Truth Social Update – Why the Launch failed

1. Intro
Truth has been a social media platform that has been in the works for the past two years by the TMTG group. The idea was to create a free speech platform where everyone is free to speak their minds.

2. The story behind truth social App

It was announced by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, that he would create his own social media app. After being banned from Twitter and YouTube, he announced that he will launch his own social media platform called Truth social. It is unclear what will be the purpose of this platform. Some speculate that it will be used for political propaganda to sway the American people. Others say it will be used for market manipulation. The reason why most believe that this platform is not a good idea is because of two reasons:
– People are being manipulated and manipulated by corporations to buy their products
– Corporations abuse power over people to control their lives through propaganda
This new platform has been around 2 months since its announcement and it has not lived up to expectations. Most of the people who received this announcement have been confused about what exactly this project is going to do and how it will help them in their lives. One man was so frustrated with the announcement that he decided to take action by making a petition on to stop Trump from creating his own social media platform:

3. How truth social is different

Truth social is a new solution for people to create and share images, video and audio. The platform is growing, but it is not yet the success it could be. Is this a fail?
I would like to suggest that in this case, they should focus on the growth. If you are able, try to connect with the user’s needs and objectives (needs may be different depending on who they are), create a valuable product around these needs and then launch it. This will take time, effort and resources (and there’s nothing wrong with relying on 3rd parties for popular services such as Google or Facebook).
The reason I think they should focus on growth is that doing so will help you to gauge the value of their product (in terms of buzz). They can also try to find out if there are products that do what they want them to do better in their target market. Truth social has been downloaded more than 100k times on the app store and yet a lot of people are waiting to get in.

4. How it will overcome all its competitors

Donald Trump’s new social media platform, Truth social, has been under scrutiny by the media and consumers alike. It is a promising concept but will it bring about success? Will it become a significant alternative to Twitter and Facebook? There are many questions that need an answer.
The question of whether or not Donald Trump will be successful in his new platform is no different from any other: we would all like to hear the answer from his business partner at the White House, David Friedman (Trump’s advisor).
The question of whether or not Donald Trump will be successful in his new platform is no different from any other: we would all like to hear the answer from his business partner at the White House, David Friedman (Trump’s advisor). The first thing you need to understand is that Donald Trump will never treat these platforms as something they are. He will do everything in his power to make them work for him. He has already given up on Twitter and Youtube and he is looking at every possible channel he can think of to use them on.
The second thing you need to understand is that Donald Trump was never going to get there on his own. He was always going to be a part of a large company that had over 2,000 employees working for them doing exactly what he does: changing people’s lives with their products. The way he came up with the idea for this platform was by working closely with some of those same people — David Friedman personally — who built this platform with him into one of their most valuable assets (the largest data warehouse in the world).
From here I’d like you go back over my post on how we created our first product called “Truth Social” which became “Social Truth” when it hit shelves — a great example of how we created our own ecosystem and built upon it slowly.

5. Truth social’s future success

Truth social has been an exciting and promising idea, but the reality of its fate is that it is only a small part of Trump’s overall goals in the social media space. He wants to dominate social media in general, with or without truth.
Trump’s strategy is to leverage his own brand and his name. He will use his own knowledge to create a new platform that will have a direct influence on the way people think about politics online. Truth social isn’t going away, but it’s not doing well either.
Trump should be focusing on creating a brand around his own brand, rather than trying to compete with other brands in the space. Once he does this, he can create products and services aimed at his fans and customers rather than trying to compete with other brands for users’ attention.
Overall I think Truth social will probably be around for quite a while longer as it simply isn’t being used. It’s great that this idea was brought up when Trump was running for president (but then again I’m biased). If you see any issues you’d like me to look into please let me know!  What do you think? Is it good or bad? Discuss in our forums!

6. Conclusion

Social media is an awesome tool that can help you reach out to a wider audience, but it can also be a massive fail when it comes to connecting with your target market. In this post, I would like to summarise the main mistakes you should avoid if you want to make social media work (and hopefully succeed).
What’s in it for me? If you want to make social media work, I recommend that you first ask yourself: What am I trying to achieve? The answer is clear: You want your target audience. That means determining who the people are who will be most interested in your product and then reaching out to them. But what is your target audience? And how do you actually reach them?
The best way I have found is by using a technique called call-to-action or CTAs (pronounced as “C-T-A” — check out the video below).

[fvplayer id=”460″]

Donald Trump already had a massive following and a big list of email subscribers who are the actual real Target Audience. All the subscribers could have been active users of Truth Social if the marketing was done on parts by parts basis. What I mean is , there is a lot of traffic as of now and the servers are too slow to approve new users. Every new user is getting a wait list number and its not helping the social media to grow in any way. If this step could have been done separately as I mentioned before, the launch of Truth Social could have been executed more effectively. Also, a major issue that I noticed is that the app is still not available for play store, which is the biggest platform when it comes to mobile apps.

Hope all the issues get fixed and the platform gets up and running soon.

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