voters said they will never use Truth Social
  • Above 60% of women said they will not use the Truth Social platform.
  •  e-sports gamers and Redditers are more likely to use Truth Social than any other sub-group.
  • Truth Social stock presently goes for $45 per share.
  • Truth Social strengthened Trump’s net worth by $600 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Truth Social accessible in the UK?

Presently, there is no way to sign up on Truth Social from the UK. The application is only available in the US and Canada.

2. How many users does the Truth Social app have?

At the end of April, Truth Social recorded around 2 million users.

truth social

3. How many people have downloaded the Truth Social application?

The app experienced a huge 2 million downloads in the first two weeks but the numbers have declined since. In the 17th week of its launch, it reported only 218,000 downloads and the Truth Social app rank on the App Store charts dropped to 14.

4. How prosperous is Truth Social?

Truth Social statistics reveal that while the platform attracted plenty of attention after its launch in February, Truth Social’s number of users and Truth Social download numbers are on the decrease. Currently, Truth Social counts approximately 2 million users.

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