Truth Social Web Application Interface : How To Signup Android & iOS

Truth Social Web app
The truth social web app was just launched by TMTG group, and it can be accessed by anyone living in the United States through any browser. On the 19th of May 2022, the Trump Media and Technology Group launched the truth social web application.


The truth social web application is now available to everyone. This no longer means that it can be used only on iOS devices. In addition to iOS, Android users can also create an account on Truth Social through their web interface.

Video Guide on How to Create an Account on Truth Social Web Version : 

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Truth Social Web Application – How to Signup / create an account on windows or any pc

If you wish to create an account on Windows or on any PC or laptop, you can follow the steps below.
1. Enter truthsocial.com into the address bar of your browser.

Truth Social Web application home2. Next, click on the Create Account button.

3. You will be asked to enter your date of birth. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to access truth social.

Truth Social Web application dob
4. Make sure to enter your real email address to receive a confirmation mail from Truth Social.

truth social web application email
5. You should’ve received a verification email from Truth Social. If not, please read this guide: Truth Social Email Not received?

6. Once you have completed the email verification process, you will need to enter your phone number.

Truth social web application phone
7. You will have received a six-digit code that you need to enter. Please enter the code.

truth social web application 6
8. Enter the username you wish to use along with the password you wish to use.

Truth social web application username
9. As soon as you have entered your preferred username, you will be able to upload your profile picture and cover photo. You can also skip this step and add it later if you wish.

Truth social web application profile
10. Good job! Your account has been created successfully on the truth social web application.

truth social web application complete

How to Signup / Create an account on Truth Social Android

Since truth social has launched its web-based application, every android user can create an account on truth social by using its web-based application interface.
Here are the steps that Android users can follow to create an account on truth social.
1. Go to your preferred browser and type truthsocial.com in the address bar.
Truth Social Mobile Web app Home
2. Click on the “Register” button in the top right corner of the page.
3. You will need to enter your birth date. For users of Truth Social to be able to access the platform, they must be at least 18 years old.
Truth Social Mobile Web app dob
4. Enter your email address to receive an email verification link from Truth Social. If you haven’t received the link read this guide: Truth Social Email Not received?
5. Once you have received the email with the verification link, please click on it. You will then be asked to enter your phone number.
Truth Social Mobile Web mobile
6. You would have received a six-digit code after you entered your phone number. Please type this code.
Truth Social Mobile Web app code
7. You should choose your username and enter a strong password so that it does not get hacked.
Truth Social Mobile Web app username
8. You can now upload your profile as well as a cover photo of yourself (or you can skip this part and add it later).
Truth Social Mobile Web app profile
9. Hurray! You have created an account on truth social using your Android phone.
Truth Social Mobile Web app complet

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  • I am not getting any response from truth social. They say they send a code but I never receive it and no I am not using a spam folder.

  • I can’t freaking sing up . I’m to use the apple app to sign up on Android. I’ve been trying forever.

  • I already have an account on the web . Why do I have to create another account for my cell phone !

    • Those are hacker made apps..case in point the only social media site Edward Snowden has any account on is Twitter however run Snowden people search via fbi-book..last time checked over 3 years ago he had 13 profiles for Edward Snowden? Heads-up that’s not him

  • I can never get on Truth Social
    I am in Canada. I don’t get why it is only for Americans.
    This is a good site and I want to be part of it

    • Starting February 21, 2022, the service will be available. The Truth Social platform has faced significant scalability problems since its launch, resulting in a lower-than-expected user base. Up until May 2022, the iPhone app offered access to the service, but only to users in the United States and Canada.

    • I am in Ontario and can’t even get the website to open I made a account month ago I get emails about systems down but not for reset password this is a JT control thing rumble is Canadian and the stuff o it but trump can’t get his working sucks rumble is not what people think an investor in it Dan bongino huge following but is American says little to none about JT control of what we say why has Dan not said anything it’s going 2 affect his pocket this is why I want truth social Apple Tec is to expensive

  • Have been waiting forever for an android version. What the he** is taking so long? Maybe get a new developer for android apps??
    Tried when TS was first launched to make an account online, never got a code to finish activating. I would think you smart people could figure this out more quickly than MONTHS. Not holding out much hope…

    • Truth Social is Yet to be Ready to use on android. Google Is still not Approved for further Usage on Android devices. hope So It would be ready to use in Couple of months.

    • Truth Social is Yet to be Ready to use on android. Google Is still not Approved for further Usage on Android devices. hope So It would be ready to use in a Couple of months.

  • I have been trying to register an account on my android. I get the confirmation email, I give them my phone # and they send me a code. I put it in a d now I have to pick a username and password. No matter what username I put in including my own name they say it’s being used. I’ve put in about 8 names so far with the same response. Can’t create an account.

    • Sorry For the cause that you have faced you may try Another Name to Check Is It working fine or if there is a Technical Problem. if another Name Doesn’t Get any error so you should try some Another name Related to You.

  • My truth account worked for awhile on my computer. Now when I go to sign in, it says wrong user name or password. I haven’t changed anything:( I clicked, having trouble sign in. I clicked it and said, reset password, but get nothing further:(

  • Do you have specific requirements for what browser must be used??? If you are ready for prime time, you certainly need to give specific instructions and requirements so potential users can get to the sign up process!!!

  • I click cant remember password..enter my email and it says email is sent ..been doing that for days no email to reset my password has come thru not even in spam

  • I am trying to sign up for T.S. via my PC. I followed the instructions, and when I get to the enter the verification code. It doesn’t let me put it in. But, then if I place my cursor on the 1st box and # comes up in a Blue box. I keep going down the row, but then it stops generating the #’s that match my verification code from my SIM msg. I have tried to get new codes generated and they won’t go in either. I am getting frustrated, and would like very much to join the site. Please Help.

    • Sorry For the Trouble that You have faced I would to advise you that Please Clear Your Cache File of your Browser and Then Try to Signup Using your Email. if Again you face the same, I request you that please wait till further updates come from Truth Social. We very well know that TruthSocial is Still Under Development Mode so it may be Technical Problem. But we rest assure you that it would be done as Earlies.

      Till You may Join Us on Our Telegram So You would Get Regular Updates What new update for you.

  • Entering truthsocial.com in the address bar for me doesn’t give me any sign-up options for my pc running windows 7.

    • Sorry for The Trouble that you have faced, You Know That Truth Social is Still Under Development mode That’s by there is an issue with Truth Social. The Team is Still working to fix this for further Usage. Till you have to wait.