Truth Social Web Version – Overview of Truth Social web application

Truth Social Web Version - Overview of Truth Social web application

Truth Social, a social networking site, was founded by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). After being banned from Facebook and Twitter in 2021, former US President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of launching a new social media platform. This was the outcome of the 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

Trump started “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” in May 2021, a website where he sent quick tweet-like updates. It was shut down after less than a month.

From the desk of Donald J Trump
From the desk of Donald J Trump

Trump Media & Technology Group issued a press release on October 20, 2021. The platform is expected to launch in the “first quarter of 2022,” according to the company. It was expected to go into restricted beta on the Apple App Store for iOS in November 2021.

Despite the fact that the test site failed to make the deadline, Trump claimed that “invited people” were already utilizing it in December 2021. Users started trolling the site, making up fake profiles and posting complaints and jokes. Users may establish accounts using well-known people’s usernames, such as Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jack Dorsey. Later, the link was deleted.

 Truth Social
Truth Social is a conservative free speech platform that takes a stand against Big Tech’s Cancel culture.

Truth Social has broken Mastodon’s license by not making its source code available to all users, according to the Software Freedom Conservancy on October 21, 2021.

The Mastodon developers then demanded that Truth Social follow the terms of the software license to the letter. True Social released its source code as a ZIP file on its website on November 12, 2021.

Truth Social’s Technology

Truth Social is heavily influenced by Twitter. Users will be able to post their own “truths” and share other people’s contributions called “retruths” (similar to retweets on Twitter).

A “truth feed” news stream as well as a notification system will be part of the platform. The Truth Social platform was still under creation in October 2021, and it ran on a modified version of Mastodon.

Truth Social
Truth Social was launched as a measure to curb the tyranny of Big Tech.

It’s a free and open-source social networking hosting software that’s often used to link to the Fediverse, which is a larger collection of social networking websites. Several Mastodon features, such as polls and post visibility choices, were deleted from the Truth Social edition. Rumble and TMTG signed a collaboration on December 14, 2021.

Rumble’s cloud services were already being used by the Truth Social beta website. Truth Social, Donald Trump’s new social networking site, was launched in the Apple App Store in February. After getting the notification, some customers reported being unable to create an account or being placed on hold. “Due to heavy demand, we’ve put you in our queue.”

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Truth Social web app Launch

According to David Nunes, the launch date for the Truth Social Web app was set for the end of May. “At the end of May, we will release PWA (Web Browser), which will allow access from any device,” Nunes said. “Then, pending Google authorization, we’ll release an Android app!”

Truth Social Web app launch
Truth Social Web app launch

After Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for allegedly instigating or glorifying violence during the January 6 riots in the United States Capitol, Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company of Truth Social, was created with the objective of standing up to Big Tech.

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The social media endeavour, however, is limited by its reliance on Alphabet’s Google and Apple, which operate the world’s most popular app stores.

Overview of the Truth Social Web App

As David Nunes claimed, Truth Social Web App was released at the start of the end of May. Now that the Truth Social Web App has been launched, let’s examine the differences between the Web App and The Mobile App.

  • Log-in or Sign-Up

Truth social web application username

There are no discernible differences between the web app and the mobile app when it comes to the Login page. However, if you have your passwords saved to a browser like Chrome, you can now use them on the web app. If you log in once with the web app, your password and username or Email will be saved in the browser you are using, and when logging in another time, you won’t have to type in your password. The browser will fill in your password automatically.

  • Features Omitted from Truth Social Web App
Truth Social web features
Truth Social web features

There is a large feature missing from the web version of the Truth Social app. That feature is “Messages”. On the Truth Social Web App, there are only three tabs at the bottom, “Feed,” “Search,” and “Notification.” However, on the mobile app, there are four tabs, the same as the other three on the web app, but with messages tab included.

Social Media activity of Donald Trump

When Trump joined Twitter in 2009, his social media activity drew international notice. He tweeted often during the 2016 presidential campaign and as president until he was barred from doing so in the last days of his term.

Trump has tweeted around 57,000 tweets in the last twelve years. He used Twitter to communicate with the public on a daily basis, ignoring the press.

Trump Twitter
Trump has a ‘once sweet now bitter’ relationship with Twitter

Trump’s tweets were the official presidential views, according to a White House press secretary in June 2017. On Twitter, Trump announced the dismissal of key administration officials and cabinet members.

In May 2020, Twitter began to tag some of Trump’s tweets with fact-checking notifications, following years of criticism for allowing him to propagate disinformation and lies.



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